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leobwesi comments

Posted in: Mystery over runaway Prius in Calif deepens See in context

There is no bigger death threat than the runaway prius itself!

"Mrs Sikes said the couple's lives have been turned upside down and they've received death threats"

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Posted in: Toyota president urges workers, dealers to work toward new start See in context

They should reconsider the profit driven approach based on mass production and price competition.

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Posted in: U.S. still hearing complaints about fixed Toyotas See in context

A car keeps accelerating by itself even after repairs and you continue driving it? Talk of brand loyality till death does us apart!

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Posted in: Toyota's pain boost sales of rivals in U.S. in February See in context

Is this advertising or a show of brand loyality! I'll also stick to my Mitsu Galant!

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Posted in: Toyota Prius top-selling car in Japan despite recall woes See in context

It's possible with a six month backlog of orders and less cancellations due to the huge discounts.

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Posted in: Suzuki, Nissan, Daihatsu announce recalls in Japan See in context

Airbags? most of the car models by these manufacturers have no airbags neither ABS, talk of mass production!!

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Posted in: Negligence convictions upheld in Mitsubishi Motors trial See in context

Can Japan Today publish details of the investigations for the most defective models to benefit global consumers where Japan exports large numbers of vehicles especially USED ones.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors plans 900 more job cuts See in context

The Galant is another exellent perfomer not to mention the porpular Fuso Truck ! What Crap is elbudamexicano talking about.

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