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Posted in: Japanese TV show produces baffling list of five household habits that will shorten your lifespan See in context

Seems as though the list is more or less trying to portray anti-social habits and tendencies, which of course can lead to stress, illness and a shorter life.

Garbage, clutter and not opening the curtains are pretty damn common here really. Everywhere I've lived in Japan I can't help but notice the number of homes that leave their curtains closed all day. In fact, the mansion across the street from me has about 30 apartments, 80% of which sealed off to daylight. The ones who do leave their curtains open? I caught a peek one day while hanging out the laundry and surprise, surprise! It was full of crap. I personally can't stand clutter. I feel so much better when I have clear, tidy spaces around me. I hate to think how some of my neighbours are faring living in all that junk, let alone the ones who never see the daylight.

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Posted in: Pricing plans do not take into consideration the needs of various users who only get to choose from pre-set pricing plans and the offerings of the top three carriers are the same. See in context

Problem is, most people do not know about these MVNOs (like yourself), and they are seen as a hassle or only for geeks etc.

If people are serious enough about their money, they'll learn how to set one up and find out that it isn't that difficult. This is exactly the attitude that the big carriers ( and any other large J company for that matter ) rely on, "Oh, but it's so muzukashii." Provided you buy a sim free phone from the apple store directly, it's just a matter of inserting the sim yourself and then following the rather easy instructions provided by the MVNO.

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Posted in: Japan bows out of Rugby World Cup with 28-18 win over U.S. See in context

Hold your heads high brave Blossoms. You've done yourselves proud and Japan proud with your fantastic performances throughout the entire tournament. Your dedication and bravery has gained you the respect from the rugby world and I hope that this is massive boost for the popularity of the sport within Japan as well as an inspiration for other Asian nations (and even nations out of the traditional Rugby markets). I am looking forward to 2019 and I hope that next time you get the chance to play Ireland because we would love to see what would be a epic game between two sets of honourable players.

Why would this post get 3 "bad" votes?

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Posted in: Peekaboo See in context

I too am pretty white and an SPF 30 applied regularly throughout the day is more than enough to keep me pasty white if I'm out in the sun all day. The women with the dark sleeves in summer just crack me up though. It's a complete failing of logic. If you're really worried about tanning/sunburn, just wear a long sleeved shirt!

And yeah, vitamin D deficiency. I guess many of these women have never heard of it. I notice I get pretty down in the dumps in the winter here, but a good dose of sunshine seems to sort me out. Vitamin D deficiency is a bigger problem than many of us care to realise.

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

@wtfjapan I totally agree. In the very long run, a smaller population with a more balanced demographic may not be a bad thing. So many kids in recent times are selfish, spoiled brats who will probably grow up to be joyless a-holes because they themselves are the product of loveless marriages, or at best are arrangements where the couple tolerate each other. Marriage and having children are still largely seen as a duty here. It's just another thing to cross off the list that for women will give an escape from low-payed drudgery in the workforce as well as get their parents off their back. For men it also quells family peer pressure and helps make them more employable and promotable in a higher-payed form of drudgery. Its not a good environment to raise kids in though. Kids often feel neglected and develop behavioural and learning problems when their parents aren't good role models. Many kids will grow up not being able to connect with others and make friends and surprise surprise! The country's birth rate falls.

But for those who do want to raise a family, improve child support benefits, draw up laws that encourage job security and don't raise taxes. Or at least provide tax breaks for having children. It ain't rocket-surgery.

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Posted in: Frustrated fans See in context

Shame really. Japan were playing well in the first half despite getting over excited and making some mistakes and bad calls near the Scottish goal line, but then in the second half they literally ran out of gas. The porous mid-field defence was a problem in the game against the Springboks and was a bigger problem in last night's game. They have a chance against Samoa, but Samoa are super physical and unless Japan really tighten up in the mid-field, I can see some of those big Samoans charging right through it.

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Posted in: We need to make more efforts to inform parents about using filtering functions to restrict access to harmful websites. See in context

Oh yeah, it's always smartphones' fault for everything in the last few years. There's no doubt that smartphones and their capabilities definitely have potential for harm and abuse, but I never saw folks in Japan constantly criticising regular cell phones, handheld gaming devices and the like as they do with smartphones. I would often, and still do, see kids and adults walking around town oblivious to everything and everyone playing their DS or PSP, texting on Galakei and even reading a manga, some of whom were trying to read these things while riding a bicycle. I think if the smartphone had been pioneered by a Japanese company, it would be viewed a bit differently. That said, it's not the technology's fault, it's the people using it. Teach some common sense and a more holistic approach to societal problems and people might start to realise that you don't need to be glued to your phone 24/7, and hey, maybe trying to read manga/texts on a bicycle will get you or someone else hurt.

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Posted in: Should permanent foreign residents in Japan have the right to vote? See in context

Are there any countries that allow non-citizen permanent residents the right to vote? To my knowledge there are none, but I think all countries should give permanent residents that right.

New Zealand does. Anyone resident in NZ for 3 years ( that may have changed to 5 now ) can vote. To run in politics you have to be a citizen though.

Actually, there are quite a few countries that grant voting rights to non-citizens. Just google it!

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Posted in: Japan starts getting ready for Halloween…in August?!? See in context

Yep, I saw these Halloween displays in August too. The massive jumping of the gun of western festivals that have little meaning to the average Japanese person is the main reason I've gone almost anti-Halloween in recent years. I used to be somewhat indifferent to it and when I first came to Japan, it was pretty insignificant here, but in recent years it's pushed in such a forced manner - earlier and earlier. Plus, there's the fact that I come from a country where Halloween isn't that big a deal, but in the last 5 years or so I've occasionally got comments from mostly younger Japanese folk along the lines of, "But you are western. Don't you love Halloween?"

Anyway, you know what will happen on the eve of October 31st? Shops will tear down their Halloween stuff to replace them with Christmas gear.

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Posted in: Hotel Okura - the face of Tokyo See in context

Is it just me or is that building just a total eyesore? To me it's a typically 1960s version of what the "future" looks like - loads of ugly tiles and brick. Architecture from that period and genre seldom ages well at all.

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Posted in: It’s not necessary to leave one side open. There are some people who have an arm or a hand that is incapable of functioning and have difficultly keeping a specific side open. See in context

I always thought escalators and travelators were for speeding up foot traffic. Most escalators in Japan move slower than a normal walking pace making using them incredibly slow for my liking. Walking up and down an escalator at a normal pace shouldn't be an issue.

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Posted in: Bush hit from both sides on birthright citizenship See in context

Birthright citizenship is a really interesting topic. I only learned about birthright citizenship about 7-8 years ago when a Japanese colleague told me that if she were to give birth to her child in the U.S, that child would be automatically granted citizenship. This of course led to the discussion of anchor babies and abuse of the law. She then asked me if this law was the same in my country, New Zealand. She was pretty shocked to learn that birthright citizenship isn't granted in NZ ( the law was changed in 2006 so that one of the child's parents has to be a NZ citizen or permanent resident. ). I thought this was funny as there's no way in hell Japan will ever grant citizenship just for being born here.

I think birthright citizenship shouldn't really be allowed without one of the parents being a resident or citizen of that country. I'm sure that before air travel it wasn't too much of a problem, but these days you can be anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours. It's an easy system to abuse in this day and age.

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Posted in: M8.5 earthquake strikes near Ogasawara islands See in context

Is it normal to have so many quakes within a short span of time? Who knows? So far I'd say it is somewhat normal. I've noticed that you rarely ever get just one noticeable quake, especially in Japan. This could go on for weeks.

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Posted in: Women sinking into poverty face bleak future See in context

Japan really needs to start breaking down the "rules" in society and employment. There are ridiculous unwritten rules such as, only hire new graduates, only hire men, don't hire anyone after 40 and so on and so on. If these were done away with, a lot of people's lives and prospects would improve greatly. Japan is it's own worst enemy in many aspects. That, and maybe pay people a livable minimum wage.

Finally, in the case of "Yumi", not getting herself knocked up at an early age would've improved her lot in life substantially. She may have abandoned the kid already, but even if she isn't assuming any responsibility for the kid now, she would have at the start. This is a huge burden to any young, unqualified person.

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Posted in: 21 things people miss after leaving Japan See in context

John-san, I agree. Japanese servers are almost all of a good standard, but it's pretty impersonal and robotic. I have no complaints about it. I also mentioned that I think NZ customer service is generally more personal. Your mileage may vary but I can usually exchange in some light banter in shops in NZ. Very rarely do I experience that here though. I'm puzzled that you find NZ servers nosy and are trying to judge what class you belong to though. I've never experienced this. You weren't in Christchurch by any chance, were you?

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Posted in: 21 things people miss after leaving Japan See in context

Tipping isn't expected everywhere outside Japan ya know. It certainly isn't expected in New Zealand and customer service there is generally a lot more personable than what you get in Japan.

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Posted in: How women can manipulate clueless men See in context

If this article was written the other way around it would have been pulled and most some kind of disciplinary action taken. The whole feminism movement is out of whack.

This was the first thing that came to my mind too. Replace "the male brain" with "female brain" and this article would never have seen the light of day. But belittiling or portraying men as simple idiots in most forms of media is A-OK.

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Posted in: Tokyo opens bidding for sports to be added to 2020 Olympics See in context

I've always thought they can bring baseball back when they introduce cricket to the olympics, which isn't likely to happen. I do actually like baseball, but having it in the olympics was a joke.

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Posted in: Art of the Japanese company apology: It's all in the bow See in context

i'm probably going to be roasted by some for this but I find the typical Japanese apology routine a complete waste of time. I couldn't care less how deep you're bowing. If you or your company were negligent, I don't want any of this. I want to see action taken to make sure it never happens again and heads roll so that person(s) will never be in a position to make such mistakes again. This is not necessarily a problem with Japanese apologies, but more my dislike of apologies in general. Again, I don't want to hear "I'm sorry" I don't want to see that behaviour in the first place. That said, the apology protocol in Japan is so enshrined in the culture that you just run through the motions and your sins are absolved. Japan seems like an easy place to scam and be negligent because of this.

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Posted in: Rainbow Pride See in context

I stopped by the park yesterday afternoon. It was a good atmosphere all around. I sometimes wonder about wearing bondage gear at these events too, but I don't really have a problem with it. If anything it adds to the overall mood of the event. Plus there were many families with their kids there. No one seemed to be worried for the kids seeing scantily clad dudes around. The kids seemed to enjoy it. Again, if anything, it's probably a good thing that kids see this and are compelled to ask their parents or teachers what it all means.

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Posted in: Thousands gather to remember the fallen at Gallipoli centenary See in context

The myth that this was just ANZACs is just that... a myth. One of my ancestors was in a Highland regiment and fought and died at Gallipoli. A good many British soldiers died there as well as Aussies and Kiwis. They should not be forgotten, or their sacrifice ignored.

I don't know anyone who believes in this myth. No one's denying other nationalities were involved and suffered losses in the Gallipoli campaign. It's just that this campaign was the ANZAC's first major deployment and heavy loss. Naturally, it's a big deal to Australia and New Zealand.

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Posted in: Tokyo considers removing overhead power lines in run-up to 2020 Olympics See in context

Not to mention they're a fire risk should the lines be knocked down by debris in a large quake. I understand that they are also easier to repair after such an earthquake, but they are still a potential hazard. Other earthquake prone countries have managed to get their cabling underground, but we know what the likes of TEPCO are like when it comes to spending on safety.

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Posted in: Parents of schoolboy liable for Y15 million after wayward soccer ball leads to man’s death See in context

So many things wrong in this story. The main fault being trying to link pneumonia to the accident. Utter madness. And of course, if anyone is responsible for the initial accident, it should be the school.

It's times like these when politicians should step up and do something for the constituents for a change. That and maybe even lawyers refusing to represent the prosecutor ( hard to imagine I know ).

Stories like this just don't do Japan any favors at all.

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Posted in: Have you ever experienced racism or sexual harassment? If so, what did you do about it at the time? See in context

Speaking of "Flight Risks" I dunno if this is racism or anything but I often get called aside when boarding planes here for "random" pat downs and scannings. Quite often it's been flights to New Zealand where I, a New Zealander, am boarding an Air New Zealand plane. Seems a bit stupid to me. In my 12 years in this country I'd dare to say that I don't even look remotely troublesome or threatening as I've yet to experience any hostility from anyone in Japan. I've never even been approached by a policeman here ( touch wood ).

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Posted in: Cholesterol no longer a concern: U.S. experts See in context

Finally! Although the saturated fat guidelines are still ridiculous. Even 10% saturated fat per day is too low for essential bodily functions. 8% is ridiculous. When are they going to admit that too many carbs ( especially processed carbs ) in the diet are the main cause of heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol etc?

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy in critical condition after being hit in head by baseball See in context

In situations like THESE? I know of no second basemen who wear a helmet of any kind when they're in the outfield - unless you want to call the baseball cap a "felt helmet".

I was leaning more to the cricket side of things where close in fielders do wear helmets to try and prevent this kind of thing. Helmets for fielders were unheard of in cricket until some horrible injuries happened. I know basemen don't wear helmets, but in school level baseball where they don't have the experience and skill level yet, it might be an idea. Again, like the Aussie cricketer who died a few months ago, it only takes one hit to the head and that can be the end of it.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy in critical condition after being hit in head by baseball See in context

I hope he comes through, but this reminds me of what happened to Australian cricketer Phil Hughes recently. He took a ball to the base of his skull just below the ear and was basically brain dead afterwards. Helmet manufacturers in both cricket and baseball may need to reconsider their designs in light of situations like these.

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Posted in: The fat fight: Study fuels row over UK, U.S. diet guidelines See in context

They need to define "fat" a bit better. The current guidelines that have been in place since the 70s completely demonize all fats when really the only fat that should be absolutely avoided is trans-fat. Naturally occurring fats are essential for humans. 10% daily fat intake is way too low and will lead to poor hormone production among other things. There's a reason why high-fat, low-carb diets cause people to shed lbs and have good lipid profiles - It's how humans have eaten for thousands of years.

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Posted in: 104 suffer food poisoning after eating bentos in Tokyo See in context

I was just talking with someone the other day how I think bentos are plain nasty. Cooked foods that are supposed to be eaten hot served at room temperature ( often just sitting around for hours before they are eaten )? I'm not surprised when I hear about people getting food poisoning off these things.

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Posted in: The most annoying people you’ll meet at a Japanese fitness gym See in context

Dudes practicing a baseball pitch and bat swing everywhere. No one cares that you may or may not have played baseball in junior-high. If you do want to practice this, go to a batting center. Even worse is when they do this in the squat racks.

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