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They aren’t in high school yet but this is one of those things that really makes me second guess our decision to raise them in a country where such blatant discrimination against them is accepted as a matter of course. 

“second guess” means to try to predict what the other person is going to do, especially when their behaviour is erratic or inconsistent. I think you mean “think twice” which means to re-evaluate your own previous decision. It’s kind of hard to second guess yourself unless we’re getting into schizophrenia or mind altering substances.

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It certainly doesn't seem like a planned murder to me.  He definitely had no idea he would meet the motorcyclist before he set out.  If he had planned to seek him out and run him down he wouldn't have left his drive recorder on.  The motorcyclist probably pissed him off by cutting through in front of him, and he chased him down to show he was just as able to go quickly as the motorbike.  He clearly got very close behind the bike for quite some time, whether he hit him because he misjudged it or deliberately rammed him is impossible to say without seeing the footage.  The lay judges felt he did it deliberately to account for their verdict and sentence, yet even with video it's not possible to know the guys intention when he hit him.  Then theres the intention to kill to consider.  97 kph is fast enough that you would expect serious injury at least if you knocked someone off a motorbike, but this was obviously done in a road rage, and the guy unlikely to be watching his speedometer, so it may well be that he wasnt thinking of killing him.   I think in the UK the CPS would have pressed for manslaughter on the grounds that the intent to kill would be too difficult to prove.    However the guy's obviously a scumbag and at the very least killed someone through sheer recklessness and 16 years doesn't seem out of line for that.  the maximum penalty for death or injury through dangerous driving in Japan is 20 years .

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Posted in: Driver appeals 16-year prison sentence for ramming motorbike from behind, killing rider See in context

Daniel Naumoff, if they are imbeciles, how will they be able to understand the message?

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I think it goes,”you cant eat your cake if you haven’t got any” and makes the point that the “poor tragic Venetians” won’t be getting much sympathy out of Yemini’s, Syrians, Libyans, Sudanese, Bangladeshis, Ruhingyans and the like, whose problems are more of day to day survival and a battle against starvation.

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@crapchat, Do you seriously believe that tattoo ink leaks out into the water ??? Yes you can choose to get a tattoo or not, but having already got one you can’t choose to get rid of it just because a country has some weird ideas completely at odds with the rest of the world. If you want to host modern sporting events for the rest of the world to come and see, you need to be more tolerant and flexible. Be like the bamboo, don’t fight the wind, move and let it pass by. As for ghastly..... you might want to rethink your ideas of dental care ??

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Posted in: Olympics minister apologizes for saying he was 'really disappointed' over Ikee's leukemia See in context

To be fair to him, I think what he was really trying to say is that she should ignore the illness and train herselfe to death for the benefit of the country and not be so selfish. It’s more that he was disappointed in her attitude of putting herself first, rather than the potential loss of a few medals

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JenniSchiebel ~  It is only the first thing that comes to people's minds because a few days ago there was a news article about a Nishin ad where Naomi's face had been made white and westernised to make her more appealing to Japanese consumers.  There was an outcry and the ad was withdrawn.  Obviously as the snow sculpture also gives Naomi a white face, it is too tempting to pass up commenting that people will be offended that they have used white snow to deliberately whiten her face again.

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Yes they would if there was something unusual about their hair or an interesting picture.

For example here is an article about Dustin Brown's dreadlocks.


John McEnroe's hair and headband were hardly ever out of the news at one time, which you can google for yourself if you have never heard of him.

Why is everyone on the planet so patheticially desperate to dive in with their outraged objections on anything with even the remotest possible connection to anything "--ist" these days ?

Find something more worthwhile to direct your anger and energy at, your passion could be so much better used.

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Harry is right with his comment that the police are a law unto themselves and can impose a practical limit of zero based on their own whims or judgement. However the article is presenting the argument of 1.2 times the legal limit and it is this weird distorted way of presenting the figure that I wanted to highlight.

Also, just for fun, once we take police discretion into account, even a BAC of zero isn't always good enough !! as this article shows.


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"goodlucktoyou" has it exactly right, the alcohol limit in Japan is a BAC of 0.03. For a man of bodyweight 140-160 lbs (fairly typical for a Japanese male) the excpected BAC is 0.03 for one drink. So being 1.2 times the limit, is still only a BAC of 0.036, still in the scale for just one drink and well inside the limit for most countries. (look at how they have presented it to make it look as bad as possible ?? It makes it look like it was more than twice the limit, yet in fact it isnt) Also the difference is so small that most roadside tests couldn't be relied on to provide a reading accurate enough to differentiate it. If you are saying you shouldn't drive if you drink at all then fine, and I agree with you, but don't try to make out that this guy was off his head and virtually incapacitated.

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