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Posted in: Mariners seek to end infighting over Ichiro See in context

difficult situation for the Mariners You can't win with Ichiro but he is one of the best players. What to do? Can they sell tickets if Ichiro is not there? Would Seattle be better with Manny?

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Posted in: Would you like to see Taro Aso replaced as Japan's prime minister, and if so, who do you think would do a better job? See in context

Replacing him with another LDP member would probably not make much of a difference. I think Japan should look for someone that has been successful in another area. Perhaps a former baseball manager or a University president. Just my 2 yens worth

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Posted in: Clinton visits Meiji Shrine See in context

I guess they didn't have anything more important to do.

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Posted in: A roundup of Japan’s police vehicle fleet See in context

Does this mean that we won't be seeing those fools riding around on bicycles anymore?. What a loser job. Giving parking tickets.

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Posted in: Toyota recalls 1.3 million vehicles worldwide See in context

Quality problem! At least customers will have to return to their car dealer.

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Posted in: Asashoryu in trouble again for pumping his fist after victory See in context

Asashoryu is bringing excitement to the sport. Better get rid of him before Sumo becomes popular with a younger audience.

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Posted in: GM falls behind Toyota in annual global sales See in context

Congratulations on being number 1 Now, when are you going to start laying off workers because of over-capacity? Be careful what you wish for.

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Posted in: 5 Somali pirates drown with ransom share See in context

At least they died millionaires.

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Posted in: Man with scissors attacks 13-year-old girl in Nagoya See in context

Too bad she didn't have a gun to defend herself.

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Posted in: Next U.S. president faces China-Japan balancing act See in context

I think rickyso has got the right idea. If Japan and China work together the sky is the limit. It may be important for the next President to keep them squabbling. I expect Obama to be friendlier to China than the Maverick. Just my 2 yens worth

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Posted in: Ichiro urges Japan to get serious about WBC See in context

Maybe Ichiro should care more about the last placed Mariners.

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Posted in: Rays beat Boston to advance to World Series See in context

This was a very exciting series. I have always liked Don Zimmer too.

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Posted in: Red Sox force Game 7 in ALCS See in context

Today's game was good. I was happy to see Jason Veritek finally hit. Well-played game.

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Posted in: What has to be done to stabilize world financial markets? See in context

Bush's resignation would be a good start. Everytime he speaks an TV the markets sell off.

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Posted in: Aso cabinet See in context

Japan's finest I wonder where they will lead the country. Good luck

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Posted in: Candidates vary on elections, war shrine See in context

I don't think any of these candidates should move into the Prime Minister's residence because they won't be staying very long.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan injects Y2.5 tril into markets as Lehman Japan also files for bankruptcy See in context

Does anyone know how many people worked at Lehman in Japan? Too big to fail? Who is next?

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