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Posted in: Moriyasu has vast array of options for knockout match against Croatia See in context

Croatia wins this 2-0.

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Posted in: Japan to expand Okinawa-based ground force unit See in context

Taiwan was never historically a part of China. It was populated by peaceful indigenous people. The mainlanders came en masse first on the coattails of the Dutch colony in Anping distric southwest Taiwan and in a second wave to escape communists in WW2. The land should be given back to the rightful indigenous owners and protected from external threats by UN security forces

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Posted in: Argentina beats Australia 2-1 to advance to quarterfinals See in context

That "heavy touch" by the Oz keeper was more of a "horrendous blunder"

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Posted in: Japan's super-sub Doan aims to sink Croatia See in context

Seems a bit overconfident for a guy not even good enough to be a starter

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Posted in: Mature tactics help Japan grow up at World Cup See in context

Is not panicking now a tactic?

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Posted in: Cameroon stun Brazil 1-0 but fail to advance See in context

FIFA needs to come up with a solution to these 3 rd group stage games with lots of teams fielding 2nd rate players, or not putting in a full effort.

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Posted in: Blue Samurai spirit: Japan explodes with World Cup joy See in context

Read this on another site, "ITV pundit Graeme Souness questioned if "something untoward" was going on, while Spain manager Luis Enrique claimed images he had seen after the match "must have been manipulated" and "it cannot be that this photo is real". Fifa declined to comment."

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Posted in: Australia reach last 16 after beating Denmark 1-0 See in context

Fighto!Today  05:28 pm JST


Danish keeper ineptitude.

Inept? Laughable. Kasper Schmeichel is an outstanding keeper who has won an EPL and FA cup. But you wouldn't know that"

No you wouldn't know that, as your observational skills are as inept as the keeper's woeful swipe and miss of the ball. I don't care who he plays for!

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Posted in: Your move Moriyasu: What will Japan’s enigmatic manager do against Spain? See in context

When did enigmatic become a synonym for incompetent?

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Posted in: Australia reach last 16 after beating Denmark 1-0 See in context

Thoroughly outplayed by Denmark and lucky to go through by Danish keeper ineptitude. They will get a reality check from Argentina, maybe losing at least 3-0.

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Posted in: French baguettes get UNESCO heritage status See in context

Surely gyoza should have UNESCO status, along with chip butty

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Posted in: Moriyasu says the buck stops with him at World Cup See in context

He looks at least 10 years older than he is, even with the black shoe polish hair dye job

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Posted in: Police invoke old anti-dueling law over Osaka club catfight See in context

How to say "handbags at dawn warrior" in Japanese?

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Posted in: Lawson opens 1st avatar-staffed convenience store in Tokyo See in context

Why not do what most countries do and increase immigration ...otherwise only robots will be left

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Posted in: Why are Man United and Liverpool suddenly on the market? See in context

EPL ownership is a bit like F1 ownership now ......a big black hole of investment with a bunch of sheister advisors sponging on fees, the purchase is only for ego, guaranteed money loser. Might be used by totalitarian regimes as a diversion from their misdeeds

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Posted in: The ups and downs of being ‘half Japanese’ in Japan See in context

Maybe combine daburu hafu and you end up as one.

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Posted in: Netherlands strikes late to beat Senegal 2-0 See in context

Dutch have very poor finishing and will lose to the better teams

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Posted in: Bale to the rescue as Wales snatch U.S. draw on World Cup return See in context

Us wasted points here against a less skilled team. Still US and English should advance

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Posted in: Saka, Rashford help England rout Iran 6-2 See in context

Hapless Iran became hopeless once they lost their first keeper thru injury. However, they did expose the awful English defense in the last 10 minutes

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Posted in: World Cup dismay for Qatar as Ecuador wins opening game 2-0 See in context

Boys against men. Qatar were awful but with Senegal missing Mane, they may be able to snatch a point in that game. The Dutch will hammer them, maybe 5-0.

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Posted in: Warlord festival featuring Takuya Kimura draws 460,000 spectators in Gifu See in context

The whole samurai myth is like the us cowboy cosplay myth. When is the Tom Mix festival?

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Posted in: Gov't seeks power to turn down private home air conditioners remotely, report says See in context

Japan is neither very cold nor very hot. People exaggerate with all the achooii achooii in summer and samui desu ne in winter. Google Kuwait and Siberia to see real hot and cold

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Posted in: Tokyo police to issue ‘red tickets’ to cyclists violating traffic laws See in context

"riding on sidewalks without slowing down" . Saul Goodman would get them off by arguing that they had to slow down in order to be given a ticket

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Posted in: Japan announces squad for World Cup See in context

Prediction, Germany 3 Japan 0; Spain 6 Japan 1; Costa Rica 0, Japan 0

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Posted in: Ikebukuro rumble by quasi-gangsters has police in a tizzy See in context

Sounds like the Steven Seagal movie, Into the Sun ...maybe make sequel keeping with French theme, Apres Moi Le Deluge

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Posted in: Italian rugby player who bit Japanese opponent banned for 12 games See in context

Gives a whole new meaning to al dente

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting pub owner in Sapporo See in context

Nothing good happens after 530 am.....

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Posted in: Brawl involving 100 customers breaks out at Tokyo skyscraper restaurant See in context

I know what Rodney Dangerfield woul say,.....I went to a Yakuza brawl and a hockey game broke out

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Posted in: Alcohol price hikes add to bars' woes as they adapt to reopening Japan See in context

Ryuhei Kaneko, ...said he intends to save on food and keep his alcohol spending stable."

Maybe prepare cup ramen with beer instead of water, kill 2 birds with one stone

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