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I, as a Chinese, am interested in how Japanese media reports the news and how does people "here" response. Anyway, I am not truly trust medias of both sides . I just want to presented some opposite opinions, understanding towards some facts.

I think the distrust origins from the War between China and Japan. Lets begin with this.

Chinese: We suffered so much from the war, the whole country was really in danger at that time. Never forget the tough and painful time in 20th, the country needs power to realize a rebirth and back to its historic zenith time.

Japan: We apologized, de-militarized, wrote peace into constitution, what else you want me to do. It is somethings 60 years ago, let it go and move on.

From either's perspective, it sounds reasonable. I am not sure my understandings are accurate and comprehensive. But if we really want the east Asian become something like EU. or even just avoid war. We must build some common grounds first(maybe start from the war) and try to understand each other's position a little more.

(personal abuse and radical-racism could only prove the person's uneducated and narrow-minded)

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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

Now, you can understand why the "apologies" from the Japan government have never been really accepted, and China and Korea don't let it go and move on. Keep doing controversial things will never make East Asia peaceful.

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