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Posted in: New law a big step toward commercial whaling, Japanese officials say See in context

I know that for century's people all over the world have hunted whale's for various reasons. The major of them being for food, oil, and other reasons that include using the whole animal so that nothing is wasted. But before they were hunted commercially by thousands in big ships that could process hundreds at once to the point of being hunted to near extiction. The indigenous people only hunted a few in small boats in certain seasons and the one animal that was caught was shared by a whole village and nothing went to waiste. However we look at it different cultures ate whale's to live but they were not greedy and they did not exploit the animals at that time . now people are hunting them not just for food but other reasons without knowing if the numbers have been replenished. I really hate whaling because these animals are a part of the ecosystem and the earth just like we are and we are ruining this planet with pollution, over fishing, and war. I wish we would all stop and think about the planet for once and what we are doing to it. We are destroying our only home because we are not connected to the heart of the planet any more and we don't care about the pain we are causing to the planet and we are taking things for granted when we really need to see the signs of our own destruction. All people see the planet as is big buisness and what can be dug up and gouged out and fished and sold commercially. The earth is fighting back nature is its weapon and we are its targets and most importantly Climate Change is the secret weapon because it's unpredictable what natural disaster will happen next and will we be able to survive the storms and disasters that befall us all because we are not trying hard enough to stop this wrecking ball before it destroys us all. To me we deserve whatever nature throws our way as punishment for not caring about her and her children as we should.

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Posted in: Japan begins FY 2017 'research whaling' in northwest Pacific See in context

This is so laughable in todays sience society with the advances of technology with the tools used to study whales and other marine animals. You do not have to kill the animals to study them so lets be honest here if u are CAPTURING the whales and KILLING them then selling the meat afterwards isnt that commercial whaling??? Because real SCIENCE IS CATCH AND RELEASE. So i guess whalers wont be satisfied till there are no more whales for our future generations to see alive and in their own habitat because they will have gone they way of the dinosaurs, they will only be seen in BOOKS and to me thats a shame. What kind of planet do you want to leave for our future generations?????

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd finds Japanese whaler 'hiding behind iceberg' See in context

With all of the new technology we have today to do research on animals you do not have to kill them. Research is taking measurements, a small amount of blood to check DNA type matching and profile to store in a catalog database along with pictures for reference. There are so many things that can be learned from a small amount of blood in todays scientific research and animals do not need to be killed to do any of it. So the main thing that can be asked is where is the scientific data explaining everything about the animals they killed in the name of research? We all know the answer to this question is they do not have any. Once again you do not have to kill an animal for research purposes with all of the advances in technology these days. If you need to do research on a dead animal its done after their death and that is called a necropsy an animal autopsy to find cause of death after you FIND THEM DEAD. So please stop killing these majestic animals for the sake of our future gegenerations. The whales were hunted to near extinction generations ago for commercial gain and not necessarily food back then. So now the argument is if they have recovered enough to be hunted for food again? The answer to that question is no. And you still do not need to kill the animals to find out thats bacwards because you are still lessening their numbers. Please stop killing these majestic animals for the sake of a lie research is fact finding information for the sake of understanding different things and learning purposes. So please stop hunting them because just like tuna they will be extinct before you can blink and then the only way future generations will learn about these animals will be the same way we learned about the dinosaurs from archeological digs to find out about the ancient past and books after they are extinct.

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Posted in: Whaling: The hunters and the hunted See in context

I guess no one country will be happy untill whales are extinct just like eel and tuna....even the whale shark will be extinct why can't people share the planet??? Stop the wars, stop poluting, stop the illegal fishing and poaching. Please stop destroying the planet i feel very guilty when i look around and see the poor condition our generation is leaving the planet in for future generations. They will look at the planet they have inherited and look at us and say thanks for the mess that they will have to clean and repair if it can be repaired.

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins killed in annual Taiji hunt See in context

All i can say in this situation is be it a whail or a dolphin being killed for food or for science. You do not need to kill an animal to study it and almost all of the fish in the ocean is contaminated with pollutants and mercury. And with all of the disasters happening around the world its called KARMA for a reason.

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Posted in: Body of child found in river confirmed as that of missing 7-year-old girl See in context

I have a question if they have been searching for her since Saturday did they even search near the river at all within these past few days??? And if they did they would have found her the same day.. So why did they just find her in the river on Monday???? I know we should wait till all of the facts are layed out....but they had a lot of people searching for her so why and how was she just found in the river???? It still looks strange....watch over your family little innocent angel im so so sorry for her and her family....and everyone who searched and prayed for a better out come everyone is suffering right now...

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Posted in: Body of child found in river confirmed as that of missing 7-year-old girl See in context

That poor poor baby and the pain the family is going through my prayers are with them. And now the mother and grandmother are going to suffer with guilt and what ifs for the rest of their lives and blame themselves for this tragedy. May GOD help them through this and i really do think that someone took her because i dont see a 7 year old just leaving their sandels like that because if they fell off she would have stopped and put them back on and then continued walking. So this looks more like a sick person did this to her. And also in a small village like that i beleave everyone knows one another however if they were preparing for a festival im sure they had people coming from different parts of the country to attend it. So there had to be a sick pervert among them that saw her and took her.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl missing in Nagano town See in context

I hope and pray she is found unharmed because this sounds like she was taken if the sandals were found and she was not. Because i don't think she would just leave her sandels if they had fallen off she would have put them back on and continued walking. And i understand this is a small town but if they are preparing for a festival then there are people coming from different parts of the island to participate in it. So in a small town everyone knows everyone but if there are different peoples family members attending then it would be hard to tell what type of people are in the extended family's and what type of mind set they are in.

But again i truley pray with every fiber of my being that she is found alive and safe not to mention unharmed.

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Posted in: Testing confirms new, rarely seen whale in Pacific Ocean See in context

I really hope that japan does not do their type of research on this new and mysterious not to mention endangered species of whale. Because if they do we will never get the chance to do real research on it and find out more about it because it will be extinct and never seen again. You don't have to kill an animal to do research on it And it would be a shame because our children and our childrens children etc, will only be able to read about it in books and not see them in thier natural habitats. We are already destroyng this planet and they will inherit a world of misery that they will be responsible for cleaning ,restoring and correcting the damage our generation has left them. Please stop killing animals under the pretexts of resurch.

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