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Posted in: Gov't unveils action plan to lower mobile phone fees See in context

$10 a month plans in NZ, come on Japan you can match that for all those (very low) minimum wage earners!

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Posted in: Biden, Trump rallies show sharp contrast amid as coronavirus surges again See in context

> bobToday  07:56 am JST

The contrast is stark indeed.

One candidate is using Covid as a prop for the election and selling a baseless fear campaign to keep Americans scared of their own shadows.

The other treats Covid as any adult with a brain does.

Which is what?

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Posted in: Gov't calls for longer New Year holiday to curb virus spread See in context

As a NZer this policy is perplexing; If you have a longer holiday, aren't you just prolonging the inevitable?

It's getting worse everywhere, and NZ has been back to normal life for months? You have to bite the bullet and lock down .

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Posted in: Japanese elementary teacher busted for hiding students’ shoes; writing 'die' on their belongings See in context

Emotional underdevelopment is an issue in Japan.

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Posted in: Maisa Tsuno of Japanese rock band Akaiko-en dies in apparent suicide See in context

Is it necessary to say that she died from suicide?

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Posted in: New Zealand's Ardern credits virus response for election win See in context

yoshisan88Oct. 18  05:47 pm JST

In my culture, there is a saying "circumstance makes one to become a hero". Covid-19 had given J.A. the prefect opportunity to boost her popularity.

Not to take away anything from her victory, but it is far easier to control the virus in a country with less than 5 million people.

I cannot agree more. I have been saying this for many months that J.A. has done the right things to contain the virus but she has some winning factors like 5 million population in a country the size of Japan, relatively low population density in cities etc to help her. Therefore it is not fair to compare NZ to other countries like Japan, UK etc.

Is it even logical to suggest the population size has anything to do with the spread of a virus. It's not like NZer's are far apart from each other at all times. They take public transport, go shopping and go to school and work just like a country with a large population. If the population is such a factor why do countries with similar numbers have far higher infection and deaths rates?

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

Fighto!Today  01:09 pm JST

The only neighbor that loves Japan, and bears no grudges from events up to a century ago, is Taiwan. This is the great nation Japan should build their relationship with - diplomatically, economically and militarily.

All the other neighbors can just shut their mouth.

Dont trust them, don't need them.

You clearly lack an appreciation of history and how it affects relations today.

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

itsonlyrocknrollToday  01:30 pm JST

> It is a disappoint, and frustrating that a Country/People/Government so technically advanced, politically seemingly is unable or unwilling to absolve, or exonerate the People of Japan.

Why should they?

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

Please stop the victim blaming. 'Japan already apologized' = well if that's the case why not SHOW you are sorry rather than just 'saying' it Japan. If you commit an atrocity against another country you don't just get to say 'sorry' a few days and expect everyone to forget it, or deny it, forever.

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Posted in: Judo in Japan getting unwanted scrutiny for abuse, violence See in context

Unkindness, cruelty, outward anger and violence must end in Japanese sports (and workplaces for that matter).

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 249 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 681 See in context

Happy to live in a nation where there is no COVID-19 in the community.

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Posted in: Japan’s healthcare system summed up in photo of hospital bill for father’s heart surgery See in context

When people say 'it is so cheap compared to overseas' I don't think anyone gets discounted or free healthcare as a foreign tourist overseas.

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Posted in: Japan’s healthcare system summed up in photo of hospital bill for father’s heart surgery See in context

That is affordable for such major surgery compared to the US, but it should be entirely free as it is in other nations with universal healthcare.

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

JJ JetplaneToday  08:00 am JST

688 pigs (including piglets), two cows and 28 chickens

How do you steal a whole cow? Pigs and chickens i understand. But a cow?

Theft is theft. But stealing some cilantro is a lot different from stealing hundreds of pigs, cows, chickens, and farming equipment and machinery.

This sounds more like a crime ring than to just blame it on foreigners.

Easy, back up truck, open gate, herd cow into said truck.

Livestock theft is a problem here in NZ too, but they do it in large numbers. The nationality is rarely, if ever mentioned in news in NZ until it goes to court.

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Posted in: October to bring various price changes for Japan residents See in context

will raise minimum wages by between 1 yen and 3 yen, in steps.

How utterly insulting this is to low income workers. Where are the street demos?

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Posted in: Female LDP lawmaker says some women might make false reports of sexual violence See in context

I think it extremely unlikely that any Japanese women would lie about sexual assault. They would have to be habitual liars and/or very brave and determined and for what? A long period of legal hassles, an indifferent police and potential ridicule and shame? Come on.

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Posted in: S Korea's 1st novel on 'comfort women' history appears in English See in context


Yeah, come on South Korea, how hard can it be to get over being kidnapped from your families and gang-raped as a teenager by dozens of frustrated young military men who see you as a sub-human Korean. Japan is the victim here because 'we' have to suffer all these complaints even though we said sorry - come on!


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Posted in: South Korean sex slave campaigner charged with embezzlement See in context

oldman_13Today  06:48 am JST

This is despicable beyond belief, and it is exactly the same thing I mentioned before.

This "activist group" never stood for anything but lining its own pockets, while continuing to fan the flame of anti-Japanese hatred. That this person used this fund that was meant for the Comfort Women for their own personal use, I cannot even begin to describe how sickening that is.

And look at those ignorant people in the photo. Japan HAS apologized to the Comfort Women, twice in fact on official record including back in 2015. How ironic that these people are the very people that accuse Japan of whitewashing and denying history.

No one should wonder why the Japanese government is hesitant to further settle any claims, when this is the kind of thing they are subject to. Why pay money and apologize, when groups like these seek to have them nullified and continue the anti-Japanese ignorance?

To be fair, it is one individual and not necessarily representative of the entire group.

I think you would do well to look into what it is that South Korea is claiming as you seem to have a very shallow understanding when you say 'Japan has already apologized twice'. It also might be worth your time if you care to, look at how other nations such as Germany dealt with similar issues as a comparison.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 181 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 595 See in context

NorthernlifeSep. 5  10:07 pm JST

Another day more Covid infections but at least we are free..not like some other places on the planet..

'Free' how? You have to be on alert at all times, wear a mask and not gather in large groups. You also have the constant fear of getting or passing on COVID. Free?

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Posted in: New Zealand records first Covid-19 death in over 3 months See in context

There were 12 in Japan and more than 1,000 in the US on the same day.

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Posted in: Japan's tripling of coronavirus tests unlikely to improve fight, experts say See in context

Hmm, that goes against everything experts recommend around the world including success stories like NZ, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore etc. All nations where numbers were reduced or eliminated have massive testing programs.

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Posted in: Trump calls Abe 'greatest prime minister in Japan's history' See in context

Come on, Trump has zero knowledge of any previous Japanese PM's to compare with.

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Posted in: Reality show 'Bachelor Japan' cast member dies in suspected suicide See in context

YubaruToday  10:38 am JST

Suicide is the result of unhealthy thinking patterns and not some external factor.

What an altruistic comment here! Reality is so much different, far too many people commit suicide purely because the "external factors" overwhelm their ability to "think healthily" or too seek assistance.

Trying to prevent all the 'bad' things in life to prevent suicide is the wrong approach. Young people need to learn healthy thinking habits and skills.

Ok, how do you propose going about here in a REALISTIC manner?

We dont live in your perfect world, please join reality!

Yes, and imagine how much easier life is when you don't take it all so seriously and personally. it's a choice, not a requirement to think that way - look at how many people don't!

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Posted in: Reality show 'Bachelor Japan' cast member dies in suspected suicide See in context

Suicide is the result of unhealthy thinking patterns and not some external factor. If people can talk themselves into committing suicide they can also talk themselves out of it, they just lack the skills, knowledge and support to be able to do this.

Trying to prevent all the 'bad' things in life to prevent suicide is the wrong approach. Young people need to learn healthy thinking habits and skills.

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Posted in: Reality show 'Bachelor Japan' cast member dies in suspected suicide See in context

Everyone is talking about 'reasons' for suicide. The content is never the issue folks, it's what's going on internally and a lack of skills and awareness to deal with it themselves. There will always be bullies. Young people need to learn healthy thinking skills, not bully avoidance skills.

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Posted in: Gov't says 98.6% of households received virus relief cash handouts See in context

In NZ businesses and self-employed like me have been getting regular wage subsidies. I've received the equivalent of 1 million yen over the past several months.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 212 new cases of coronavirus; nationwide tally 740 See in context

What's the point anymore of reporting numbers? How can the numbers go down significantly when little is being done to achieve that? You know that it's impossible for numbers to ever go down significantly and stay down if there is no NZ-style lock-down right? Even there, they had a small outbreak in Auckland. The virus will always be infecting people, possibly forever, until each nation eliminates it from there borders.

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Posted in: Japan reports 1,021 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday; 260 in Tokyo See in context

ArtistAtLargeToday  06:54 am JST

This virus is not to be trifled with nor underestimated. It is like a wildfire. A small spark and lack of attention to control and will quickly become out of control.

What 'control"?

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Posted in: Plastic bag usage at Japanese stores down by 50%, but plastic bags sales through the roof See in context

NZ has a ban on the use of plastic bags from stores and yes, and nobody really complained; it's as simple as carrying an eco-bag whenever you go out, and there are plenty of alternatives to garbage bags.

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Posted in: New Zealand extends Auckland lockdown as virus cluster grows See in context

theResidentToday  04:21 pm JST

It's not a ridiclous statement at all. More lives will be at risk from the coming surge in unemployment and economic depression than will be from the virus should they enter a further protracted lockdown. Have you looked at the countries in Europe that endured hard lockdowns? The infection rate is creeping up again yet no return to lockdown - in fact in the UK more businesses have been given permission to re-open.

Ah yes, the sacrificial method - let the virus spread and many will die as sacrificial lambs to the economy. Money always trumps human lives of course.

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