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> Coy Perry June 1 07:53 pm JST

In Australia a bottle of Jack Daniels is about 3800 yen vs 1800 yen here. Therefore if revenue raising is for the purposes of schools, roads, hospitals or other public services, then I have no issue with it.

As a Finnish person, i think alike too .. the taxes pays many public services here, without the tax funding one would pay a lot more. We Finns have mentality that no finn is left behind! ... and i'm quite proud of it.

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For blind people this would be very good, if 'sight' is returned to them via this ..Blind persons carers should look into this very closely ..

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Posted in: Man attacks Muslim airline employee at JFK, telling her 'Trump will get rid of all of you' See in context

*pointofviewJan. 27, 2017 - 03:26PM JST

This guy sounds like he has some issues.

@Tiger and Madverts,

Perhaps you should also take note of the violent left attacking people at the protests. Nothing to do with Trump. *

that comment seems to be so that it cannot be 'liked'.. only negative votes are counted...

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I like this :D .. barrel of sake .. how large barrel we are talking about ? if it is little then some party with family is in order .. if it is larger then family and friends :D ..

I like to read stuff from around the world about the events of the people and so on :D.. this was nice bit of info for me :) ..

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Very nice looking envinronment, if I had the cash, i'd go there :D..

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I'd like to see what this means for regular car batteries development :) ..Here in Finland, the batteries are in quite cold conditions and we demand high quality, long lasting and battery capable to survive in temperatures in range +30 -- -30 at least ...

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Posted in: Lensless-camera technology for easily adjusting focus of video images after image capture See in context

very intresting .. so in future images are in rawdata and depending on your mood you can always re-create photos by focusing something else, in the image, this time.

I think the police would be very intrested of the aspect, that they could get rawdatas of images taken on crime scene and later on could focus on diffrent parts of the image with more details ..

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