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Posted in: Safes, cash wash up on shores after tsunami See in context

rather impressive, the frugality and self discipline; knowing experientially that 'less is more'... again, impressed...

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I've read that the grass sandals are worn during a 100 days pilgrimage series of meditative walks; and it's been suggested that prayer at its core is conversation with God as with a friend; in the face of such devastation and loss of breath, there can be great comfort in talking with Someone you trust, and in giving time and energy to meditation of compassion and hope.... it's ok; let him be;

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Posted in: Man found stranded since March 11 in empty town inside evacuation zone See in context

maybe we could simply encourage each other in the ongoing search; it's difficult to arrange puzzle pieces when you're one of the pieces itself...

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hello dear readers... as a mother, grandmother, and teacher in the 3rd decade of working with students spanning the globe, I can safely suggest that young people meet each day as a new lifetime.... further, they absorb what we adults teach them: courage, hope, and charity, or the opposite.

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