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Once again I read an near endless voice of ignorance here in blaming the NRA about criminal activity. The original Clinton Gun Ban was allowed to expire because it had absolutely no effect in crime reduction.

Mass shootings are rare but mass killings happen all across the globe. It's not an American issue. It's just that here the Progressives are using this to push their anti gun, anti Constitution, anti Bill of Rights agenda. The Progressives used to be known as Communists, but had to change their name because people found out just what it means to be a Communist. Progressives then changed again to "Liberal" in a further attempt to disguise their agenda. Liberals love to paint themselves as all about "caring for the least among us" but any remotely careful look at their policies quickly reveals it's not about caring, it's about "Power". That's what this issue is all about for the Progressives ' Power.

Doubt it? Here's the proof. Read "More Guns Less Crime' by John Lott Jr. Read how the study proves that when gun ownership goes UP, crime goes DOWN. This is every state where there are more legal carry laws. Want to know where criminals really do get guns? Read the US Department of Justice "The Armed Criminal in America" and find out that guns come from an underground market. Want to see proof that #1. Crime rates are dropping, and have been dropping for years in the US? Read the US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau Of Investigation ( FBI) Unified Crime Report. Look at that same report and find out that there is no such thing under FBI stats as an "assault rifle'. But you will see that all homocides with a rifle totaled just 323 people. Five times that number were killed with a knife! Still believe this is all about safety?

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Extensive work revealed that more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens did indeed reduce crime. Further, that the restriction of privately held firearms increased criminal activity and that the removal of firearms had no measurable effect in the reduction of suicides.

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In the US Department of Justice work titled "The Armed Criminal In America" 1800 criminals were interviewed and the results seperated into 7 catagories. Further divisions revealed that while nearly every criminal had at one time stolen a gun only about half used them in crime. Of those that made a living with guns, it was found that all turned to friends, family or the black market to aquire a gun once they were released from prison. Further, it was found that these criminals felt they could re arm themselves within a day or two of release.

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America has a long history of the private ownership of weapons, including firearms. The absolute right to self defense is enshrined in our Bill Of Rights. The differences between America and other countries, such as Japan, and Canada as related to firearms was addressed in the highly interesting work "The Samurai, The Mountie, and The Cowboy". An excellent read for those interested in a deeper look at all three cultures.

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In "More Guns Less Crime" now in it's 3rd edition, author John Lott Jr. clearly shows that those cities with the highest legal gun ownership have the lowest violent crime rates. He goes on to show, using US Department of Justice records that legal gun owners do in fact prevent up to 2.5 MILLION crimes per year

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There is a lot of opinion here, but some are pretty short on facts.

All the attacks, except ONE were in "Gun Free Zones" where it is a Federal crime to have a firearm. What that means is no licensed, FBI cleared, concealed weapons permit holders are allowed in these areas. Criminals, unfortunately, do not obey such laws. "Gun Free Zones" are in fact Federally sponsored "Criminal Safe Zones".

The NRA statement is not controversial for anyone who is aware that armed uniformed police officers are on duty in many of our schools.

The claim that because the founders could not have envisioned modern weapons, and that it follows that some portion of the Bill of Rights is no longer valid is to be completely blind to history as it was understood at the time, to the history of firearms ownership in the US since the founding until today and to be willfully ignorant of law.

Semi automatic rifles of all types, according to the FBI Unified Crime Report as of 2011, account for 2 1/2 % of all homicides. The Semi auto rifles which cosmetically resemble military weapons but do NOT function as full auto, account for less than 1% of homicides. In 2011 there were a total of 324 homicides where a rifle was involved.

The Clinton Gun ban was repealed when after 10 years of records, it was found to have no impact on crime.

Guns have a positive place in our society Numerous studies have conclusively shown that those states with high gun ownership and high numbers of Conceal Carry have the lowest crime rate. Criminals, like any predators, prefer victims that are as helpless and who have no means of self defense. Gun owners use firearms up to 2,000,000 times per year in circumstances of self defense. The majority of the time the firearm is not discharged.

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There are so many assumptions here. Where to start? "Assault' weapons. Sorry no such thing. The media has for years tried to connect ordinary civilan semi automatice ( one pul of the trigger = ONE shot) with full auto military ordinace. Full auto firearms have been under strict Federal control since 1934. Just because a rifle looks like a military grade firearms does not make it function as such.

Crime with firearms in American has been on the steady decilne acording to FBI Unified Crime Reports. So there is hardly an epidemic to deal with.

Semi automatic rifles account, according to the FBI report, for about 2% of homocides so there too we see no sudden rise nor sudden crisis.

All retail firearms transactions are subject to Federal approval and paperwork under Form #4473 so there is more than enough paperwork and govenment "approval' for a purchase.

Author and research PhD writer John Lott in is work "More Guns Less Crime" found that private citizens use firearms more than a million times per year to defend themselves from crime. He also found that those states with the lowest violent crime rates were the same states with the Higest number of Conceal Carry permits.

The Second Amendment was never about "hunting". It as are all the ten Amendments in our Bill of Rights about the Rights of the People. In a word it is about Liberty. Our Freedom of Speech is a fundimental and critical right necessary for a free society but what if Govenment decides we dont have such a right? That, as well as protecting our other Rights from a criminal govenment is the reason behind The Second Amendment.

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I read a lot of made up stuff here about guns, the American culture, gun laws as well as what assupmtions on these subjects.

Instead of making up stuff why not read research on the subject?

There is considerable confusion as to what an "assault rifle" is. Originally a deliberate obfuscation by Handgun Control, Inc. to confuse civilian models of military arms, this description continues to dominate and confuse the public today. Here is the link to that history;

There are the obvious comparisons of cultures and guns, but it turns out the comparisons are anything but simple. In "The Samurai The Mountie and the Cowboy" David Kopel looks at Japan, Canada and American with side trips to Switzerland to see what the different laws and cultures say about crime.

In "More Guns Less Crime" the author and researcher John Lott looks at an 18 year sample of conceal weapons licensing as it influences crime.

"Guns, who should have them" David Kopel, looks at what effect "gun control' has on crime.

The latest FBI Unified Crime Report 2009 looks at crime in general and with categories for homicide by weapon type, by state location as well as other parameters such as race.

There are at least a half dozen other works by scientists which are reliable and without political bias.In addition there are numerous works on the Original Intent of the Founders who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights, proving that The Second Amendment is an individual right and not a collective privilege.

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This man is not a Marine. He has no right to wear the uniform. I'm very sorry to hear about his 4 years in prison. It should have been life!

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The Canadian Rail Road Trilogy speaks to the men, like my grandfather, who worked the deep woods "living on stew and drinking bad whisky"

Kristofferson is a one of a kind talent, and yes, I don't expect him or any like him to "come this way again"

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I know boys make silly comments about this but the real subject is pain. A man understands this kind of emotional pain a boy just pokes fun at it. A little compassion couldn't hurt.

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If a man loves a woman why would he not do these things? Life can be very short. Do not waste time.

Tell her each day that you love her with all of your heart.

Hold hands like you did when you were small. It's a wonder of life we have too long forgotten.

Bring her flowers "just because".

Cook for her. Make her miso if she likes it. Why not?

Hold her in your arms like she is the most precious thing in your world....because she is!

Remember how cold and lonely life was before she came into your life. Treasure what you have.

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