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If this is really occurring and more than a one off than the underlying reasons (lack of public support/affordable day care/maternity leave/cost of living/education etc) which give rise to these drastic actions taken by various people across the country need to be addressed before headhunting the mother

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>Having said that, I don't get why they hate collective self defense so much. Previously it was illegal for Japanese ships to intervene if say NK ships were attacking SK civilians on boats fleeing from the peninsula in the case a war breaks out. Collective self defense means Japan coming to SK's aid more than anything else. Why does it bother these people so much? As it stands it doesn't even entail Japanese SDF troops landing on Korean soil or anything like that.

If you were familiar with the history of Japan's colonization of Korea, the issue would become clearer for you.

Also, an official from the Japanese government did state that the Japanese military had the right (in the view of the Jpn govt) to operate on North Korean soil

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Here in South Korea what they are really focused on is the part of the US-enforced conference which will focus on the coordination/level of involvement or not of the Japanese military in the case of a military confrontation with North Korea. Abe's said all he's going to about the comfort women, that's not what this is really about. The sinking of the ROK military corvette Cheonan in 2010 was unilaterally blamed on the North and used to drum up support for an all-out retaliation; this fizzled out when an international research team found that the story the ROK/UN was standing by (that the markings in blue ink identifying the torpedo as North Korean) was highly suspect (the paint had burnt off, yet the identifying marks in blue ink were as clear as day as if written an hour ago).

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