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And I still wouldn't give up my home passport for a Japanese one.

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Couldn't agree more! Sumo is still dominated by too many old men who believe it's a "shugyo" that must be endured , rather than a professional sport. This oyaji generation believes the two are mutually exclusive and can never mix ... most of them are utterly convinced that imparting any "western" sporting professionalism would erode the traditional values of sumo. They lament the fact that yound Japanese are turned off by the training methods but don't ask why.

I sincerely hope Kotooshu can start his own stable and find success with a good mix of traditional and professional methods. If he can successfully train a Japanese rikishi using these methods, things might slowly start to change.

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@Kazuaki Shimazaki Japan's intelligence is certainly not non-existent, but is very weak and so having a spy of this level would have been a major coup for them. Any ambassador-level diplomat would be privy to valuable information via their security clearance level, so having been assigned to Iceland for a few years would not detract from the value of the contact. .

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If true, I for one would would be very surprised Japan has the intelligence capability to recruit any spy, let alone a Chinese Ambassadorial level one. In intelligence, Japan is known only for its utter dependence on the US.

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@Mirai Hayashi

Very classy, blaming the nine-year old victim. Or maybe you're trying to blame the parents? Either way, you're completely off. Stop the blame game sideshow, as there's only one person to blame, and that's the perp.

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