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Posted in: What bad manners annoy you the most in public places? See in context

in public transport, people who never give their seat or assist helping the old, the disabled, pregnant women, mothers with babies or young children. life is fast paced, but it doesn't mean we have to lose our humanity.

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Posted in: Japan should acknowledge sex slaves' pain: British MPs See in context

As long as Japan never acknowledges properly (both in written and oral) the atrocities (to include the "sex slaves") it incurred to its neighbors during the war, it will always be looked at with disdain and reservation.

I suppose in an alternate universe where Japan was instead conquered and many its women forced into sex slaves and men decapitated or bayoneted to death, they might think their position today differently.

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Posted in: Muslims condemn Mumbai attacks, worry about image See in context

Muslims worry about image? This might be the question asked by a young moderate muslim. The rest of them - they have accepted that image a long time ago.

Islam is a 'by hook or by crook' religion and by a certain degree is counter to democracy. The means always justifies the end - and that includes violence or murder unfortunately.

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Posted in: Comic about fear of growing old alone strikes chord among unmarried women See in context

deal with it.

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