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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing 200 bicycle seats for their 'scent of a woman' See in context

@Iwandabaka, LOL, good one.

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Posted in: Ben Affleck to play Batman in Superman sequel See in context

I'm okay with him playing Batman as long as he never smiles. Batman doesn't smile. I guess that's why Joker is always on to him.

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Posted in: Japanese viewers go wild after TV show introduces mackerel as possible slimming product See in context

@plasticmonkey, you quoted out of context. The final conclusion assumes a balanced diet and healthy amount of exercise, a proven recipe for health and weight loss. In that case, the speculated hormonal effects of Saba may (note the "may") help. That's like saying "if you follow the traffic laws and fasten your seatbelt, eating mackerel may be the miracle accident-avoiding charm."

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Posted in: Yoshinoya company to start offering Y500 pizzas See in context

Actually, the Napoli in Kichijoji has ¥500 pizza at lunch time. Big, very tasty, affordable pizza.

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Posted in: Fujitsu boosts security for multi-service palm-vein authentication system See in context

Does this have applications in fortune telling? ;)

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Posted in: What do you think of TV commercials in Japan? Seen anything you like? See in context

I liked Aoi Miyazaki Tokyo Metro ads. Nothing got my attention since then.

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Posted in: Google invests in Glass chipmaker Himax See in context

The price of the GGlass gives a new meaning to the term "glass ceiling".

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Posted in: Marine park offers chance to shake hands with a loveable otter See in context

Break on through to the otter side.

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Posted in: National Highway 339: The only staircase highway in Japan See in context

Highway to heaven.

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Posted in: Ever wondered what Japanese prison food tastes like? See in context

Looks good and nutritious.

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Posted in: Digital microscope See in context

I want one!

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Posted in: 'Hunger Games' ushers in era of dystopian young adult films See in context

LOL @badsey3

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Posted in: Lost dog seen roaming summit of Mt Fuji See in context

I'm tempted to climb Mt Fuji and find the pooch.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate falls to 3.9% in June See in context

These Hello Work offices are pretty depressing.

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