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N.Korea, meanwhile, is only interested in their handsome leader's birthday party and a good game of basketball with friends.

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@MissingCylonModel, Thank you! , I often look at "Ted" talks, but had not seen that one. Another amazing example is at, http://blog.ted.com/2013/06/11/athletic-machines-raffaello-dandrea-at-tedglobal-2013/

My son and I own a couple of toy type quadcopters ,we live a few miles apart and jokingly aspire , for now, only to share a slice of his Mom's lemon pie on occasion. We have gotten as far as fpv flight (able to control flights from our living rooms monitoring on television screens) should we so desire. I fly a good bit around my small farm just for the fun of it. I feel that under-estimating the abilities and uses for this technology is as easy as under estimating the internet was just a couple of decades ago, ie; Homer Simpson, "Internet!, is that thing still around?"

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China seems set on starting something. We all know that war is big business.


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Perhaps if China's head guy and Japan's head guy were dropped off onto these little islands to shoot it out between each other on a, "winner take all" basis. Their little battle might make for good television. The rest of us could save our sons and daughters for more meaningful tasks, such as farming and manufacturing goods & grandchildren.

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One of my favorite old adages is that "the best revenge is living well". If cooler heads prevail and the Japanese continue selling Nissans, Toyotas etc to China, along with their thousands of other products, they'll be so wealthy soon, that the ownership of these islets will be small potatoes. *

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I love that little thing. Obviously, I would not want to be in an accident on it, just as I have to be extra careful on my motorcycle. This looks great for around town efficiency or a country road's week-end ride.

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