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Lenin comments

Posted in: Sushi industry hurting from radiation scare See in context

People are fearful creatures especially in these soft times, it appears. Most notably in the nanny state social democratic world. Afraid of everything and needing big brother to care for them. We need more samurais and less wimps in this world so eat your sushi and stop worrying, unless you are eating fugu? In any event attention spans are short and history is forgotten so party on, world!

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Posted in: 42 gang members arrested over theft of car navigation systems See in context

Guess I had better hold off on "nabi".

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Posted in: Kan criticizes nuclear safety agency, cozy ties to industry See in context

Japan will continue to rely on nuclear power notwithstanding government propaganda to the contrary. The problem is outdated reactors and the real question is why they were not updated but the answer is always money. So now this blame game when all parties were to blame. The Fukushima reactors, had they been modernized, could have resisted the tsunami. They were not and the horrendous results. Stop the blame game, realize that Japan must rely on nuclear power to be viable, and modernize those plants! Nuclear power is a clean form of energy and no other option equals its power. Japan got what it did not pay for in the Fukushima tragedy. And now the Japanese treat the whole prefecture as taboo. I enjoyed my recent trip by motorcycle to Mt. Bandai and did not come back glowing radiatively. Those reactors were inferior stuff and needed "renewal" and that is a lesson for the rest of the world. Knee-jerk anti-nuclear campaigns are not the answer.

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Posted in: Europe debt crisis stirs recession fear See in context

Europe needs to say good-bye to socialism to cure itself. The US needs to not copy an obviously failed system. Obama is a complete loss and at one as well.

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Posted in: Obama, Sarkozy push for U.N. sanctions on Iran See in context

Iran is just a nuclear bomb waiting to go off. Literally.

It`s nuclear facilities should have been bombed years ago already.

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Posted in: Maple taffy summit See in context

I believe this photo says volumes.

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Posted in: Palin tells tea party rally: 'We're not going to sit down, shut up' See in context

Sit down and shut up! And like it!

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Posted in: Sanyo installs 'solar parking lots' in Setagaya See in context

Wow! Solar parking lots! Don`t you mean car parks? Do we really get a chance to park on the surface of the sun??

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Posted in: U.S. Congress completes overhaul of health care; more threats come in See in context

Actually most of the threats are coming from the leftists/liberals/dems.

A window in one of the offices of Republican Representative Eric Cantor was actually shot out.


By the way the AP is wholly devoted to furthering pro Obama propaganda. This article is from the AP.

"Violence originating from the Right!" is merely propaganda from the Left.

The libs have used strong-arm tactics to move the US to the Left and in the process have violated the Constitution.

The next few years are going to be very historical indeed.

And historical is not always a good thing.

Stalin was historical.

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Posted in: U.S., Russia agree to reduce nuclear arsenal See in context

U.S., Russia agree to reduce nuclear arsenal

I like the Russia part of the deal.

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Posted in: Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism See in context

I once found a vending machine that sold common sense for one hundred yen. It was full. The coin insert slots and the change slots were covered with rust and dust.

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Posted in: U.S. needs Toyota more than Toyota needs U.S. See in context

The Party must control all auto manufacturers for the good of the common man, comrades!

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Posted in: U.S. needs Toyota more than Toyota needs U.S. See in context

Most scholarly article (not). Toyota will be fine.

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Posted in: Obama delays Asia trip to deal with health care See in context

Momodaisuki, thank you for your comment.

Well, I expect the bill to pass, but the problem remains that most Americans are against it. And that is my point. Because of this the resistance to implementation will be greater than it should have been Or could have been under a more charismatic leader.

It would be much preferred for the masses to accept the notion of government control rather than shove it in such a ham-fisted manner in their faces.

Too much cart before the horse.

I want more finesse.

The bill might even be repealed. All polls point to major losses for democrats in 2010 and 2012.

This is what worries me.

All of this talk about Saul Alinsky and Obama appears to not be following Rules for Radicals. If he had, he would have developed more support among the masses--more careful groundwork. Obama`s numerous appearances and online campaign have actually backfired and I have no other way to put it.

I believe Obama should have proceeded more slowly to ensure a more receptive populace and a second term for himself. He has miscalculated in my view.

I believe we are on the same side, but pushing a bill thru in a federal republic in which state rights remain strong is a process full of pitfalls and land mines.

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Posted in: Canned coffee with zero sugar, fat, calories See in context

I always search for a better translation of kan-koohii but it eludes me. We don`t say "canned pepsi" for example. Maybe we just go with "coffee drink": "Japan Tobacco is selling a new coffee drink . . . ." Obviously we are talking about coffee purchased from vending machines, most often. And coffee drinks in cans are sold in other countries, even the US. I think we can dispose with the canned coffee.

Ideas, anyone?

And yeah, the stuff is rot gut but the sheer variety and number of vending machines in Japan is something I really enjoy.

Zero calorie coffee drinks are welcome in my book.

Ever drink that UCC stuff with half an acre of sugar cane inside?

Talk about getting edgy! You need to drink a beer to bring you down. At least I do.

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Posted in: Obama delays Asia trip to deal with health care See in context

Fact: Over sixty percent of Americans are against Obama ramming this bill thru.

In my opinion, Obama was not clever enough. He lacks charisma and the rhetorical ability to sway the masses.

In order to fool the masses one must proceed slowly so that one day they wake up under the control of the government.

The key is the slow progression.

Jim Jones, while a terrible man, could teach Obama a lot about charisma and manipulation.

Obama is just not up to snuff.

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Posted in: Obama delays Asia trip to deal with health care See in context

Obama is a bum. His reforms don`t Left enough to please me. Only one man controls the House and that is Pelosi.

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Posted in: 'The Cove' puts Japanese fishermen everywhere on the defense See in context

It is clear the reporter risked life and limb bringing us this article. I admire his courage greatly facing all of those unexpectedly angry local folk.

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Posted in: More quakes hit Chile as new president takes over See in context

Cause and effect?

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