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Posted in: Woman, son perish in Aichi house fire See in context

Over the last week I’ve lost count of how many dispatches have gone up and down the main road. Scary.

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Posted in: N Korea holds huge military parade as Kim vows nuclear might See in context

Fat little despot.

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Posted in: 10 die in snow-related incidents over weekend See in context

Heard a quiet voice outside this afternoon, went out to investigate and this wee old lady had fallen outside her front door. Picked her up, sent it her inside, and cleared her entrance way. I understand self-reliance, but I just wish these people, who are obviously rather frail would just ask for help.

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Posted in: Trump says his term is ending; transition will be orderly See in context

@Patricia Yarrow: so were three other people, but I suppose because they were men, no one cares.

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Posted in: Lawyer for 89-year-old driver of car that killed woman, 3-year-old daughter blames faulty brake See in context

You guys are all nuts, Toyota cars are renowned the world over for not braking, leaking oil, bits falling off, and randomly exploding. His defense is rock solid.

Seriously though, calling this guy scum befouls the reputation of scum.

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Posted in: Report shows how New Zealand mosque shooter eluded detection See in context

@EvilBubbha: The last line, however, states that it couldn’t be found “except by chance”, presumably therefore, a statistical outlier. If the “intelligence agency” (quotation marks intentional) focused their scarce resources on a particular threat, it suggests that is where the greatest risk lies.

That apart, can you show that ‘white privilege’ exists? Can you show that Maoris buying guns leads to extra scrutiny?

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Posted in: Japan compiles ¥73.6 tril new stimulus package to fight pandemic See in context

The only ways I can envisage this debt ever being paid off is either through:

1: Higher general tax rates (consumption, payroll, income, land, petrol...)

2: Inflation taxation (blowing out the currency to the point where the real value of the debt is reduced

Either way, guess who is getting the shaft?

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Posted in: Space-themed art panel See in context


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Posted in: SUV driver arrested for hit-and-run involving motorcyclist See in context

Mother: Did you eat all the sugar donuts?

Child with frosting on hands, face, clothes, every flat surface within 10 feet: No.

That’s the image going through my head when thinking of this driver’s excuse.

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Posted in: U.S. expects 100 million people to be vaccinated by February See in context

Don’t call me an anti-vaxer, I’ve been immunized against all sorts of things. However, when I found out that the companies making these are exempted from liabilities arising from possible side effects, it gave me pause.

Kind of reminds me of the GFC: privatise the profits, socialise the losses.

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Posted in: Man who hid coronavirus infection arrested over hot spring visit See in context

Maybe they just have really really good shampoo?

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Posted in: Four perish in two residential fires in Tokyo See in context

It always makes me nervous when I step outside and smell kerosene, doubly so given there are so many elderly folks around me.

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Posted in: Disney to lay off 32,000 U.S. workers in 2021 See in context

Not a word of a lie: just happened to be watching “The Little Mermaid” with my daughter and as I started reading this article the song “poor unfortunate souls” started up.

Achievement unlocked: epic serendipity

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Posted in: The art of moving See in context

We used these guys during our shift. It took us two weeks to get prepped, they did the move in Planck time. Envy, I haz it.

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Posted in: Change of tune: Japanese music fans moving from CDs to streaming services See in context

I know I’m a dinosaur, but I still like having the physical media: popping in an album, sitting back and reading the liner notes as I listen is one of the things I really enjoy.

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Posted in: 78-year-old nursery school manager arrested for spitting on teenage girl See in context

Vile. Positively vile.

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Posted in: Lots of leaves See in context

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season. My little one said to me today: ‘Look, daddy, the trees are getting ready to sleep for winter.’

Had to laugh.

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Posted in: Japan sticks to nuclear fuel cycling program despite plutonium stockpile See in context

What’s the big deal? It’s not like the stuff hangs around or anything.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers show security and COVID-19 countermeasures See in context

Ask for volunteers to test viral response methods.

Survey volunteers about if they are concerned about the spread.

Report shocking finding that most volunteers are concerned.

Ever heard of a thing called selection bias?

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Posted in: 1,805 suicides reported in Japan in September See in context

Not going to lie, 2020 has been brutal and my coping mechanisms are unhealthy. Poor sods, they must have had it much worse than me.

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Posted in: Ex-advisers to Chinese firm get suspended sentence for bribing lawmaker over casino See in context

Judge: Oh, you cheeky rascals. Run along, now, and promise you won’t do that again.

Rational people: bruh.

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Posted in: Suga's pledge to boost fertility treatment won't reverse declining birth rate, say experts See in context

Gotta push out all those new tax payers. (Fruity expression) the government is cynical bunch of muppets.

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Posted in: Food ASMR YouTuber caught spitting cheese tonkatsu out on camera See in context

I swear, over half of Japanese programming falls under:



Celebrities eating food

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Posted in: What do Japanese fans think of Lee Isaac Chung directing Hollywood remake of 'your name.'? See in context

Holding high expectations of a Hollywood film is about as futile as trying to slow the earth’s rotation by blowing bubbles in the opposite direction.

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Posted in: Full moon See in context


I’m pretty sure it’s been edited, if for no other reason than the relative sharpness of the moon vis-a-vis the castle. If it were taken in a single frame, I would expect either both objects to be reasonably sharp (with a high f stop, but that’s less likely with a night shoot), or the moon should have a lot of bokeh with a lower f stop. I could be mistaken though.

About the size of the moon, I was really surprised too, but it is an optical illusion, try using some sort of instrument at arm’s length and measure the diameter of the moon on the horizon and high in the sky.

cheers for the link!

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Posted in: Full moon See in context

@12pak, it’s an edited picture. Someone has taken an image of the moon and pasted it over a picture of a castle for dramatic effect. Optically, it would be impossible to produce that image, even with a f1.4 600mm prime lens. It looks great, but sadly, is not representative of reality.

Fun fact: even to human eyes, the appearance of the moon looking larger on the horizon than high in the sky is an optical illusion. It never changes size.

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested for stealing ¥70,000 in toy money left in safe as 'bait' See in context

Golf clap. Well played, grandma.

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Posted in: Full moon See in context

Lovely picture, buy, you know, if the moon were that big the tides would kill us all.

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

In fairness, though, fresh coriander can be pretty hard to find...

(yes, that’s tongue in cheek)

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Posted in: October to bring various price changes for Japan residents See in context

So, let me see if I have this right: someone on minimum wage would have to an entire day on the higher rates to by their can of hapo-shu at the end of their shift.

Slow. Clap.

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