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the sooner you co-operate the sooner they'll leave you alone

i greased off an undercover security squad once, initially i had no idea why they kept eyeing me so i caught one of their glances and stared right back at them, next thing you know 2 guys and a lady come up flashing badges at me. obviously they were just 'abusing their power within rights', so after a quick search through my bags they let me sign some form and we were both off on our own ways.

if these japanese police were asking to perform a strip search on you then of course that's an entirely different matter, they were asking for 'passport'... in the victims' defense, i always leave my passport at the hotel...

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A good boss is one that worries about having the job done, not when you turn up to work, thankfully I'm working for one of those atm

And Craig, if you're reading this, please ask your WA branch to stop spamming people's ISP emails, it is totally unappreciated and a waste of time having to 'unsubscribe' from something people never subscribed to.

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