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Posted in: Officer ticketed after going wrong way down one-way street See in context

This is total BS. The dude who reported him should've reported the scooters terrorizing other motorists, driving in crosswalks, driving on sidewalks, etc.

The cop should track this guy down and smack the shit out of him.

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Posted in: Road rage spat turns into hit-and-run in Osaka Pref See in context

I hope the dude make a quick recovery... however, I wonder if he got out of his truck just to intimidate the other guy. Truck drivers here think they own the road.

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Posted in: Two-year-old boy found dead in puddle in Ibaraki See in context

I wonder if she would've left her pet dog alone in the park. I highly doubt it... poor kid. RIP. Dogs are often treated better than kids in this country.

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Posted in: Exile wins Best Artist of the Year at Billboard Japan Music Awards See in context

Is Exile a male or female group? They look like girls to me.

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Posted in: Five 'adults' arrested for disrupting Coming-of-Age ceremony See in context

Law or no law, who cares. If you act like an idiot and decide to be a punk then you deserve to get tackled. The blonde haired skunk punk got served!

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Posted in: 16 security cameras installed on Akihabara streets See in context

if the cameras were there, help would have come much faster and some lives could have been save

You can't be really serious with this comment. Please explain your statement...

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Posted in: High school employee arrested for paying girl for sex See in context

Yowsers! 600,000 - 100,000 yen! Too bad he didn't slang some of the cash in Roppongi. I'm sure some 18+ chicks would've went home with him.

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Posted in: 'Uncle' Tarantino becomes newest member of Softbank's 'White Family' See in context

White Family.... hmmm

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Posted in: Blockbuster MMA event Strikeforce comes to Japan via live webcast See in context

The fight is supposed to be on now! Why is the website down? What a scam!

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Posted in: Tokyo police nab 31 train gropers in Sept, including 15 repeat offenders See in context

I'd much rather see news about how many parents were stopped for not restraining their kids while driving.

These cops stunts are useless...

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Posted in: Woman, child not wearing seatbelts fall out of car at intersection See in context

I just wonder how many times small kids have to get hurt or killed before parents/guardians figure out how important seat belts are.

It's criminal that the police choose not to do anything to protects these kids. I guess the anti-groping efforts have them too busy.

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Posted in: Tokyo police launch weeklong anti-groping campaign on trains See in context

Groping will never end in Japan... it's a part of the culture.

Maybe the Guardian Angels should step in.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for taking photos up skirts of school girls See in context

Damn, this dude caught a bum rap.

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