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Posted in: Idol singer dating bans are unnecessary, say majority of Japanese college men in survey See in context

Unfortunately, they polled the wrong audience. It is well known that the market for female idols is the 28 to 35 male age group. While many of these men do have healthy (somewhat) relationships and/or are even married, the allure of the idol singer is the fantasy of her image. Sure college men who are near enough to the age group of the idols can enjoy the cookie-cutter music and the dancing of the girls (The live performance is where it's at), but it's the older men who feel they need to possess the image of the idol which (monetarily) feeds the industry. Seriously, since when do College guys have money to spend on Idol swag? The big entertainment groups who own the idol brands know this, and that is why they enforce the lifestyle contracts. Feed the fantasy, feed the industry.

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