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Posted in: Rainy season ends in Tokyo, neighboring areas; earliest since 1951 See in context

Shouldn't this be examined within the context of the Meiyu front?

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Posted in: Ohtani has 2 dazzling days to remember for Angels See in context

The Yankees are doing great this year

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific admiral says cooperation with Japan key to regional security See in context

Cooperation is euphemism for sales

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Posted in: Vienna ranked world's most liveable city; Osaka 10th See in context

Is this a list of the world's most boring cities and people. Give me Dubai or Dakar any day ..gonna ride that left till the sun goes down

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 77th anniversary of significant WWII ground battle See in context

Okinawa and it's wonderful people should be an independent state

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Posted in: Indonesia deports Japanese man accused of COVID relief fraud See in context

Did he "wave" goodbye to his funky surf shorts he was wearing when arrested

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Posted in: Biggest rail strike in 30 years brings UK to standstill See in context

Joe Strummer would be apalled

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Posted in: Japan judo hits crisis point as bullied, burnt-out children quit See in context

"Judo is a sport that emphasizes humanity," said Yamashita"

Judo is budo, not a sport. Once such an activity becomes a sport, it gets watered down by egos, politics and money. They should remove this from the Olympics and return it to its roots

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Posted in: People in some parts of Japan now legally allowed to smile for their driver’s license photos See in context

A welcome return for the yaeba

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Posted in: Japanese man arrested over Putin straw doll nailed to shrine tree See in context

Be more original please!

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Posted in: Japanese airline Zipair ditches 'Z' logo to avoid pro-Russia misunderstanding See in context

Ban the letter Z, next Y, next X,. ....can see where this is going. Soon world entirely in cyrilli, katakana and swahili

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Posted in: With a record 6 teams, Asian confederation resets goals for World Cup See in context

Should entirely revamp the competition to be like the FA cup with a single knockout format. All countries qualify and higher seeds receive byes until 4th round. All games are 90 minutes then straight to penalties. This would truly be a World Cup with global interest

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Posted in: China vows it will fight to the end to stop Taiwan independence See in context

Taiwan should be returned to its rightful owners, the indigenous peoples who were there long before the Han Chinese who arrived on the coattails of the Dutch colonizers many years ago. The UN should declare it a self-governed indigenous UNESCO heritage site based on ecotourism and environmentally friendly industries such as wind energy, which benefit the true indigenous owners of this land

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Posted in: Japan eases border restrictions, starts visa procedures for guided tours See in context

Jeez...does this mean I have to do the mandatory Oba-chan tour to Mount Fuji before being let loose on the damsels of Roppongi

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Posted in: 3 Japanese schools to introduce genderless swimsuits with unisex two-piece design See in context

The swimsuits range in price from 6,380 yen to 6,820 yen (SRP, including tax), and come in 10 sizes from 120 cm to 4L

Outrageous pricing. Can get a good quality long sleeve UV swim shirt and shorts for around 2000yen at some online shops

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Posted in: S Korea's robust response to N Korea seen aiding Japan's military push See in context

YrralToday  07:01 am JST

What happened in Marioupol,would happen on a grander scale in Tokyo,from a NK launch on Tokyo,with 100 of thousands of people dead or injured

Complete nonsense, NK launch sites and military capability could be neutralised instantly by the allies similar to Iraq

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Posted in: Boxing champ Inoue's home burgled during fight See in context

Something doesn't smell right here. Either an inside job by who knew of the scripted fight, or a promoter marketing ploy to draw attention to this otherwise mediocre fight

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Posted in: Kishida to detail vision for secure Indo-Pacific at Singapore forum See in context

The Less Greater Post Pandemic Economic Sphere?

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Posted in: It is weird to require an approval from a spouse when taking a pill. Is Japan still living in the middle ages? See in context

Once ganja is legalized, things will return to the Stoned Ages.....

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Posted in: Malaysia Islamic minister says Bon Odori dance not for Muslims See in context

How would he feel about a fertility festival?

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Posted in: How do you prepare children for an uncertain job future as technology and AI make more jobs for humans obsolete? See in context

PhD in Uncertainty Studies mayhaps?

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Posted in: Elevate your summer with local beer while immersed in nature at these unique resort beer gardens See in context

Let's see....I could spend hours fighting traffic jams and spend tens of thousands of yen to have a beer or I could walk over to the local convenience store and get the same stuff .....hmmmm what to do!

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S., Japan urge N Korea to return to talks See in context

Don't urge him. Give him a 2 week deadline to comply or else send in liberating forces.

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Posted in: Indonesian police arrest Japanese man wanted for COVID subsidy fraud See in context

47????? He looks at least 10 years older, and those surf shorts just don't match with the prison shirt. Slap on an extra 10 years for the fashion felony!

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Posted in: How long should you date someone in Japan before going on a trip with them? See in context

2 words, Narita Rikkon

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Posted in: Cold curry? Mujirushi makes one of our favorite hot meals chilly, but does that make it good? See in context

Curry is "becoming" popular??????who writes this stuff? Real curry has been popular for centuries in India, Middle East, SE Asia.

Other newbie curry countries like UK and Japan have their own less tasty versions.

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Posted in: Inoue stops Donaire in 2nd round; unifies 3 bantamweight titles See in context

Donaire was kebabed. He is almost 40 and way past his prime. He is also 5-4 in last 9 fights, hardly championship numbers. Inoue should seek out better fighters if he wants street cred.

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Posted in: Amid crypto turmoil, U.S. senators propose sweeping oversight See in context

This will kill off crypto

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Posted in: Japan calls for defense spending hike; notes threats to Taiwan See in context

This is a prelude to war

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Posted in: Yen sinks to 20-year low against dollar See in context

Will drop to 150 and keep all domestic tourists at home. Imported canteloupes will cost USD 1 million. Plus ca change plus cest la meme chose

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