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I'm sorry, but am I missing something here? 2,226 people line up and only 354 get the shot. Why create a possible super spreader in public, instead of an online lottery? Crazy crazy crazy people not thinking, is my guess.

Rant over

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Good afternoon. DidI just write good? Well, as far as numbers go, yes there are 646 cases less than yesterday, but then the 3,581 added to the month for Tokyo, still represent a tad over 35% of all cases. And of people under 30 years of age, 1,622 of those 3,581 is a whopping 45.29% of the day's figure.

Just looked at the scramble crossing in Shibuya. To me, people don't seem to worry about social distancing.

Just saying!

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Here we go again. With the last 5 of 6 days here in Tokyo being over the 4,000 mark, today brings Tokyo's monthly total to 114,120 out of a full total of332,088. This now means just from this month, Tokyo has already achieved 36.43% of all cases.

I want to go home soon to visit family and friends down under in Australia, but it certainly, sadly won't be this year, because of restrictions, and exorbitant airfares too.

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Mr. Prime Minister! Please do something a little more conclusive than the slap on the wrist basically, as far as the current state of emergency goes, PLEASE!

According to my records for this month only, just here in Tokyo, there have been 109,893 cases. That represents 32.3% of the 327,861 cases Tokyo has had since the start of this horrible pandemic. And now also it seems to be hitting much younger people too.

Rant over-

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Oops. I meant 100,961 LOL, but the % is correct

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Oh my! That now brings Tokyo's cases for this month to 100,296 (according to figures retrieved from NTT) and in fact, now represents 31.66% of all cases for Tokyo Prefecture since the pandemic started.

Looking at the Livestream of the Shibuya scramble crossing, it does not look like the Japanese people even think there is a problem. Just saying.


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Alfie Noakes. Thank you, however, it doesn't show total numbers, and as I'm new to this comments bit here, I don't know how to tag anyone.

I can be located on social media, with a message.

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5,386 cases? That now means just Tokyo alone this month has just reached 25.32% of all cases there since the beginning.

Why can't JapanToday post the full figures for Japan?

If they know Tokyo's and some other prefectures, why not the lot?

Just saying it, for what it's worth!

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This is terrible again. If my statistics are correct, (and they were up until another news service stopped adding the total number of cases), to date for this month Tokyo has already 68,503 cases. There have been since the pandemic started 286,471 cases. That means 23.91% of all cases have occurred this month.

And a question, please. Why can't the government declare a lockdown? I understand it is in the constitution, but can't they amend that? Clearly, the state of emergency isn't working.

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Sadly, the govt. (so I believe) has in the constitution that it can't order a lockdown, only a state of emergency, which clearly isn't working.

I am from South Australia, living here now, and although compared to other major countries the figures here in Japan are pretty low, however, in the last few days those figures have been rising rapidly.

I am a statistics man and have been keeping records almost from the day it came to Japan. And since it started, let me show you my figures, (taken from TV or newspapers), compared to those taken just in this month.

Japan cases overall. 904,036, cases this month 103,089 = 11.04%

Tokyo cases overall. 210,610, cases this month 36,716 = 17.43%

Japan cases overall 904,036. Tokyo cases overall 210,610 = 23.30%

Finally, yesterday the 29th was the worst day on record since the pandemic started.

Japan - 10,699 cases, Tokyo - 3,865 cases = 36.12%

Come on Tokyo residents. Lift your game, and let's do our bit to kerb this pandemic.

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A South Australian, now residing in Tokyo, since the pandemic started I have myself been keeping records. This month alone Japan's number of cases is standing at, (all figures according to my records) 82,814. Overall cases 883,766. Therefore representing 9.37% of all cases. Similarly Tokyo this month 29,674 cases. Overall cases 203,568. Therefore representing 14.58% of all cases, and 23.03% overall cases in total. In fact, Tokyo's cases this month represent 35.83% of Japan's. Clearly, the State of Emergency isn't working properly, and this also can be seen, especially looking at the scramble crossing anytime from lunchtime through to mid-evening.


I would like to visit my hometown very soon

Rant over

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