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Leszek Rybicki comments

Posted in: Le Pen urges Japan to avoid making same mistakes as France See in context

It says "World War 11" in the article. Typo.

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Posted in: Google considering YouTube, Gmail accounts for kids See in context

@sf2k too late. 3-year-olds click around YouTube like nobody's business for their animation fix. "YouTube for kids" is actually a good idea, I think.

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Posted in: Selfie See in context

I agree with Mirai and others: this is a group photo in a sightseeing location, taken using a dedicated camera device (not smartphone or webcam), a tripod and a timer. There are two people, an actual background and we can only assume the photo will be shared on social networks.

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Posted in: Actor-comedian Robin Williams found dead in apparent suicide See in context

@FizzBit, When I watched Jumanji, I was at just the right age to enjoy it the most. I guess CGI animals will look pretty bad on re-watch.

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Posted in: Amazon challenges rivals with 3D 'Fire' smartphone See in context

So the rumors were true - there's no smoke without fire. Amazon engineers have been secretly burning the midnight oil coming up with this new toy.

Entering this market will be a real baptism of fire for Amazon. Will the new phone get on like a house on fire or will Amazon get burnt? Early adopters will certainly be drawn to the 3D effects like moths to a flame, but the really hot feature here is Firefly with the OCR system.

You can't say they've been firing blanks on the e-reader market, but customers aren't exactly fired up about their tablet. On the other hand, Bezos is a real spark plug and has the smarts not to have too many irons in the flame, so who knows... this could set the world on fire.

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Posted in: Mistaken for wild boar, man dies in hunting accident in Tochigi forest See in context

In other news: mistaken for a drunken salaryman, wild boar rides the last train from Shibuya.

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Posted in: Polish unions stage mass anti-government protest See in context

In a rare show of agreement, left-wing unions also protesting Saturday echoed Solidarity.

My whole understanding of the Polish political system just collapsed.

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Posted in: Tech experts debate the smarts of the 'smartwatch' See in context

I hope they're working hard on the batteries, or electronics that don't drain them as much as smartphones do. I don't want to recharge my watch every night.

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Posted in: Anyone for matcha beer? See in context

Still traumatized by tomato beer. Not willing to try.

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Posted in: 'Barefoot Gen' comic stirs history controversy See in context

As a kid in Poland, I was very confused by stories of holocaust. In preschool, unable to really understand what had happened, we did childish reenactments that disrespected the victims ("I'll be the Nazi and you'll be the Jew"). When adults got angry, it only added to the confusion. I think there's a right and wrong age to learn about war crimes. It might depend on the individual, but a child who can read, should be allowed to read.

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Posted in: Hulu Japan announces upcoming video app for Nintendo 3DS systems See in context

I love Hulu.jp, I don't love the limited, or disappearing content. Doctor who is now very popular around the world (50th anniversary and such), Hulu got 3 seasons and cut. There are 3 seasons of Big Bang theory, but you'll get a "season 2 is not available at this time" message every two months. I'd like to see more anime, and more recent anime, the shows and movies that Japan is famous for. Oh, and a "my shows" list feature that actually makes sense and doesn't keep every show I accidentally clicked on.

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Posted in: Which pop culture character do you think is the most recognizable on the planet? See in context

Missing option: Brian Boitano, the great sports celebrity and role model for all children asking themselves: "What would Brian Boitano do?".

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Posted in: Japan protests to China over Okinawa claim See in context

Freedom for Okinawa!

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