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Posted in: Amid crypto turmoil, U.S. senators propose sweeping oversight See in context

This will kill off crypto

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Posted in: Japan calls for defense spending hike; notes threats to Taiwan See in context

This is a prelude to war

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Posted in: Yen sinks to 20-year low against dollar See in context

Will drop to 150 and keep all domestic tourists at home. Imported canteloupes will cost USD 1 million. Plus ca change plus cest la meme chose

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Posted in: Gov't asks companies, households across Japan to save power See in context

Why do these chairs always look the same?

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Posted in: Dancing 'old heart-throbs' become TikTok sensation in Japan See in context

They look at least 10-15 years older than they are .....not aging well!

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Posted in: Neymar nets penalty as Brazil beats Japan 1-0 in friendly See in context

As expected Brazil used the match as an exhibition for fitness and to experiment with some lessor players. Had they gone full out, it could have been 5-0.

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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death from high-rise; 3-yr-old grandson found unconscious inside apartment See in context

Strange story, need to check mother alibi

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Posted in: Man gets 18-year prison term for 2017 expressway road rage deaths See in context

Death penalty for this brainless idiot

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Posted in: Wales beats Ukraine to end 64-year wait for World Cup return See in context

At least with the Welsh there, there will be some good singing with the fans, sick of listening to these caterwauling English idiots

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Posted in: WTO seeks fish, vaccine deals as war ignites trade tensions See in context

Big pharma will find a way to circumvent any deals at the expense of the general public

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Posted in: Intruders steal ¥30 mil from elderly man’s safe at home See in context

Should have kept his secret stash in bitcoin.

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Posted in: 10 years after 'Gangnam Style', Psy is happier than ever See in context

Awful song

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Posted in: Tokyo to allow foreigners to work as beauticians for 1st time in Japan See in context

The beginning of happy ending massages?

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Posted in: North Korea test-fires salvo of 8 short-range missiles See in context

Predict a false flag missile attack from NK starting ww3, very soon

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Posted in: Toshiba studying going private as an option See in context

They need to get Jerry's brother Jack Black involved in the corporate braintrust.....board meetings will be like School of Rock

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Posted in: How much money do you need to live in your own apartment in Japan? See in context

Why the goofy face in the photo?

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Posted in: Elvis image bans shake, rattle and roll Las Vegas chapels See in context

Time to get with the times, replace the Elvis statues with Justin Bieber or Elon Musk with payment only by bitcoin

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Posted in: 'Fire burning' inside Donaire ahead of Inoue rematch See in context

Will Donaire kebab Inoue this time?

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Posted in: Japanese man, 83, becomes oldest to sail nonstop solo across Pacific See in context

Did he have a passport and vaccination docs this time?

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Posted in: Become a modern ninja with this ninja darts kit See in context

Ninja, like American cowboys were a fictional historical marketing creation to sell movies, TV shows and products like this

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Posted in: Japan to 'throw everything' at Brazil after thrashing Paraguay 4-1 See in context


The aim, of course, is to go as deep as possible in Qatar. Aim for a Semi-final place and see what happens from there!

more likely they will be pummuled by Germany Spain and Costa Rica to finish bottom of the group yet again

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Posted in: Can Depp's career bounce back with defamation verdict? See in context

He's gonna be yuuuuuge!

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Posted in: Within the next 10 years, do you see any possibility of Japan going to war with another country? See in context

War is coming...time to prepare, let's all watch Starship Troopers reruns

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Posted in: Red-hot summer job market awaits U.S. teens as employers sweat See in context

Guessing some of these jobs will be filled by undocumented illegal immigrants ... In the future maybe all fast food will be outsourced to big unregistered food processing plants staffed by the illegals ....kind of a Pollos Hetmanos for fast food

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Posted in: Japan to 'throw everything' at Brazil after thrashing Paraguay 4-1 See in context

Paraguay was 8th out of 10 south American teams so not very good , and they fielded a junior squad. Brazil sends its teams around the world to earn money like the Harlem Globetrotters. Don't be surprised if they don't go full out, and let Japan off easy. Probably get a bonus payment for that as well

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Posted in: Japan-born American files suit against Japan's dual nationality ban See in context

Japan is run like a small town private member's club with all kinds of meaningless rules and codes to keep insiders in, and outsiders out.

Combine that with crab in a bucket syndrome and a government trying to control taxes and curtail freedom, and you can see the twisted logic behind this byzantine and archaic practice

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Posted in: Vinicius strikes as Real Madrid beat Liverpool in Champions League final See in context

Thank you to the French authorities for controlling the traveling English hooligans and preventing injury to innocent bystanders.

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Posted in: Japanese society begins to grapple with microaggressions See in context

Start with the macroaggressions first...

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. fly fighters after China drill, North Korean missiles See in context

tantanmen4lifeMay 26  11:17 pm JST

My God!

You take any average Chinese, American or Japanese Joe, stick them in a bar for 2 hours, and they all will find out they have more in common

Sounds like a recipe for a bar brawl!

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand, U.S. sound alarm on China plan for South Pacific See in context

Time to pull out the cheque book uncle Sam ....peace comes with a hefty price and the Chinese already used such tactics to force many African countries into debt

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