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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

But but but, we have to go to the office and stamp our hankos.

Try to change to e-signature system?

But we have to go to the office to "prove" we are working, instead of doing the same work at home, in order to help flatten the curve.

No need to 'prove' tell your Senpai to trust that the work will be done

But Senpai told us we have to go drinking at the izakaya after work, because it's tradition.

Tell Senpai if tired, no need to force people to drink, it is unhealthy for the body and may affect work performance.

But I have to hang out at the train stations with my boyfriends to do mandatory smoking and squat chatting.

Quit smoking, it is expensive, looks ugly and bad for health.

But I have to go jogging on crowded sidewalks without my mask.

You can wear a thinner mask or the new UNIQLO AirISM sports mask, so you can breath better and protect yourself at the same time.

Solved for Japan~!

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Posted in: Boss punches employee who came to work after being told to stay home for coronavirus risk See in context

Violence should not be tolerated even if it is a superior-subordinate relationship. There are other ways or disciplinary action to handle the employee. Still old style management..

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