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If the people involved were foreigners, the media would typically make it clear. Since they are not going into detail, I'm going to assume they were Japanese.

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Ambassador of stupid more like it. One of my pet peeves against Japanese girls is the fact that so many act so childish and think so superficially. I dont think this image really needs to be paraded around to make young girls in Asia dumber than theyre already expected to be. Id like to see more sophistication and intelligence come from these girls. Fujioka is 20 years old, and shes an adult now, so would it really be a bad thing to give her some more maturity at this point? 20 year old girls who act like theyre 12 arent cute to me, theyre seriously annoying and retarded.

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Getting the Japanese to think outside of their bubble is a really good thing. Theyve lived in it so long that Im not surprised to hear about any hidden aspects of this society. If you live in Japan, you realize how much effort people put forth in protecting their image and avoiding open-minded conversations that discuss any ugly truths about their people or country. This pressure cooker society is boiling over more and more. How long till there is a severe meltdown?

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I dont eat whale meat, simply because it doesnt interest me. But, correct me if Im wrong, the Minke whales the Japanese are hunting are not protected or endangered, right? So, other than a group of people who are against the idea of it, what is the real problem here?

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TPOJ, excellent post.

When individuals of a group have been used to their predominance over others due to suppression, I think many people in the majority get nervous when they see that idea of control over another start to fade. Creating a more level playing field between communities is what civilized countries are supposed to do, so others around the world can follow by example and understand the great advantages of diversity in a culture.

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