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And they told my bf to go to the office starting tomorrow. He's programmer... This is insane.

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About half of my Californian friends lost their jobs today. For them and their families, the world is crumbling.

If only people would have taken it more seriously in the beginning.

I also lost job in Japan due to coronavirus. Yet they still do nothing which mean that I lost my job for completely no reason.

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Here you are.


No testing, no problem policy?

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What are they burning down? https://twitter.com/naochashu/status/1240279173744082944

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Still they're gathering together somewhere else...

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The biggest concern is actually what will happen to pets when it's owner is in hospital or died.

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I’m working on the events For now my calendar for March is empty..... Got a phone today that they cancelled another event and here we are, I’m jobless for 1,5 month and probably more....

But of course schools and COMPANIES are still working... Isn’t that wrong? If you don’t stop the whole country cancelling only part of events MEANS NOTHING.

I guess Abe will pay my bills and rent?

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On Saturday, around 100 more passengers who had reportedly been in close contact with infected people on board were allowed to get off.


Health Minister Katsunobu Kato has also apologized after 23 passengers were allowed to leave without being properly tested.

sorry, not sorry...

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Twitter is full of new accounts of people who think that they may have new coronavirus and guess what? They need to have A PROOF that they went to China or had contact with someone from CHINA. That's not problem with China only anymore? In Osaka among 5 million inquiries they're testing only 1-5 according to this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxvBlG9Ade0 Of course probably it's not 100% reliable content, but how can you explain that low numbers??

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How come Japanese government is making only wrong decisions?

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