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So cool! My goal is to attend the marathon next year, hopefully I'm gonna make it. But I'm really looking forward to going back to Japan :-)

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In combination with self-driving cars I see mobile offices popping up.. Company presentations while driving to the factory, but this is probably the least interesting idea :-) I really wonder how tomorrows world with this technology will look like!

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Of course this could be future, how could anybody not think it could? Self-driving cars will lead to much less necessary car space, making it possible for downtown regulated air traffic spots. Don't judge futuristic ideas based on current, already out-of-date reality opinions. May-be landing spots are on rooftops? Who knows how exciting the near-future will be!

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As a westerner I would feel a bit awkard on Japanese streets regarding what is acceptable in public and what's not. Somehow I even had that with smoking :D

On the other hand I wouldn't french kiss at daytime on a busy spot here anyway (I'm living in The Netherlands). Its not only cultural but als personally dependable.

And may be because so few Japanese have a relationship they feel confronted with that fact when they see a couple being intimit in public LOL

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I'm fine with automating certain tasks in a restaurant to make it more efficient. Though if it comes to automating the core task of preparing food itself, I think we're all just doomed. I foresee a future with robot created food for the poor and human made food only available for the elite. There goes all the creative popup restaurants, food trucks and so on... But of course I could be wrong ;-)

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Go Max!! Again Driver of the Day. The Dutch are proud of you :-)

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What I don't understand is how this is supposed to reduce the number of cars on the road? Wouldn't these cars just be replacing manned taxi's? Or is the goal to make them so cheap and efficient that people decide they don't need to own their own cars anymore?

Imagine efficiency improvement; a self-driving car could drive all day serving multiple persons, so why would you own a car right? I think in the future the need for car-possession will fall dramatically.. Imagine that streets will get rid of most cars and car spaces, making space for green or play areas, even less noise on the street! :D

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