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Posted in: Park urges Abe to resolve 'comfort women' issue See in context

They call rape victims comfort women? Disgusting! I wonder what they call Japanese women who are raped? I'll bet it has nothing to do with comfort.

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Posted in: Oregon woman detained over prescription drug released See in context

So--does clinical depression exist in Japan? I know it's real because I know a young girl who has suffered from it since the age of 13. And it is VERY real. I wish it were imaginary.

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Posted in: Butler dentist will let you lay your head on his lap as he brushes your teeth, m’lady See in context

Why would anyone want their face that near to someone else's privates with whom they not romantically involved? Ew!!!

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Posted in: Telling kids they're special may foster narcissism See in context

I've also read that there is a narcissism gene which causes this problem. I've seen this attitude close up in people who were NOT brought up in this manner. It is also present in a great many very rich people. A true narcissist is often also a sociopath.

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Posted in: Murayama says Abe risks alienating neighbors if he dilutes war apology See in context

Thank you slowguy2. And a bummer to you illyas for thinking that no one is left alive from the war. There are plenty of Chinese left alive from those days--my husband for one! And he's still angry about the war! Four of his siblings are still alive also. He was in Shanghai in the 30s and 40s and saw what the Japanese were doing. They were slaughtering Chinese to make way for Japanese settlers. Some of the women who were made into sexual slaves are still alive too. Don't you think they have reason for being upset that their lives were ruined or do their lives (dwindling in number as they are) mean nothing to you for that reason? By the way, are you Japanese?

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Posted in: Tea party may be on verge of becoming a 3rd party See in context

Gee, I hope so. Maybe then we'll see some sane Republicans again--which is what Obama would have been in a normal world, the world that prevailed when I was young--in the 60s. I had friends of both the far left and the far right. Yes, believe it or not, those days we did associate with each other. Those days Obama would have been considered a moderate Republican.

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Posted in: Increase in foreigners points to diversified future for Tokyo See in context

How the human species starts is how it seems to be ending. Yes, our attitudes here in the States are better than those in Japan, but how much better? Racism is once again growing. Hatred or the poor, police shooting blacks, the poor, the handicapped. Frankly, I don't think the majority of the human race will EVER get over its insular attitudes of thinking the 'outsider' anyone somewhat different than themselves to be 'wrong' and therefore not really worthy, in the long run, of life. I think we're a failed species. We can't learn to regard people from other countries, other races as true human beings. We destroy our planet. What kind of species would behave as we do?

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Posted in: China urges Japan not to lose its conscience over WWII guilt See in context

It's not just China that's upset with Japan's attitude toward the war and its war crimes. Try the Korean women who were made into sex slaves and the people who were turned into medical experiments. They never had to acknowledge or take responsibility for any of these crimes, unlike the Germans, because the US wanted a base of operations against China!!!

Today in Japan's schools they basically teach that the war never happened and that they were the good guys. I know this because one of my niece's (my Chinese husband's nieces) is married to a Japanese and is living there. They have a daughter who was born there and has attended school there from the beginning. They learn NOTHING about the war!!!

The US has never gotten past WW2 and its image as the world's savior and would-be boss. It murders leaders of other countries, sabotages other countries efforts to have the kind of government and economic systems they want, brings wars into other countries.....and you tell CHINA to grow up, get over itself! Tell the US to do that too! It has the worst case of it, starting with the Korean war onward.

Think China has a problem with having a conscience? What about the US's lack of a conscience over civilian deaths in Iraq and earlier Vietnam? Oh yes, in the latter, they counted most of them as 'the enemy' even when they knew better. We accuse China of the same things we ourselves are guilty of. Which of us is worse? I think it's a toss-up. Take a look in the mirror at what we've become--a country that doesn't care about its people anymore.

The reason China is so dictatorial (which I don't approve of) is because of China's past of starvation and poverty.

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Posted in: Chinese ask: Why doesn’t Japan hate America for dropping the A-bombs? See in context

@silly girl You sure are silly. You don't think there can be racial discrimination with one race? You sure don't know Japanese and Chinese then! The Japanese are the asian version of Germans or English, which ever. They are convinced they're better than all other asians--and white people although whites are their second choice, at lease certain kinds of white people. They think that all Chinese women are a certain type of woman.

20 million Chinese were killed by the Japanese. My Chinese husband lived in Shanghai from age 6-16 in the 30s and 40s. This is why many Chinese dislike Japanese. Today in their classrooms the Japanese basically teach that the war never happened and they were the good guys. That's why they won't pay reparations to the women they raped! The Chinese have never treated any other race in the manner in which the Japanese treated so many. They did this because of their notion of their utter superiority--an idea which they have not lost! Think they have? Look at America's own racists! Racism is a disease that never dies. I know about the Japanese attitudes because my niece (a university professor) is married to a Japanese and lives in Japan. They have a daughter in school there. They also teach that some things were originated by the Japanese which were actually originated by the Chinese. (She tells me all this and she LOVES the Japanese!)

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