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Basic no government knows how make money they've taken it.

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Right now if you're are behind in paying your school loans a swat team(department of education) will arrest you and terrorized your family. This happen in California and they arrested the wrong people. Or if you have a business that sells un-processed milk and cheese products through the mail. You can expect a raid and arrest by a swat team (department of agriculture) as happen to a Amish farm in Penn. More and more the Washington crowd is getting pretty scarely.

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The changes to the law are from ten years to five and more training programs added to the year. In a country were a tomato is expensive any lost is expensive. The NPA is over-stating the problem, They state it has problems, but don't give any facts, nor do they work to improve the bill.

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Amnesty International hasn't done anything about organ havesting in China, human trafficing, etc!

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The only reason to have an aircraft carrier is to project political power.

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