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Posted in: After Amazon: Labor tries to regroup in wake of Alabama loss See in context

You honestly expect the government to care about the workers when their donors are the corporate elite????

By the way, I’ve got this bridge - great bargain.

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Posted in: Arsonist at idol concert says he was imitating the Kyoto Animation attack See in context

Oi, got a loicense for that petrol, gov?

Let’s just say I had the inclination to start a (mostly peaceful) fire. Guvamint says I need to show ID if I fill a jerry can, not if I just fill up my car.

Want to know the really scary part? Rubber hose is cheap and gravity always works.


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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

@Do the hustle: Do you really want to go down that road of affording more power to wield over your head? Because once you do, those powers will never be relinquished.

As Thomas Sowell says, nothing is more permanent than a temporary government measure.

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Posted in: Japan denies considering vaccine priority for Olympic athletes See in context

Government says so, must be true.

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will take away the fun of being at the wheel of your vehicle? See in context

ushosh12; As an Alfa owner I must disagree, the journey is the real pleasure.

Each to their own.

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Posted in: Woman reported to police for not looking right in a suit; turns out she’s a crook See in context

My favourite look is the old men you sometimes see wearing jackets that would have better fitted the Hulk: you know, where they are so huge only their fingernails peek out from under the cuffs.

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context

Supported by the World Economic Forum: that tells me all I need to know.

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Posted in: A revolutionary time for aural entertainment See in context

A movie has never given me goosebumps. Music does on a regular basis.

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Posted in: Popularity of Harry and Meghan plummets in UK after Oprah interview, poll says See in context

Meghan said that she gave up her career for this man.

You were a minor actress in a mediocre TV show, you became a p-r-i-n-c-e-s-s; how stupid do you think we are?

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Posted in: Kobayashi apologizes for saying referee threatened to kill him See in context

Is it just the camera angle or is his head absurdly large? :P

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Posted in: Sea slugs able to self-decapitate and regrow their bodies, Japanese researchers show See in context

Wife: “You’re so fat, why don’t you get in shape?!”

Me: ”Watch this and give me three weeks”

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Posted in: Next 'Fast & Furious' movie delayed until June See in context

Will the franchise have the same appeal with an entirely electrified fleet? LOL

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Posted in: Domestic violence consultations in Japan a record 82,643 in 2020 See in context

I'm not being flippant, this is a genuine question:

One thing that's always puzzled me about Japan is the number of people I see just sitting in their cars at various carparks (convenience stores, electronics, furniture...). There have been any number of times when I've parked my car, noticed someone chilling out in their car, gone inside for 20~30 minutes, and they are still there when I come back out.

I've wondered if they just want to be alone / not go home.

Anyone else noticed this? Any thoughts?

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Posted in: Do you think film awards like the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys and so on will eventually go "gender neutral" and replace Best Actor and Best Actress awards, for example, with Best Lead and Best Supporting Lead, or something like that? See in context

If they were to do away with the two gendered awards with a single one, they are basically halving the amount airtime for fawning, gushing, and grandstanding...so, no.

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister Kawai granted ¥50 mil bail in vote-buying case See in context

And bail will be posted with taxpayer funds presumably.

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

Sign my petition for the inclusion of a new Olympic sport: Politician High-jump

Just like the regular one, only there’s a bed of nails to soften the fall.

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Posted in: Senior lawmaker to quit Diet post over hostess bar visit during state of emergency See in context

Rules for thee...

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Posted in: Japan likely to hit COVID-19 herd immunity in Oct: researcher See in context

Downvote me all you want, just know that the World Health Organization changed the definition of herd immunity in October to remove natural infection from it. They now say that it can only be achieved through vaccination.

Yeah, yeah, I know, exceptions for this crisis, but changing a blanket definition?

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Posted in: 120-year-old condom found in Ishikawa Prefecture See in context

Foreignbrotherhoodarmy: Dammit, man, made me spill me beer!!

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Posted in: Don't shout, don't cheer: Olympic fans face coronavirus curbs See in context

@Tora, don’t worry, I’ve got some - quite a few actually - I just can’t repeat them here. :)

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Posted in: Don't shout, don't cheer: Olympic fans face coronavirus curbs See in context

Shut up, sit down, and consume product. What a wonderful world.

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Posted in: Woman, son perish in Aichi house fire See in context

Over the last week I’ve lost count of how many dispatches have gone up and down the main road. Scary.

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Posted in: N Korea holds huge military parade as Kim vows nuclear might See in context

Fat little despot.

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Posted in: 10 die in snow-related incidents over weekend See in context

Heard a quiet voice outside this afternoon, went out to investigate and this wee old lady had fallen outside her front door. Picked her up, sent it her inside, and cleared her entrance way. I understand self-reliance, but I just wish these people, who are obviously rather frail would just ask for help.

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Posted in: Trump says his term is ending; transition will be orderly See in context

@Patricia Yarrow: so were three other people, but I suppose because they were men, no one cares.

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Posted in: Lawyer for 89-year-old driver of car that killed woman, 3-year-old daughter blames faulty brake See in context

You guys are all nuts, Toyota cars are renowned the world over for not braking, leaking oil, bits falling off, and randomly exploding. His defense is rock solid.

Seriously though, calling this guy scum befouls the reputation of scum.

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Posted in: Report shows how New Zealand mosque shooter eluded detection See in context

@EvilBubbha: The last line, however, states that it couldn’t be found “except by chance”, presumably therefore, a statistical outlier. If the “intelligence agency” (quotation marks intentional) focused their scarce resources on a particular threat, it suggests that is where the greatest risk lies.

That apart, can you show that ‘white privilege’ exists? Can you show that Maoris buying guns leads to extra scrutiny?

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Posted in: Japan compiles ¥73.6 tril new stimulus package to fight pandemic See in context

The only ways I can envisage this debt ever being paid off is either through:

1: Higher general tax rates (consumption, payroll, income, land, petrol...)

2: Inflation taxation (blowing out the currency to the point where the real value of the debt is reduced

Either way, guess who is getting the shaft?

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Posted in: Space-themed art panel See in context


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Posted in: SUV driver arrested for hit-and-run involving motorcyclist See in context

Mother: Did you eat all the sugar donuts?

Child with frosting on hands, face, clothes, every flat surface within 10 feet: No.

That’s the image going through my head when thinking of this driver’s excuse.

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