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Manga is not just for children in Japan. It is a culturally acceptable literature that all ages read. This particular manga is akin to the safety cards on airplanes. It is a way of conveying safety measures to all ages. It is as accesible to small children as it is to adults. In a way, it shows the government is taking the safety of ALL their citizens more seriously than if they had published the same instructions as a pamphlet. (Keep in mind that Japanese is one of the hardest languages to read- it is not phonetic. So pictures help demonstrate safety procedures to those who don't have an adult reading level.)

While putting a pillow on your head won't help in the case of nuclear attack, having some thing to do and feeling "in control" of your situation WILL prevent mass hysteria during alarms like the ones Japan has previously experienced. It will prevent people from getting trampled in crowds or running blindly out into traffic in an attempt to reach a safety point when the alarms go off.

No one knows how to protect entire cities against nuclear attack. But the fact that the government is trying to give people a way to go about their daily life without suffering constant crippling fear, says a lot about how "grown up" they are.

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