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Posted in: Noda says he'll do his best to make sure Futenma base is moved from Ginowan See in context

Oh no! Not again. The last PM said the same thing.

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Posted in: LDP's Ishihara wants base on China-claimed islands See in context

Was he smoking something when he made the statement? Here is another politician who makes a statement without a plan. Hatoyama did the same thing when he stated that he would relocate Futemna but did not know where,

What kind of base does he think he can put in a 7 square kilometer outcrop and several rocks in the middle of nowhere?

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Posted in: Ozawa criticizes Noda for consumption tax hike plan See in context

Before Mr. Ozawa opened his mouth, he should present his solution. Talk is cheap.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor tells Gemba SOFA revision separate from base issue See in context

voice of okinawa: It was not the Philippine Government that kicked the US bases out of the Philippines. Mother Nature did and it was a nice exit for the US.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy loses finger playing on shopping center trampoline See in context

The doctors could have re-attached the finger.

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Posted in: Further arrests made over Y600 million robbery See in context

They watch hollywood movies too much.

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Posted in: Ministers visit Okinawa to discuss U.S. base issue See in context

wakawaka225: the environmental study was completed with the governor's recommendations included but it was held back when the DPJ got into the picture. The DPJ wanted to make changes and a bilateral group was organized and worked on different ideas suggested by the new government. The study was submitted it to the prime minister (the alien) and he resigned not long after.

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Posted in: Ozawa, suffering from kidney stones, will be in hospital for a week See in context

He is only acting! ぐちmaybe.

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Posted in: Nuclear power essential to cut emissions: UK expert See in context

zichi: nuke power does not generate CO2. If nuke is so bad, how come Hiroshima and Nagasaki are booming cities? They are the only cities where nuclear bomb was detonated. Are those cities contaminated and unlivable?

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Posted in: Public support for Noda falling See in context

The pollsters should give the guy a break. He just got into the office. He cannot snap his fingers and everything will be fixed.

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Posted in: Local assembly wants Hamaoka nuclear plant permanently shut down See in context

That's the problem with the Japanese politicians. They talk before they think. They propose something without stating the solution or alternative. They should say at least "Shut down all nuclear generators and prepare to use candles."

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Posted in: Noda tells U.N. Japan will provide accurate info on nuclear crisis See in context

some14some: politicians lie with a straight face.

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Posted in: Filmmaker Moore demands Georgia boycott after execution See in context

How can he be innocent when so many people saw him shoot the cop and made sure he was dead by shooting him again while the victim is on the ground.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over 5-year-old daughter's death See in context

Very bad. Dying people likes to live and this mother killed a healthy child. Just wondering what will happen to Japan if this killing of children continues.

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