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Posted in: No relay: Banned U.S. sprinter Richardson left off Olympic team See in context

I appreciate that "rules are rules" but anti-inflammatories and other synthetic drugs that are ultimately not good for the body are "legal and approved". They can also be very dangerous. Cannabis is a natural plant that has properties that help reduce inflammation and assist in reducing stress. Due to these facts, Cannabis is increasingly becoming legal across the USA and other parts of the world. It's just very unfortunate that this woman is not being given some compassion and allowed to participate in at least one event. She has been training for it for years and years. The world could use more compassion and understanding.

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Posted in: Brexit trade deal may not succeed before year-end, says UK negotiator See in context

Again, this entire Brexit concept and the chaos, that has and will continue to ensue, has it's foundation in Russian cyber interference. Sowing chaos in Western style democracies serves no one's purposes except for a country that is focused on undermining Democracy. You influence thought in enough people that have either a lack of moral grounding, some underlying prejudice or, in the case of the USA, greed, and convince them that that cooperation, understanding and equality are detrimental to your personal wellbeing and you have the ability to sow chaos.

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Posted in: Trump files new election challenge in Michigan; Georgia announces recount See in context

About 50% of my overseas customers have gone out of their way to express how happy they are that Joe Biden will be our next President. That is remarkable as I haven't discussed the election with them in the course of our business. The international community is looking for sanity and clarity in US leadership. Regretfully it has been greatly lacking these past four years and it has had some negative effect on international business.

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Posted in: Refusing to concede, Trump blocks cooperation on transition See in context

In the case of the 2000 election, once ALL of the votes were finally counted, Al Gore won the popular vote in Florida. Regretfully, the Supreme Court decided to stop the counting of legally submitted ballots. It is an unfortunate piece of our collective history.

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Posted in: Anti-Murdoch petition wins record support in Australia See in context

Well said Desert Tortoise.

Bill Clinton said that the worst decision that he made while in office was yielding to the incessant political pressure put on him from republicans to allow consolidation of media. The result has been, by design, the reduction of different opinions in the media: print, radio and television. Murdoch and his FOX News has done immeasurable damage to the political discourse in the United States by essentially being a very strong and influential propaganda arm of the Right Wing. His influence has methodically gotten a certain segment of the US population, many very normal patriotic citizens, to regularly vote against their own best interests while encouraging these citizens to assertively hate others that have a different point of view. It is a very sad reality that our nation has had to endure.

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Posted in: Why are UK and EU still arguing over Brexit? See in context

The unfortunate cold reality is that, over a period of time, the russians worked to undermine public opinion and methodically create doubt so that they, the russians, could sow discord in the confidence in the EU. Very similar playbook as what the russians did, and continue to do, in the USA. Their efforts have achieved their goal both in the UK and USA.

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Posted in: Trump goes after 'Fauci and all these idiots' See in context

Friends, as a long time Republican, I can regretfully but confidently say that my party has degraded to a point where there seems to be very little interest in the common good for the citizens of our country. Those of us in the party that can still think critically recognize that something is very very wrong.

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Posted in: More than 180,000 back inquiry into Murdoch's Australian media 'monopoly' See in context

Murdoch's Fox News has done immeasurable damage to the United States by, essentially becoming a right wing disinformation propaganda outlet. This reality has negatively swayed the mindset of a massive amount of people who were, at their core, decent folks. This incessant and divisive disinformation has caused folks to vote against their own best interests for years.

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Posted in: 200,000 in U.S. have died from virus. Now Trump says he 'gets it' See in context

I think that any capable critical thinker can assess that something is very very wrong with President Trump. I am a Republican and I am baffled why my party continues to go to extreme efforts to cover for and support an individual that clearly is, at least, not up to the job and, at worst, is criminally compromised by entanglements with one or more of our adversaries.

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Posted in: Shock, sympathy, mockery: World reacts to Trump virus infection See in context

Didn't have to be this way. He could have taken the virus seriously and taken decisive action and engaged in competent leadership by taking his advisors advice seriously as early as November 2019. If he had done so, he would have protected the US citizenry who he sworn to protect, saved countless lives and gotten himself re-elected.

Making the conscious decision to do the opposite has caused him and the USA to pay a very very high and damaging price on many levels.

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Posted in: Australian man tasered in toilet paper scrap See in context

So a guy was fighting over a toilet roll because?????

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Posted in: Trudeau calls for peaceful solution to Canada's crippling rail blockades See in context

Indigenous populations in all parts of the world have been taken advantage of forever. If they do not want an oil pipeline to come across their land then it is right for them to stand up for their rights and for what is right? The fossil fuel industry has run over indigenous communities across the globe for years all with very negative outcomes for indigenous communities.

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Posted in: Experts ponder why cruise ship quarantine failed to prevent spread of virus See in context

Based on the information that has been associated with the spread of this virus, I agree with Yubaru that the ship became, essentially, an incubator due partially to the re-circulation air system on the ship. It seems like having an air filtration system on the ships that kills bacteria and pathogens by design would be a good idea. Same with aircraft. I am thinking ultraviolet light systems or others that would, at least, knock down some or all of these bacteria before actively spreading the air around the ship or plane. Maybe that already happens, if not, seems like a good, not too expensive proactive move to make.

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Posted in: Impeachment done, Pelosi unburdens herself about Trump See in context

Republicans ALL know that what Trump did was an impeachable offense and was caught. In addition, they all know what they would have done if Barack Obama had done the same. What Pelosi and the Democrats did was 100% according to what the founders laid out in the Constitution. Their efforts were obstructed by the President all along the way in unprecedented fashion. Again, the Republicans know full well what they would have done if Barack Obama has done the same.

In addition, Pelosi and the House of Representatives have now delivered over 400 pieces of legislation to the Senate where the self described "Grim Reaper" Senator McConnel has chosen to table them and not allow consideration and votes. How does this help the American citizens?

What has happened to the Republican party?

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Posted in: Panel says Fukushima water release into sea best option See in context

I agree with "Do the hustle". There are proven ways to remove Tritium.

The truth is that scientists know how to create energy via Fusion. Am much safer and less expensive option. Regretfully, these scientists have been pushed to the side and ostracized. Why? In the meantime the world will need to continue to deal with these ugly situations and the fact that without Fusion technology there is no way to deal with the nuclear wastes.

Here is an idea: https://spectrum.ieee.org/energy/nuclear/could-fusion-clean-up-nuclear-waste

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Posted in: 'Five Eyes' intel alliance ties up with Japan over N Korea See in context

'Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”- Voltaire

 “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”  ― George Orwell

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Posted in: Japanese firms join global calls to ditch coal-fired power See in context

I am a 65 year old man. I have been involved in a natural resource industry for 45 of those years. I can tell you, straight up, that climate change has had and continues to have a direct negative effect on the products that my industry produces and I am sure all of you eat. I figure that, if I am lucky, I have approx 20 more years on this Earth before I move on. My children and grandchildren will live in a ever degrading world due to the burning of fossil fuels. Any critical thinker knows this to be true due to the mountain of research that we all have access to. It may be too late but we all have an obligation to do ALL that we can NOW to wean ourselves from polluting and destructive fossil fuels and support and implement non-polluting and sustainable sources of energy . Sure, it will require various levels of sacrifice from all of us but to do nothing is incredibly selfish and hateful.

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Posted in: Australians protest over climate change policy as bushfires rage See in context

The ability for energy to be produced sustainably and without creating pollutants that damage our environment has been with us for many decades. Fossil fuel producers know very well what burning fossil fuels do to the environment. This has been proven by documents found through the Freedom of Information Act. The Fossil Fuel industry has had a stranglehold on energy production for many years and have actively suppressed the development and use of sustainable / no polluting energy sources. What has this brought the world??? A real question that we all need to ask ourselves.

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Posted in: Meatless burgers, hemp cocktails and pasta straws - 2019 eco-friendly food trends See in context

I've got to believe that there is zero need to make beer with waste water. The mash and resulting liquid that comes from traditional beer making can all be used in equality "Eco-Friendly" ways that don't risk adulterating the ancient beverage.

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Posted in: Japanese whalers complete first commercial hunt in 31 years See in context

"Research"????? Pretty disingenuous to have ever claimed that. No one believe that anymore. The sad fact is also that Whales have a very high Mercury content due to the continued burning of coal for energy and the Mercury that is absorbed in our oceans, so the result is that folks that eat whale are slowly, but surely, poisoning themselves.

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Posted in: Sanders cancels U.S. presidential campaign events after heart scare See in context

Bernie is a good man and has stood up for the common man and woman his entire life. I honestly think that he should take care of himself so he can continue to fight the good fight in the Senate and throw his support behind Elisabeth Warren.

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Posted in: U.S. hints at rice concession in Japan trade talks See in context

This Perdue guy is out of his league and woefully unqualified to be in the position that he is in. Reference statements like this: Rice is "a sort of a cultural issue in Japan" . Just pathetic!! :(

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