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Posted in: Suga refutes Trump's claim that Japan manipulates forex markets See in context

Trump should understand that the world has changed .. even if you sanction china the world is still willing to buy from china because they are ready to help you without returns or benefit ...and china is ready to sale at any price . cheap laborers. 50% of Chinese citizen is working under $1500 per month. while USA everyone want to be payed $ 3000 and men and woman fighting for equal right . Trump will push America into recession .Russian president Mr Putin has created Mr Trump to help destroy America... demonstrations everywhere .

Now Mexican president has disrespected him by canceling meeting.

soon other world leader will join .... USA can't deceive the world about war again like Iraqi war and the world will foolishly join.... is over .

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Posted in: Woman sets fire to estranged husband’s apartment See in context

well the biggest issue of international marriage in japan is money .to avoid this problem before marrying a Japanese . because of culture differences . you need to raise the topic about how the future will be. especially how much you can give her monthly or you can ask your wife ... she most tell you ...when baby come the money most change. i think she will understand and thats the rule. unless if her family get involved later then problems may arise .

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