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Posted in: 3 bodies found in apartment in suspected group suicide See in context

Suicide is an act of self murder. It's difficult to figure it out how to prevent someone who wanted to end their own life. Very difficult....

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Posted in: Japan panel favors relaxing U.S. beef import limits See in context

Beware of Ractopamine; Japanese should consume their own Kobe beef.

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Posted in: China pledges to defend territory after Japan says it will buy islands See in context

China in the past and present is still in the eye's of Japan as "sick man of asia". Japan committed atrocities against Chinese but Japan alibi as nothing happened. Now Japan will purchase the China property with Dollar's from Japanese owner??? That is the culture of Japanese as LYING THIEF'S. No wonder they are intelligent peoples with a superior race The Overlord of Asia.

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Posted in: Clinton faces balancing act with China over tensions See in context

And Mrs Clinton can't par with Germany Angela Merkel.

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Posted in: Clinton faces balancing act with China over tensions See in context

I don't believe whatsoever Mrs Clinton every statements in her diplomacy. Mrs Clinton are far far away and can't par with British Margaret Thatcher in term of diplomacy.

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Posted in: Slain reporter's partner urges Syria to investigate her death See in context

Kazutaka Sato. Just one or three question if you are willing to answer honestly. (1) are you so sure it's the gov't forces or supporters of Syria Assad shot Mika Yamamoto? (2) you are reported hiding inside the five storey building. (3) So how can u so sure it is the forces of Assad killed Mika Yamamoto?

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Posted in: Michelle Obama says change takes time; urges 4 more years See in context

Give Obama another 4 years. All the promises he vow will achieved not 100% but over 90%. The 1st term of Obama have showed he achieved what his promises to the American peoples. Go for Obama American.

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Posted in: 3 mummified bodies discovered in Toyama home See in context

Father, son and daughter,died and mummified in the living room? Well, it's common sense that the family was murder.

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Posted in: 30,000 from Japan invited to Moon's funeral See in context

Rev Sun Myung Moon by using the name of god's become a big busineesman. Whether Moon will become a saint or not because of his popularity. with hundred thousand followers around the globe. Somebody up there will make the final decision.

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Posted in: China warns U.S. against taking sides in territorial disputes See in context

Mrs Clinto has already showed her intention. Obama can't stop her. For reason unknown.

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Posted in: Tutu says Bush, Blair should face trial at The Hague See in context

Lets watch what Mrs Clinton will do to the Pacific into Paradise or Hell in the Pacific. for her own political interest like Bush and Blair.

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Posted in: Tokyo city officials survey disputed islands See in context

, a strong nationalist, has raised 1.45 billion yen in private donations over the last several months to buy the islands from the Japanese family that owns them. Supporters think having the government own the islands will strengthen Japan’s control over them and send a tougher message to China.

Who is the Japanese family that Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara claimed that owns the island? When did the Japanese family owns the island? From whom did the Japanese family purchased the island? Is there any authenticated documents that can proved the imaginary Japanese family owns the island???

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Posted in: Relatives of abductees urge gov't to put pressure on N Korea See in context

To list the top one horror country in the world is Japan. Terrorizing the whole Asians country since before and during ww2. That's why Japan revised history.

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Posted in: China says Tokyo survey team acting illegally See in context

Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara with his entourage Tokyo city officials have forgotten that when Japan invaded and defeated China. Japan demanded 7.45 million kg of silver, additional 1.12 million kg of silver and annexed/ occupied China territory. But now he said he has raised 1.45 billion yen in private donations to purchased the China island. Now the question is Dioayu belong to China or Japan? That is the problem of Japan mindset by revising history.

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Posted in: Youth tells police he stabbed mother, grandmother, then torched house in Shizuoka See in context

Censor or ban completely the violent movies. Violent movies can influence any ages violently and commit crime.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't survey team on its way to disputed islands See in context

Watch out. Typhoon Kamikaze Ishihara is heading toward Dioayu island!!!!

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Posted in: Clinton says Pacific big enough for U.S., China See in context

Elbuda Mexicano@ Please look carefully the map of Argentina. The coastline of Argentina is in the Atlantic. And of course Mexica coastline is in the Pacific.

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Posted in: Clinton says Pacific big enough for U.S., China See in context

No. Pacific is big enough for US only. While China is still learning how to sail's their own wooden junks in the Pacific..

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Posted in: Japan, N Korea aim for higher-level talks soon See in context

For humanitarian reasons. North Korea should grant the request of the Japanese gov't. Likewise, the Japanese gov't should grant the request IF the North Korean side's demanded that Japan should pinpoint all the buried grounds for all those Korean civilian victims who was brutally being murders, rapes and those who died from human experimentation of Japan chemical and biological WMD before and during ww2.

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Posted in: Japan envoy delivers letter to Chinese gov't to defuse tensions See in context

Japan wake up. Wake up so you will realized that Dioayu belong to China and China Diaoyu is not for sale. Wake up, so you will realized by revising history, you gain nothing. Wake up, apologize to all Asian victims that you committed atrocities against them and stopped performing those ceremonies, prayers, or other religious forms to those Class B-C-A war criminals by which this love is expressed and dedicated to those A-B-C war criminals who committed crimes and atrocities against humanities. Get REAL Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. commander says F-22 stealth fighters 100% safe See in context

Yap. Japan was threatening China with threat that China was not 100% safe from Japan.

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Posted in: Romney vows to restore 'promise of America' See in context

I still go for Obama. 4 years term's is too short to achieved the promises of any president. Beside the world financial crisis causes many problems and headaches. Whether a country rich or poor. The citizenry will continue to have the wealthy and the poor gap. Not all will be rich but only few have the luck to be rich and wealthy through hard work and LUCK.

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Posted in: Disputed playground See in context

WOW!!! Beautiful island. Hope South Korea will put a tennis court in Dokdo.

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Posted in: My very brief fight with a yakuza See in context

Ken. Lets play safe. Japan Yakuza, China Triad, European Mafia and others big and small time gangters organization have police's and politician's connection. You just phone the police in a safer area, whether the law enforcer response or not immediately. That's what it is.

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Posted in: No trouble please See in context

Sport fans waving their national flag inside the sport arena is ok. That officer are just overacting or perhaps his superior do..

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Posted in: Japan-N Korea talks described as 'matter-of-fact, frank' See in context

mexicano@ Do not belittle the North Korean gov't and her peoples. They never begs anything from anybody specially from Japan.

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Posted in: Japan to send letter to China's president, protesting flag incident See in context

Wow!!! Japan nowadays were so fond of sending letter to President Lee and President Hu. But Lee and Hu are not interested nor have time to read those nonesense letter.

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Posted in: Clinton to address territorial disputes during Asia tour See in context

OMG. Asia will have more rrouble's than the Middle East, North Africa and other parts of the world.

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Posted in: There is no evidence that people called comfort women were taken away by force or threat by the Japanese military. If three is such evidence, South Korea should provide it. See in context

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto must be reading the revised history text edition made in Japan historians.

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Posted in: U.S. concerned over anti-Japan protests in China See in context

US concerned.....theirs own national interest.

US motto Enemy is not permanent' Friend is not permanent. National Interest of USA is permanent'

i.e. If America hand over Dioayu to China after world war 2.. Today East China sea's will have tranquility and peace.

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