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Posted in: 'It's silent?': Britons demand refunds for 'The Artist' See in context

Oh God...This is why most of the time, I hate being British. Because half of the British population are idiots at the majority of times. >.< Although, at most cinemas - there are no flyers or anything to do with the film (well...they don't at my local cinema anyway) - I do suggest people do research the kind of film they plan to watch before the watch it!!! It's like when I went to watch the new Sherlock Holmes film last week, I did at least do a tiny bit of research on what film it's set out to be. It's kind of like watching a horror film when you're terrified of horrors.

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Posted in: If you had a baby with an AKB48 member, what would your child look like? See in context

This is just creepy...just...pure....creepy o.o

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of partner in Mie See in context

Does it matter about the woman abusing the man, visa versa? Either way, there was abuse within the relationship and they had been fighting a month after they moved in together. But again, women are perfectly capable of beating up men and I remember reading in a magazine that a lot like men beat women, most males being beat up by their partners don't really admit to it because they are embarressed. But, either way, someone died. Another life on which has lived on this Earth for the short time he was alive, has now passed. We don't know who is responsible, yet we do know, again, someone has died. RIP.

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Posted in: Cigarette vending machines banned in England See in context

I also agree on the price thing too, but since people nowadays have older friends like a 14 year old being friends with someone 18 or over, they usually get them to the fags for them.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning newborn's body in library toilet See in context

Another one of these, huh? I don't think it matters on the mental capability of the mother. I think if it was already dead when given birth to, the least she could do was get someone for help. And if it was alive, then maybe she could've gave it to an adoption agency or something if she really didn't want it. Even if we do not know the full story, there is no excuse for killing a child! Nor is there an excuse to kill any living creature!

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Posted in: Cigarette vending machines banned in England See in context

Finally >.< I honestly hate living in England and going to school here because of the amount of underage smokers and drinkers. It's stupid really, which is why I support this ban. I also don't like David Cameron as our prime minister but I must be honest and say that he is helping put our country on the right line (I would guess it would take another 10/15 years to put someother problems near the end like teenage pregnancy, underage drug and alchohol abuse, etc)

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