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I really don’t understand the point. If I have a son working in Japan since 2017, when will

I be allowed to see him ? I mean it is not about the virus or the Japanese people not wanting tourists, I don’t buy that reason. I feel sorry for all the Japanese owners of businesses, it is them that will suffer the most.

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thankyou for this article, I am a fan of rice:)

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Posted in: Kishida vows to help developing nations' COVID response with $5 bil See in context

All the leaders talk and meet and think and nothing changes for the better.

hopefully Mr Kishida will not forget about people in Japan.

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never heard of him.

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Beautiful photography !

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@strangerland Being in Canada for the past few months, and speaking to the people here,

Happy you are happy in Canada.

I also speak with lots of people, I am an essential worker ( a city worker, not an office one), I have been at work non stop since the start of the pandemic.

Still looking forward to visit Japan, where my son works, it has been almost 3 years since I saw him.

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls 'in stages' from June: Kishida See in context

I will hope one day that Japan will open and hope that everyone will be okay with the government decisions, health Experts and all those with many diplomas, who believe they have the Knowledge.

For me, personally, I have lost hope and interest.

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Posted in: Airbnb says record bookings signal travel rebound See in context

I am looking forward to travel in Japan. I am in Canada and not allowed to travel because of vaccination mandatory rule.

Maybe one day…

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Posted in: Nearly 80% of Japanese think Okinawa's U.S. base-hosting burden unfair See in context

Okinawa, a beautiful land, imagine how wonderful it would be without armements!

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Posted in: Japan should ease COVID border controls for foreigners: panel members See in context

Japan should open, think about Japanese people with business!

Here in Montréal, businesses have suffered from lockdowns, curfews etc. And are still in bad shape too, I wish I could travel this summer but I am one of those who can’t get out of Canada. :(

catégoriser les humains, c’est bien triste.

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Posted in: Canada looks to sell off Russian oligarchs' assets See in context

sanctions don’t seem to be working.

maybe think of something else.

Looking forward to move out from Ka n’a da

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Posted in: Should you wear a mask on a plane, bus or train when there's no mandate? See in context

In Québec province, Canada the mask is mandatory.

to get on a train/ plane ( inside the country and international travel) the vaccination (2doses) is mandatory and many people are Covid anxious.

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Posted in: Azalea aura See in context


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Posted in: For Russian diplomats, disinformation is part of the job See in context

Do the big media corporation really think that we believe everything they write??

Big Media Corporation, ahahaha une grande pièce de théâtre…. Malheureusement mal interprétée.

also, they should try to use different vocabulary, I mean, they repeat the some words all the time, over and over, aren’t they bored repeating the same thing! The dictionary has lots of words.

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Posted in: Hayashi concerned about human rights abuses against Russians in Japan See in context

I think it is important to be concerned about Russians who are ban from giving a piano concerto, sports competitions etc. They have to answers questions about their positions of Russia’s invasion, so I guess this new rule should be applied for very country that does arm to other humans.

(boycotts and bans) the West has lost the north!

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Posted in: Netflix shares drop 23% after it loses 200,000 subscribers See in context

I used to have Netflix.

I am a Criterion Channel subscriber, (since the start) very happy with it, movies from all over the world. Amazing place to meet the world and learn about many cultures . But I think it is only available in the USA and Canada.

Also they have a beautiful collection of Japanese films.

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Posted in: Florida court ruling creates mishmash of transportation mask rules in U.S. See in context

In Québec, masks are still mandatory everywhere, except in your home!

All I am waiting for is to fly and meet my son in Japan.

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Posted in: Florida court ruling creates mishmash of transportation mask rules in U.S. See in context

Allo @strangerland, Hein! Where do you have that freedom in Canada? I am in Québec province.

I am happy for you, of course! :)

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Posted in: Florida court ruling creates mishmash of transportation mask rules in U.S. See in context

Today in Canada, the masks will still be mandatory on flights and trains. That is what I have read in Info radio caca, anyhow, in Canada we are not allowed to board on a train or plane if not vaccinated, for both inside the country and international.

If you have a doubt consult the page of Gourvenement du Canada.

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Posted in: How to make summer 2022 travel plans that actually happen See in context

I do not plan any trips anywhere, except to Japan, to see my son. Today is already April 17th 2022 , it is Easter and Canada has not end the travel rules for the unvaccinated, this rule is also for travelling inside Canada, not allowed on a train or a flight.

And when I will be allowed to go travel, I assure you that my savings will be spend outside Canada.

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Joe Biden already said it was a genocide and the day after, Justin Trudeau repeated Joe Biden’s line.

I, personally don’t agree how some leaders speak, but my opinion won’t change anything, anyway!!

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Posted in: Understanding Japan through ‘Love is Blind’ See in context

I never watch tv shows, I am a criterion channel fan:) and a happy subscriber!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo cancels Sumida River fireworks festival for 3rd straight year See in context

What leaders in “some countries” want is, to see you unhappy, scared, sad, they also love to witness how they have succeeded to play yo-yo with your feelings and your state of mind. (Soul)

That is their pleasure… they love it!

Ignore them.

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The Never Ending Story….Everybody knows about that vaccine. But it goes on and on…

Give us a break, please!!!

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Posted in: Return of the Mac: Burger King’s former rival in Akihabara is back and bigger than ever See in context

I had McD once in my life, I was about 16 years old, now in my 50’s.

I never eat fast-food. There is lots of other options with food !

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Posted in: Japan enjoys cherry blossom season despite COVID-19 worries See in context

Thankyou Japan Today for sharing the beautiful photography.

Happy to see people in Japan witnessing the Sakura blooming!

Of course I would really love to be there right now:)

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Posted in: China's Huawei says 2021 sales down, profit up See in context

My Huawei is 6 years old and I have no issue with it!

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Posted in: Singapore to lift restrictions for all vaccinated travelers See in context

No travel for me until countries remove all restrictions, vacation is suppose to be fun, not complicated!

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Posted in: Japanese company offers service that converts your child’s school bag into useful accessories See in context

I wish I could buy one:) cause they are really nice.

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