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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 102 new coronavirus cases See in context

Its not bad compared to the US.

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Posted in: Koike wins 2nd term as Tokyo governor See in context

Great victory Yuriko Koike.

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Posted in: 15 feared dead, 9 missing after massive flooding in southwestern Japan See in context

Sorry to hear.

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Posted in: In Mount Rushmore speech, Trump says protesters seek to 'defame' heroes See in context

I wish I was there. Donald is doing a great job.

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Posted in: Koike looks set to be re-elected Tokyo governor even as coronavirus cases rise See in context

Congratulations Yuriko Koik!

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Posted in: Will streaming be theater's death or its savior? See in context


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Posted in: Record no. of worker compensation claims filed due to mental illness See in context

I am really surprised at how Japanese companies operate.

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Posted in: Yamato becomes Japan's 1st city to 'ban' use of phones while walking See in context

I have heard of a ban while driving but never walking.

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Posted in: U.S. records 34,700 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday; highest one-day total since April See in context

Back to the drawing board. We will have to wait for a vaccine or a cure.

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Posted in: Fans rush to see panda cub as Tokyo's Ueno zoo reopens after 4-month closure See in context

Nice that people can enjoy the zoo. Animals in captivity live longer then in the wild. The pictures that I have seen seem like the animals have space. I hope so.

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Posted in: Americans march for racial justice on Juneteenth anniversary See in context

Does racial justice include justice for white people?

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Posted in: Arrest of ex-justice minister could hasten Abe's departure See in context

Maybe it wont.

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Posted in: Rally against racism, in support of Black Lives Matter held in Tokyo See in context

I wonder if protesting is now seen as trendy. The in thing to do. Almost all the protesters are under 30.

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Posted in: Citing jobs, Trump claims victory over virus, economic collapse See in context

I hope people can somehow look beyond Trump and see the real America. He is only passing through. Trump is not America.

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Posted in: Shigeru Yokota, father of N Korea abductee, dies at 87 See in context

You can not believe much of anything that North Korea says. If they are both deceased and believe in the afterlife etc.. then they are together again.

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Posted in: Japan's low virus mortality rate reflects social manners: Aso See in context

Why is Taro Aso hated? I think Japan has done a great job with the virus. I suspect there diets are good and they wear masks. I am impressed. (Why is the USA being rocked so bad with corona?)

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Posted in: 14 new coronavirus infections reported in Tokyo See in context

Its a very low amount. And Tokyo is a huge city.

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Posted in: Maybe a few movies more? Clint Eastwood turns 90 See in context

I hope not.

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Posted in: Shrine in Japan offers solace to those at home See in context

Venerates the sun goddess ?! Pure idolatry. There is no sun goddess. The countries 1% of Christians know this.

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Posted in: Death of man found in Fukushima Pref river ruled suicide See in context

I am assuming there are more clues than reported. I sure hope so. Just by reading the article I would not believe it was suicide.

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Posted in: Trump hopes for COVID-19 vaccine by end of year, 'maybe before' See in context

David, do you think all he is doing is hoping? Get real.

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Posted in: Trump hopes for COVID-19 vaccine by end of year, 'maybe before' See in context

President Trump is an optimist. Negative pessimistic people dont get very far in life. Why shouldn't he hope and try for a cure before the end of the year?

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Posted in: Trump abruptly ends briefing after contentious exchanges See in context

I find Weijia Jiang immature, selfish, thin skinned and irritating. I would never listen to her if I wanted real news.

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Posted in: More normality from NFL. Will it happen on time? See in context

I hope the NFL season is cancelled for at least 1 year. The virus could spread easily in big stadiums.

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Posted in: Madonna says she had COVID-19 See in context

What madona says is not imnportant.

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Posted in: Turkey charges pilots, 3 others, over Ghosn's escape from Japan See in context

I am glad he got away.

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Posted in: Masks are expensive so I thought it's a waste to pay for them. See in context

Mine cost only $1 usd.

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 39th straight year to record low See in context

There are a record number of virgins in Japan now. In world war 2 there were 80 million Japanese people. I am sure Japan will survive.

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus lockdown strips exotic dancer of her savings See in context

Sorry to hear she has no money left. I wish I could go to her show when the virus is gone. Strange how they said "stripped" of her money.

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Posted in: You've got mail: 'Abenomask' distribution starts in Japan See in context

Here in the US I cant find a mask anywhere. I would love to get one in the mail.

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