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Posted in: Saitama junior high teacher arrested over alleged sexual assault See in context

I have seen different versions of this type of molestation taking place in Japanese movies and anime. Usually takes place on a commuter train where there is standing room only. Is it true that some women will not cry-out in protest due to the humiliation involved? If so, that attitude must change. They need to speak-up and not allow these pervs to continue violating innocent women.

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Posted in: 2 men tie up woman, steal nothing in home invasion See in context

They didn't leave with NOTHING. They stole the poor woman's dignity.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for dumping 2,250 batteries in streets See in context

After reviewing the evidence, we found that in the case of the spent batteries, the charges will not hold-up.

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Posted in: NSA to reveal number of thwarted terror attacks due to data surveillance See in context

Logging onto the internet is similar to filling out a survey about yourself. Interested parties know who you are. Where you are from (your address). Your phone number. What you like and dislike, friends, etc...Yahoo, Google, and Internet Explorer ALL track logged-in subscribers. And just like the Defense Dept., they trace IP addresses and site activity. They can even trace back to your social network sites learning your identity while gathering information as you surf and comment. They also sale the resulting demographics to IT firms, both business and political. And share with universities that are usually engaged in political agendas. So in short, nobody is anonymous on the internet anymore. It is not just the government that is invading privacy.

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Posted in: Wada says Mari Yaguchi should apologize over illicit affair See in context

This kind of critique comes with the territory of the celebrities spotlight. It is the price of fame to fall under the scrutiny of public opinion. And this may not be top-shelf news in the big scheme, but it is a social faux pas that people care about. It should not affect the merits of her talent and is only relevant to opinions regarding her personal character.

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Posted in: Can a person say something racist but not BE a racist? See in context

@bass4funk Yeah, I don't understand it either. The government and PC police do not have their priorities straight. Instituting E-Verify, enforced with strict fines, would have made self deportation a reality. Problem solved. But NO, they (amnesty advocates) choose to focus on the use of race-baiting rhetoric instead of dealing with the underlying problems of the bigger picture. It's funny how they are strict constitutionalists when it suits them and alternately come down with amnesia when it doesn't. I cannot wait for the world to move on and stop pandering to the selfish lawlessness of the extremist fringe both left and right. I am praying for the rise of the Independent centrists in America to become the majority.

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Posted in: Obama refocuses terror threat to pre-9/11 level See in context

Terrorism is effective because of its use of guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla tactics are nearly impossible to completely defeat and extremely hard to defend against. Just read Sun Tzu's: The Art of War. The BEST defense (I know of) is to simply not be the target of aggression. So how do we learn as a nation (USA) to stop ruffling so many feathers across the globe? Why does the rest of the world label us as the "big bullies" of the block? It is about lack of respect. We need to learn to keep our big noses out of the affairs of other sovereign nations and mind our own business. And when we are forced to take action, after the exhaustion of all other possibilities, we should never act outside of UN consensus.

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Posted in: Farmers resume planting rice near crippled Fukushima site See in context

Japan is too small a country to utilize nuclear reactors considering our present safeguard technology that is in place. Fossil fuels (with greenhouse gas filtration to extract emissions) would be safer as well as use of a plethora of alternative power sources that can be integrated into the overall grid. Nuclear reactors might give the most bang-for-the-buck but obviously they are also the most dangerous to boot.

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Posted in: Scrambling for the immigrant elite See in context

Thank You, John Lloyd!!! Your article is well-written, unbiased, and honest. You did not downplay the concerns or grievances of either side. You chose to focus on the bigger picture rather than choosing a side of the ongoing debate. So many authors write editorials as if it was an opinion piece nowadays. You are a professional who wrote an opinion piece as if it were an editorial. And that is a rarity in your line of work these days. The first time in a very long time that I have seen both sides of this issue presented in a fair and balanced manner.

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Posted in: Documentaries are rising stars in film See in context

I think that documentaries are a great way to teach, especially history. Provided that the reenactments are presented with as much matter-of-fact verisimilitude as possible. These documentaries have brought the world to me as I am unable to travel. Also, I have found that facts are much more interesting and useful than fiction. And most of all, other cultures are fascinating.

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Posted in: Palme d'Or race wide open at Cannes Film Festival See in context

The Cannes Film Festival has become a means of perpetuating and validating pop-culture trends and nothing more. They have lost all validity just like the Oscars and Emmy's have become a complete farce. Many factors decide the winners and few, if any, have to do with merit.

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Posted in: Can a person say something racist but not BE a racist? See in context

@bass4funk I know what ya mean, dude. But there are so many people out there that cannot see the truth because of the brainwashing that is so popular in our schools. And you bring up some very good points of how many countries who speak of "American racism" are themselves closet racists and hypocrites. And the PC drones of this country cannot stand the idea of a level playing field. Where fairness and justice prevails. Do you think that future social scientists will exonerate us who were brave enough to speak-out against this PC, double-standard, bigotry first? If so, it will be the beginning of a new era and the TRUE end of racism and bigotry.

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Posted in: To help foster Japanese capable of successfully competing globally, the education ministry plans to designate about 100 high schools across the country that will teach some science and math in English See in context

I wish they would focus more on other foreign languages (like Japanese, Chinese, etc...) here in America, not just English and Spanish. We should strive to learn more about our global community and stop living in an American cultural media vacuum. No wonder behind the generalization, "Stupid Americans". But I am happy to say I believe most Americans are ready to look beyond our borders and take a renewed interest in the world around us.

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Posted in: Can a person say something racist but not BE a racist? See in context

I don't want people to get the wrong impression of me with my aggressive posts. I can only speak of my experiences of living in a low income, predominately black, neighborhood for over 20 years. So allow me to clarify my point by saying this: The time for pandering according to race or gender is over, provided that we wish to evolve as a species. NO MORE EXCUSES!!! We should become color blind and get rid of PC propaganda that is constructed to inflame and incite hatred rather than forgetting the differences. Just one set of rules for EVERYBODY. No exceptions. No more double-standards. No more bolstering the side of one group as compared to another. We should all be treated equally once and for all. Equal under the law with strict over-site. That would be, by definition, "Progressive" and would allow ALL people to move forward. That is the point I wish to make.

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Posted in: Can a person say something racist but not BE a racist? See in context

And ARE those white people ever socially disadvantaged whenever they're called hicks, rednecks, etc? Well... no.

YES! It is called Affirmative Action. The Point Preferential Program. No Child Left Behind. And how many organizations are specifically race based if you Google it? More than I can count, however I don't see any that say, for instance, Caucasion College Fund, National Organization for the Advancement of White People, La Raza Blanco, you know why? Because it is the WHITES (specifically white males) who are disadvantaged the most. When we commit a crime, nobody makes excuses for how we are just a "product of our unstable and disenfranchised environment". No, we don't get to make excuses for bad behavior like others do. It is by no means equal.

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Posted in: Can a person say something racist but not BE a racist? See in context

The liberal American media monopoly has done a bang-up job at propagandizing and sensationalizing PC agendas whenever and wherever possible. If they cannot contort and twist an existing story, they will just fabricate one instead. They almost have the victims believing that they deserve the blatant slander. But in truth, the issue of racism, hypocrisy, and bigotry are still alive and thriving in America. However, it is the constant barrage from the left that is the guilty party and not the other way around. The rest of the world is clueless to this and buys everything that comes from American media as gospel. For instance, one may call a person (specifically a white male) from the southern half of the United States a: redneck, hick, hillbilly, inbred, uneducated idiot, Gomer, etc...and nobody seems to see that kind of language as racist or bigoted. WHY? It is OK to call a black person a n(i)gger or a Latino a sp(i)ck, a Chinese a chink? So why is slander towards white males in southern USA given a pass? The northern yanks love to call us Confederates and show documentaries about slavery. They themselves had slaves while most of us southerners did not. Many of us were working beside the slaves on the plantations. For the most-part, only a few wealthy landowners had slaves. Furthermore, it was the northern yanks that massacred the native Americans to the point of genocide, not us southerners. This is revisionist history in the making folks. And as far as the chicken remarks, SO WHAT! Grow thicker skin you minority pandering hypocrites. Nobody buys the down-trodden, woe-is-me rhetoric anymore.

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