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Posted in: Starbucks teams up with Japanese clothing brand to create new contactless payment system See in context

I prefer to use the smartphone app. Can charge it anytime with a credit card unlike the card which has to be charged with cash in-store

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Posted in: Abe unveils plans for fund to tackle child poverty See in context

Less than 20% of divorced mothers receive child support from the fathers of the kids since there is no punishment for not paying anything. In some cases they don't persue it since they know the father is a deadbeat who doesn't have any money.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward 1st in Japan to recognize same sex marriage See in context

Christopher Glen "I'm straight, proud of it, and I'm not flaunting it."

This always makes me laugh, straight people ARE "flaunting" their identity whenever you walk hand in hand, kiss in public, put a photo of your family on your desk etc.

Aiser x "You do realize that if gay people were "born gay" then by default their parents had to be gay?"

You do realize that you are completely wrong. I'm a lesbian but my parents are straight, my lesbian friends have straight kids from a gay donor. If you ask any gay person they will tell you they were born this way. Why do you, and others like you, insist you know how we felt growing up better than us??

The only "choice" for us is to live proudly as ourselves or hide and pretend we are straight. That's not much of a choice but for some LGBT that's what they must do to survive,given that there are hostile,irrational people in the world who would do us harm. Seen the California proposal to shoot gays in the head? Lovely

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Posted in: Report says one pilot locked out of cockpit before Germanwings crash See in context

The airline hasn't released the names of the pilots. Strange, since we know the names of many of the passengers already. I'm sure many are thinking the same thing unfortunately.....

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

There are labels in every country that can at times be interpreted to have some element of hate or disdain (Southerner, Pakistani, Jew, Hispanic, black, Arab, Nikkei, gay, senior citizen). Some of you think of a world with no labels? Are you kidding? But if you are proud of yourself, the label is a positive thing. I'm American, half Japanese, half Caucasian, a woman, a lesbian, and proud of all of those "labels" that make me who I am.

I'm always amused by those self-righteous folks who are not a member of a particular "label" discussing and trying to decide for those in the group what they should be called. This week on CNN they have been discussing the N-word and whether rappers and African-Americans in general should use it amongst themselves. A white panelist was saying no, but the black panelist asked why the black community should be told what to say by whites. I feel exactly the same way here. It's clear that the overwhelming majority of half Japanese posters here don't mind the term, so those of you who are not Japanese or half should just leave it alone.

And I don't think Yubaru is LGBT, so leave that alone too :)

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Posted in: United Airlines to upgrade airport lounge experience See in context

I buy a United ticket to go home and get my mileage, but I make sure both legs are actually operated by ANA. So much better! One of the good things about codesharing

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Posted in: Qatar Airways boss accuses Delta of flying 'crap' planes See in context

Well I flew Delta to the States and it was crap, and I flew Qatar to London and it was lovely. I don't care about the behind the scene stuff, just want the best flight for my money. I'd fly Qatar anytime

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

I'm half, born in Japan but an American citizen, but have lived most of my life here. I have no problem with being called half, and I've always felt that when Japanese people hear that my mom is Japanese (I don't look very Asian) they seem to have even more affinity to me. I've NEVER had anyone call me half in a derogatory manner. Double is just ridiculous, and mixed is for dogs thank you very much. People who are not half should just mind their own business.

As for Ariana, let's be brutally honest, the people online complaining about her are not upset that she is HALF, they are upset that she is BLACK. I would guess that half Japanese, half white like myself get very positive reactions, but half blacks don't. It has nothing to do with being half, and everything to do with racism towards blacks.

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Posted in: Chinese makers roll out wave of Apple watch lookalikes See in context

In China there are many grades of counterfeit goods. Sure if you buy a B or C grade item it's really cheap and probably looks/works terrible, but a AAA item is much more expensive (yet cheaper than the real thing), looks/works like the real thing, and often has even more features than the real one it's copying. Even in China, you get what you pay for lol.

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Posted in: A golden MacBook, HBO on your iPhone & of course, the Watch See in context

MacBook was cool, but not interested in a watch that requires the phone to be with you anyway.

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Posted in: Rangers ace Yu Darvish might need Tommy John surgery See in context

Unfortunately that's what often happens when young boys/men are made to pitch into ridiculously high counts. Japanese teams just use them up then toss them

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Posted in: Use of GPS to track suspect ruled legal by Osaka court See in context

Yoshimi, the point is how do you know someone is a criminal? What's to stop the police from putting trackers on whomever they want?

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Posted in: Although Japan's Juvenile Law prohibits media from publishing the names and photos of minors arrested for crimes, people have been using social media to circulate the names, photos, addresses and tele See in context

Remember the poor guy in Matsumoto accused of the pre-subway sarin attack. He was crucified by the media and public before being proven innocent. It's devastating for adults, even more so for juveniles.

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Posted in: Kawasaki murder victim's mother releases statement to media See in context

@pontananagoma He didn't take his own life as you imply. He was savagely murdered!

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Posted in: 10 kinds of posts that make Japanese want to block their friends on Facebook See in context

I hate those bloody inspirational phrases

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Posted in: We want to quickly respond to the expected increase in demand for filtering services as more videos of this type are being uploaded. See in context

Well then, "anyone, including children" shouldn't search for it on YouTube etc if they don't wanna see it

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Posted in: Toyota, Nissan, Honda to jointly support hydrogen station infrastructure development See in context

From greenfuelonline.com regarding hydrogen, "It tends to be made from methane or other fossil fuels, but it can also be obtained from sources like wind, solar or nuclear power. These are readily available non-fossil energy sources that themselves are unsuited to propelling vehicles, but if used to make hydrogen would allow for a vehicle economy entirely void of carbon dioxide emissions."

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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context

So parents hold measles parties where they deliberately let their unvaccinated kids catch it?? 1/1000 kids will die from measles, vaccination complications are at 1/1,000,000. Take the vaccine!

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Posted in: Japan steps up border control measures after IS threat See in context

How about people taking more care, not to leave/pay attention, to unattended bags in restaurants etc

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Posted in: Gunmen storm Libyan hotel; 10 dead See in context

Yup, got rid of Saddam, Khadafi, Mubarak etc.. Things much better now.......aren't they?? (Cough cough....)

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Posted in: Going ape See in context

Another one on Chazawa Dori near Sangenjaga, Tokyo

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Posted in: 19-year-old girl arrested for killing 77-year-old woman in Nagoya See in context

Ever since she was a child? 19 is a child to me, but I wonder how young she meant

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Posted in: Microsoft HoloLens goggles captivate with holograms See in context

@hotmail The Samsung/oculus rift is Virtual Reality, these are Augmented Reality. The holo lens is like a cross between the Occulus and Google Glasses. Google was basically just a smartphone screen in the corner of your eye, Samsung/Occulus cannot be worn walking around, you experience a whole VR world independent from reality, but Hololens can create holograms in front of you while you see the real world.

Check out Microsofts YouTube video of this. Amazing. http://youtu.be/aThCr0PsyuA

@disillusioned, I don't think so. This has got developers in all sorts of fields excited already

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Posted in: Julianne Moore tackles Alzheimer's in 'Still Alice' See in context

This was a great performance. Painful to watch but uplifting at the same time

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Posted in: 4 skiers dead in avalanches; 3 missing in Northern Alps See in context

It's terrible, but skiing off-piste is like swimming outside the flags in Australia, something you shouldn't do because it's dangerous.

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Posted in: Woman finds dental material in McDonald's Japan burger See in context

Is Mc Donald's using Soylent Green for it's burgers?

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Posted in: PlayStation, Xbox service in U.S. goes down on Christmas Day See in context

Lizard Squad are a few losers who block up the sites with a DDoS attack. This is not hacking, this is amateur time. They probably don't have the skill to do real hacking. They have no stated intention other than to irritate others.

In contrast to the "no harm done" opinions above, people pay money to get online with Xbox to play. This is in effect stealing from the millions who pay for Xbox Live Gold service. If you use an old figure of 56M Gold members and calculate just 1 day's cost at roughly 10¢ (¥12), they are doing $5-6M of damage. That's some harm done in total.

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Posted in: 4 things women are banned from doing in Japan See in context

The point about sumo is that women cannot even step into the ring to present the trophy to the winner. That's what is really ridiculous

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict vagina artist on obscenity charges See in context

Meanwhile it's fine in Japan to go to a penis festival and sit on a giant penis while sucking on a penis shaped candy

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Posted in: Head-on collision in Fukuoka Pref leaves two women dead See in context

I'm assuming the 2 victims in the back seat were not wearing seatbelts unlike the other 3 survivors in the front. We need to wear belts at all times! RIP

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