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Posted in: Woman sues gov't over forced sterilization under old eugenics law See in context

A couple of the usual candidates moralising here in the comments section but nice to see some strong numbers agreeing the complexity of the issue. Unfair policy, but it's also unfair to expect the rest of society to carry the economic burden of your children's disability.

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Posted in: No alcohol in streets, public places at 2022 World Cup, Qatar says See in context

The decision to allow Qatar to host the World Cup is evidence of a #riggedsystem. At no other time in history had two World Cup hosts been decided on the one night. FIFA knew that it would take a long time to convince people to play a winter (European) World Cup.

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Posted in: Asian federation still backs Blatter See in context

At least Australia's got the balls to vote against Sepp-tic

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 2-1 in Osaka See in context

Pick the best team. Not just players who need experience, as there are no guarantees that experience makes you a better player next time.

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Posted in: World Cup in Brazil to be 1st to offer seats for obese See in context

A classic Simpsons episode. I'm guessing all these seats will be in the vicinity of the snack bar.

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Posted in: Survey to find Japan’s 50 favorite Western musical acts now on See in context


It's really depressing to try to start a conversation about music with a Japanese and all you get is "Carpenters". And "world music" TV programmes keep playing Chaka Khan (who?), Boz Scaggs (what?), Billy Joel (Hoooonestyyyyy)...seriously?. PATHETIC!!!

Wow! Very emotional. I hope you don't actually listen to Simply Red, but I like some of the bands you mentioned. I'm pretty sure Deep Purple did have a following in Japan at some stage. They titled their live album Made in Japan. As a fan of Iron Maiden I know they're regulars to Japan also but metal is just not mainstream enough to make the top of the charts. I agree with other posters with their point about the audience being polled affecting the results. It's definitely not representative of the entire population.

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Posted in: Japanese dating site busted for using fake profiles See in context

This story makes me wonder how does a dating website begin? Do they start with a blank page? How would you attract those first customers if there is no one on the books? Any ideas?

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Posted in: Japan quake study sounds alarm at 'creeping fault' doctrine See in context

Yeah, and I know why! It is because, at this stage, it is impossible to predict earthquakes

True that! Gotta think the wages/salaries these scientists are on would be huge and what they're doing is tantamount to guess-work. Maybe I'm crazy but I think the powers that be should be employing engineers with an eye to divert tsunami waters safely, somehow.

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Posted in: 2020 Games candidates prepare for IOC file delivery See in context

The common perception has been that Istanbul has a fantastic chance to become the first country with a majority Muslim population to host the Games

I didn't know Istanbul was a country.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

I hate "foster". Every corporate giant wants to "foster" something, or "bring something to life". Classic examples, "We foster an entrepreneurial culture" or "bringing education to life" even "bringing service to life". Aaagh! Vomit x 11 on a Sunday morning.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

" . . . And we got to Maccas and like, Johnny is like umm, he's like hungry as and he's like almost pising himself but like* he orders his Quarter Pounder Meal and starts undoing his pants in front of the counter." I don't like LIKE.

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Posted in: Big money to play soccer in China, but is it worth it? See in context

I agree with comments above about wages being massive but, if you promise someone a certain amount per week, you should hold up your end of the deal. I understand the players ditching clubs due to wage inconsistencies.

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Posted in: Sock thief on the loose in Chiba See in context

He wanted a sock, so she should have given him one... to the face.

Yep, I think we should all sock him one.

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Posted in: Heightened sensibilities regarding child safety get man written up for asking directions See in context

While I hate the microscope which men get placed under for trivial things, this fella does seem to have chosen the wrong individual to ask for directions from. The database is good too.

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Posted in: Gamba Osaka relegated to J-League's 2nd division See in context

Miracle in Niigata. All season in the bottom three and on the final day they scrape out of relegation. Have to admit I envisaged Gamba Osaka playing the role of relegation battle survivors, more than Niigata.

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Posted in: Cuteness overload in Japan See in context


J girls grow up and stop playin "pretend" .........Maybe they should all take a trip to Europe ( in their last year of university here) and have a see what real women look like !...........Honestly !.........

Thats a pretty sad comment.

Anyway, the cutest thing I've seen in Japan, apart from my girlfriend's ridiculous smile, would be the crazy manga men and women that appear on packets of everything you buy from the local kombini.

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Posted in: Survey asks: What makes Japanese citizens feel distinctly Japanese? See in context

Megosaa - ;-p funny that there's so many smart a**es here that nobody seem to answer the question:

Spot on. And now for what makes me feel like an Australian citizen, umm . . . listening to illegal immigrants explain the many loopholes of our welfare system. That's truly when I feel like an Australian. It's so typical, or does it happen in other countries?

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Posted in: Japan targets early World Cup qualification for Brazil See in context

Young Red Star Belgrade goalkeeper Eli Babali

I didn't know Eli Babalj (correct spelling) had become a goalkeeper. He was in such good form in front of goal for Melbourne Heart last season. That's an interesting career move. Maybe Japan Today can provide the training for him. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/babalj-out-to-impress/story-e6frfg8x-1226515458828

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Posted in: Japan's rugby players wrestle, fence ahead of European tour See in context

Jones, who took over Japan in April, added that players overseas take up a number of sports while at school to “learn different skill sets that they can then apply to their rugby”.

Yeah in Australia they play other sports but it's not with the specific purpose of giving themselves a larger skill set. It's because that is the way the junior sports system works in Australia.

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Posted in: Eating on trains: Survey asks 'How much is too much?' See in context

Just quietly I think that people should adhere to local customs. When in Rome . . .

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Posted in: Australia to extend reach of tough refugee policy See in context

I know what will stop them. John Winston Howard. He was a prime minister who put Australia's needs first. Not like the last two, who care more about appeasing the U.N. and all the minority groups here. Yeah I gotta admit I laughed at the headline too. No author name. What a surprise.

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Posted in: Brazilian student auctions virginity online to Japanese man for $780,000 See in context

I can here the feminists howling: "What about the sisterhood!" But yeah Natsu has gotta be nuts to pay that kinda money.

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Posted in: Twitter comment starts online debate on working overtime See in context

MR Kobayashi Most Europeans I know will focus on thing and work hard until they finish it. Then they concentrate on the next task. Much more productive, IMHO.

Europe is looking really strong at the moment (Greece, Spain, Italy). But I don't like the sound of this hanging around the office to give the boss the impression you're a hard worker. Can't stand those types here in Australia.

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Posted in: Life on a budget: How salarymen and women make ends meet See in context

Look I gotta set this straight. Me and the girlfriend have ate at restaurants a number of times in Japan. We have ate plenty of decent meals for less than 2000 yen. Meanwhile back here in Sydney we when went out for a meal in Darling Harbour, Sydney. We paid $75 which equates to something around 8000 yen. You wanna talk about expensive places to eat, you talk Sydney.

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Posted in: Man attacked by bear in Nikko See in context

But no! Don't shoot them, don't cull. It's our fault. We're encroaching on their lands, which means they are within their rights to attack and kill us.

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Posted in: Why Japanese girls are a better catch than Japanese men See in context

It's obvious from some of the comments (despite avatars which don't indicate one's sex) that foreign women are jealous to the max! You should be happy girls. You've been liberated. You've got your equality, just like Julia Gillard. Now she is someone you can all aspire to (insert fart noise).

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Posted in: Does fluency matter? See in context

Yes, good article. Thanks for the tips on becoming culturally fluent. Now I can tell the lecturers and tutors that watching t.v. isn't a waste of time. I'm not sure about the assertion that Japanese aren't great conversationalists though. It's only been 3 years since you've been 'fluent'. Oh and to end on a positive, I like the bit about the all conquering, all inventing Mr Gore.

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Posted in: Australia's first child sex offender register goes live See in context

Now offenders might understand what their victims go through on a daily basis.

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Posted in: Yokohama man builds museum to mark samurai clash that strained UK–Japan ties See in context

Respect to Asaumi-san. Imagine if those poms had just got off their horses and appeased the locals. Would Japan still be closed off? Would Japan have gone on to beat up Russia and China? Many possibilities.

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Posted in: Women could save Japan's economy: IMF's Lagarde See in context

Appreciate your mums. A good one makes a huge difference to a child, and also to the societies those children eventually contribute to.

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