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Leo comments

Posted in: Chestnut, Sudo defend titles at Nathan's Fourth of July hot dog contest See in context

This is nothing to be proud of. It's gluttony and disgusting. I figured that out a long time ago.

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Posted in: 'Final Beatles record' out this year aided by AI: McCartney See in context

I am not a Beatles fan. No interest in their final song or their first song.

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Posted in: Memorial service marks 22 years since fatal stabbing rampage at Ikeda school See in context

Very beautiful tribute by the students and teacher.

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for throwing stones from elevated train tracks See in context

Is it a petty crime or a felony? Front page news I guess.

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Posted in: Half of unmarried people under 30 in Japan do not want kids: survey See in context


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Posted in: Do you think Japan has apologized enough for its colonial past concerning South Korea? See in context

The people that colonized Korea are long since deceased.

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Posted in: Should commuting to your workplace count as work time? See in context

No unless your doing work on the train.

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Posted in: Japan bids farewell to four pandas returning to China See in context

I dont think they want to go.

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Posted in: Cup Noodle’s gyoza-and-ramen combo cup serves up big time flavor See in context

Hope theres no MSG in it.

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Posted in: Japan launches intelligence satellite to monitor weather, N Korea See in context

It's not Japans fault but there are massive amounts of space junk floating around the earth.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Mori casts doubt on Japan's excessive support for Ukraine See in context

For some reason I like Mr. Mori. He is entitled to his onion.

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Posted in: Ryugu asteroid helping unravel mysteries of life's origins on Earth See in context

They always make these claims to show how supposedly important their finds are. This will finally show us where we came from.

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Posted in: Baldwin charged in 'Rust' shooting; others indicted See in context

From what i know the bullet came from his gun and he was aiming at her. Hmmm.

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Posted in: Toyota pushes zero-emission goals by converting old models See in context

I remember Japan used to be a conservative society. There sure are a lot of bare legs onstage. I hope they achieve their goal of no emissions. I am skeptical though. I think he thinks he is a Japanese James bond with all the women around him.

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Posted in: Tuna fetches ¥36.04 mil at New Year auction in Tokyo See in context

I think they do that every year for publicity. Japan is fortunate they haven't overfished the oceans in there part of the world.

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Posted in: Japan's imperial family considering social media to stay in touch See in context

They are my favorite royal couple. If they want to use social media then I hope they do.

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Posted in: Is Christmas the most wonderful time of year for you? See in context

I love the Holidays.

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Posted in: Japan posts ¥2.03 trillion trade deficit in November See in context

Trade deficits are not necessarily a bad thing. The US always has a big trade deficit and its no problem. It means with some countries that they are consuming a lot. Money to spend on imports. On the other hand, I am reading a book from 1987 and Japan had huge trade surpluses.

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Posted in: 63% of Japanese firms don't support Kishida, citing leadership, prices: poll See in context

They don't like Kishida. I am not surprised at all. Ever since I have been reading Japan news every leader I saw has been disliked and needed to be replaced. By who? Who do Japanese people want in charge?? I am very curious. (I don't think that person exists.)

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Posted in: Wife, husband arrested in Naha for killing her mother, making it look like suicide See in context

Very bad.

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Posted in: Mother of late 'Terrace House' star sues TV broadcaster See in context

I never watch reality shows. Cant stand them. I have a real life to live.

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Posted in: Yamanashi uses toilet paper messages to help suicidal youth See in context

There has to be a better way to help then this.

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Posted in: Kishida delays departure for New York to monitor typhoon damage See in context

It's funny because if he left I think people would say "Why is he leaving?! Doesn't he care?" It's very hard to win for him I am afraid.

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Posted in: Kishida delays departure for New York to monitor typhoon damage See in context

Good move.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral; Kishida will go to New York See in context

I am glad Empress Masako will go. She is my favorite royal person.

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Posted in: At 50, TV's ‘The Waltons’ still stirs fans’ love, nostalgia See in context

I had to watch it as a kid. I have zero interest in it now.

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Posted in: Asian stocks gain ahead of U.S. inflation report See in context

Wow. Nice. USA stocks are down big today.

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Posted in: Republican congressman: Sitcom with Danny DeVito as voice of Satan is 'evil' See in context

What a dumb idea for a sitcom. I will never watch it.

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Posted in: Ex-baby sitter gets 20 years in prison for sexually abusing 20 boys See in context

I am feeling a little ill after reading this.

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Posted in: Japan to pledge around $30 billion in African aid at conference: report See in context

They should pay off Japan debt with that money. Japan is in huge amounts of debt.

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