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letsberealistic comments

Posted in: Japan, U.N. expert trade barbs over freedom of expression in Japan See in context

Yes, just reading these rules is chilling... Oh, wait these are the Ofcom impartiality rules which exist in the UK and countless other countries around the world.

I suspect only Americans like UN Special Rapporteur David Kaye (who grow up watching the sort of politicised garbage you find on FOX news or MSNBC) will find impartiality rules for broadcast licensees to be a threat to freedom of expression. Most of the world does and Americans need to realise that sometimes they are the odd ones out. Of course, Abe is no saint and Japan is far from perfect but let's be fair and keep things in perspective.

Not true. Most western nations have similar laws but Japan goes that extra step closer to government control of the media. What the article does not mention is the Japanese 'press club' which in effect is a government 'news central' not unlike that in China.

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Posted in: Ray goes 7 innings as Diamondbacks beat Brewers 4-0 See in context

No US sports news please, this is a website about Japanese news.

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Posted in: Statins don't cause muscle pain: study See in context

Statins are an evil drug - will kill your life and there's no need for most people to use them.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl dies after being found on street See in context

jcapan Today  06:20 am JST

Incredibly sad. Can't help but think of yesterday's article about the ever shrinking number of children. Perhaps the priority should be on taking care of kids who've already been born--putting an end to the shamefully high rate of child poverty, taking real action to stop the bullying that almost always ends up being the cause of tragedies like this.

Yes, this.

Japanese kids have a (relatively speaking) unnecessarily hard life

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Posted in: Yamato to hire 9,000 more workers to reduce overtime See in context

Finally, Japanese companies are realizing what most companies in the developed world realized in the early part of the 20th century - employers don't 'own' their employees and their time and they need to respect and value their welfare.

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Posted in: Japan's envoy urges S Korea to remove 'comfort woman' statues See in context

Two odd things;

Korean put this statue right in front of the Japanese embassy.

Japan cares about these statues.

My 2

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Posted in: Gov't panel finalizes proposals on emperor's abdication See in context

Well, at least one female in attandance on an issue about a female emporer - is that progress?

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Posted in: Health diets from overseas flooding Japan, but are they right for Japanese bodies? See in context

I finally gave up reading this when it states Chinese can handle coffee while Japanese can't - same genetic group!!

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Posted in: APA hotel chain under fire over book denying Rape of Nanking See in context


I will tell you about a certain Chinese man. A 50s Chinese man who graduated from Beijing (Peking) University and lived in university dormitory for 4 years in 1980s testified as follows, “It is the middle of 1980s that I heard about the Nanjing Massacre for the first time. I have never once heard such a historical incident before then. I asked some dormitory roommates and classmates who came from Nanjing. All of them answered that they didn’t know The Nanjing Massacre. Nobody knew then. Why? If it happened in 1937 actually, their parents and grandparents who must have lived in Nanjing, then and could have seen and heard that the Massacre happened. But their parents and grandparents didn’t tell the story of Nanjing Massacre to their children and grandchildren. Don’t you think it's strange? I was born in 1960s' Nagasaki and was brought up there. My house was located 0.5km from the ground zero of the Atomic Bomb. I had repeatedly heard about people’s different actual experiences of Atomic Bomb since my infancy. When I was in school, or when I played in the park, or when I was at home, I often heard many and varieties of Atomic Bomb survivors’ actual experiences. I was so scared these stories. I had entirely been traumatized. I became unable to go to the toilet alone at night.

Thank you for demonstrating blatant fake news - we needed the perspective - it's 2017 after all.

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Posted in: S Korea allows new 'comfort woman' statue in Busan See in context

I think many on this forum are a bit confused about the whole issue and still see it as some kind of attack against Japan. Please just do a little more reading into it - a wide range of sources, not your usual sources.

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Posted in: Koreans on the march See in context

DieRealityCheckDEC. 29, 2016 - 01:14PM JST smith NO I am not at all. Ones cannot undestand comfort women unless trying to understand how women had been treated in the long history of the penninsula Try not to discuss hiding your own pubic area but concentrate attacking on the same of other, That's exactly what you're doing smith. Shame on you. and in many cases murdered after

ridiculous exaggeration again. or are you talking about the vietnamese victims slaughtered agfter the rape by Koreans?

DieRealityCheck your attitude may have come about from the education system and media not telling the whole story of WWII and the atrocities committed by Japan. It is well known that Japan was among the most brutal war mongers in history, at second only to the Nazis in the 20th century. Murder, torture and rape of innocent men, women and children was not only common and widespread it was encourage by military leaders. There is no denying the facts - and if you had any knowledge of Japanese history and culture through the ages you would have no trouble believing this.

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Posted in: Koreans on the march See in context

Brave people fighting for their grandmother's memories, honour and dignity. Anyone who attacks a demonstration like this is heartless and running from the past.

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Posted in: 8 reasons Japan is so clean See in context

Brian WhewaySEP. 22, 2016 - 03:13PM JST

There is one word that is probably NOT in the Japanese dictionary and thats "fly tipping" its all to common here in the UK, itinerant travellers are the worst offenders, but also house hold owners are a close second, most are to lazy to take there old large items or garden waste to the local tip, so they drive into the country side and empty there car and trailer waste into the nearest layby or farmers gate.

Nope. Sorry, to ruin your image here, but same thing happens in Japan. I often see old TV's, fridges and household waste dumped when hiking around Japan.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up 17-year-old girl's skirt See in context

Just wondering, is there no 'name suppression' system for suspects in Japan!?

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Posted in: City in Chiba offering public funds to freeze women's eggs See in context

Never-mind freezing eggs, make maternity care free in Japan like other developed nations and watch the number of babies go up!

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Posted in: YouTuber conducts experiment to test Japanese people’s honesty See in context

Christopher GlenAPR. 03, 2016 - 07:49PM JST Yes, this is one of the things Japan does well: respect for personal property. Heaven forbid you leave your umbrella unattended though!

Or your bicycle. Lets's do a social experiment around the world and see which country steals the most umbrellas and bicycles!

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Posted in: Teenager in Kawasaki found to have Zika virus after return from Brazil See in context

I mean;

"The infection is the fourth ever recorded in Japan, but the first case since the virus started spreading widely in Latin America last year, the Health Ministry said on Thursday."

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Posted in: Teenager in Kawasaki found to have Zika virus after return from Brazil See in context

warispeaceFEB. 26, 2016 - 08:14AM JST @letsberealistic Read the whole sentence, which qualifies "first".

Japan’s first case of the infection since the virus started spreading widely in Latin America last year.

Still ambiguous for the reader - how about putting both references to infections in the same sentence: "The infection is the fourth ever recorded in Japan but the first case since the virus started spreading widely in Latin America last year, but the fourth the Health Ministry said on Thursday."

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Posted in: TEPCO admits it delayed report of Fukushima meltdown See in context

shonanbbFEB. 26, 2016 - 06:56AM JST

I do not think it was a bad idea. Panic would have occurred and everyone would have wanted to evacuate Tokyo. Radiation in small dosages is not really that bad. We are over cautious.

That's doesn't make sense - there was no panic once the truth about there being a meltdown was eventually revealed! They thought they could hide it, THAT's why they didn't initially reveal the truth about the meltdown, NOT to avoid panic.

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Posted in: Teenager in Kawasaki found to have Zika virus after return from Brazil See in context

Editor please correct this contradiction:

"Japan’s first case of the infection"

"The boy is the fourth case of Zika virus infection in Japan. "

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Posted in: Woman arrested for suffocating 4-month-old daughter with pillow See in context

ghoneim mohamedFEB. 17, 2016 - 07:42PM JST

Though its shocking news,but we cant accuse Japanese of such crimes as a whole,even if it happens so often,because we are talking about 140 millions in Japan,what does such a thing indicate in such a big population?!everywhere we can find such crimes,but we cant make it as a characteristic of people of any country.When some one shot innocent people in streets,schools,university,church,etc almost very often in States,we cant accuse Americans,these are exceptions.Japan the same.

127 million not 140 million - hope your not Japanese ;)

Fair comment though it's not entirely true.

The US has a massively disproportionate number of murders and gun violence compared to anywhere else in the developed world. Japan, on the other hand, has a disproportional number of sexual crimes against women like sexual molestation (chikan) compared to any other country in the world, so its' not outside the realms of possibility to say say Japan has a comparatively high level of child abuse and infanticide.

It's all about the levels and rates - what is the rate of child abuse and infanticide in Japan? And is it accurate? Judging from the frequency of news reports it's high.

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Posted in: Vietnam fires Japanese soccer coach for being too tough See in context

GaijindesuJAN. 29, 2016 - 08:01AM JST

I thought 'no pain, no gain' is a universally understood concept. Apparently not.

Yeah, like 50 years ago - sports psychology has moved on from that dark-age of sports coaching.

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Posted in: 2 S Korean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Abe See in context

TamaramaJAN. 27, 2016 - 10:46PM JST Hang on a sec. I'm happy to be corrected, but on the 28th December, Abe officially gave his 'most sincere apologies' as Prime Minister of Japan to the Korean comfort women. This was an apology accepted officially by South Korea and hallmarked by them as a 'new beginning by Korea and Japan'. Why are people saying he has not apologized properly? Am I missing something?

You are being lazy - Google it. The reason are pretty clearly stated all over the web.

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Posted in: Amari resigns, but denies taking bribes; Ishihara named successor See in context

“Anything that hampers this must be eliminated, and I’m no exception. I, therefore, would like to resign as minister to take responsibility” for what he said his aides had done.

Blaming his aide - pathetic. If you didn't know about it why quit - you know some people know you took the bribes and you don't want that getting out. Good job he's out - sets an example.

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Posted in: 2 S Korean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Abe See in context


Anyway, Abe can't be expected to travel across Asia apologising face to face to everyone who suffered under the Japanese in WW2.

Um, he's not, there's just two and anyone else that makes the effort to come to Japan. They made the effort, why can't Abe?!

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Posted in: 21-year-old woman, 1-year-old son killed in car-truck crash See in context

Japanese truck drivers are reckless as hell - not surprised they are so often in accidents. One nearly ran into me coming the other way across a bridge in Kanazawa.

So sad - better regulations against truck driver safety please Japan.

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Posted in: 2 S Korean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Abe See in context

Mirai Hayashi! S.Korean people that age pretty much all hate Japan, and would love to see Japan apologize.

Serious. inferiority. complex and chip. on. shoulder. Get over it - Koreans or any other country doesn't care about Japan as much as you think they do. All anyone sees in Japan is a nation in denial that is so self-conscious that bit thinks all outsiders are conspiring to bring them down. Read: North Korea.

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Posted in: 2 S Korean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Abe See in context

Mirai HayashiJAN. 27, 2016 - 10:43AM JST What's so hard about it. Abe could do it in a minute - does it hurt to apologies or something? First of all, it would be wrong because he would be admitting guilt and involvement, neither of which Abe is or was. Secondly, it would set a bad precedence for him and future PMs, because the other countries will demand apologies and compensation, and future PMs will be on the hook for apologizing to these women and their children, and their on and so forth. No world leader should be held responsible for war crimes that they were not involved in, and were committed generations ago.

Um, did you forget that Abe already apologized and admitted guilt, like 2 weeks ago. All these women are asking is he say it to them directly, not in some 'letter to Korean women'.

They feel they were not consulted or involved in discussions - so it doesn't feel like a a real apology, which of course, it's not.

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Posted in: 2 S Korean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Abe See in context

@Mirai Hayashi

My first reaction looking at that photo was, 'wow, such incredible bravery'. Speaking publicly to a suspicious Japanese media on something so painful and embarrassing. Never seen that kind of guts in Japan. Respect. Really? Bravery for what? Gold digging and clamoring for attention? Abe wasn't even alive during WWII, why does he need to personally apologize to these women? Why didn't they ask for personal apologies from the other PMs? Or the Emperor for that matter...after all, it was Emperor Hirohito who raged war throughout the region and not the prime minister.

Wow, why so harsh?! They are very old ladies, like your grandma - you really think these elderly women are somehow politically motivated at that age? At 90 something they are 'gold digging'!?

They simply don't want to die without speaking out for themselves and all there friends who were brutally raped by Japanese soldiers.

I knew Japanese lack a charitable spirit, but I have never seen such cold-heartedness. No wonder they were capable of such inhumane cruelty during the war and thank god they are not aloud to go to war again.

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Posted in: 2 S Korean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Abe See in context

Alex80JAN. 27, 2016 - 07:19AM JST It's like to ask every single leader around the world to apologize directly to each victim of WWII that their country did. Seriously, it's not possible this way.

Hey, you don;t have to go out and find all victims of war - if they turn up on your doorstep bravely asking for an apology, why not do the kind thing and just say 'sorry' for crying out loud. Not hard.

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