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Posted in: Japanese widow, son of Marine closer to immigrating to U.S. See in context

She will face racism by both in the small town, ignorant southerners and the Japanese community in the same small town. Hope she doesn't have this idea that Maryville, TN is L.A., NC or Seattle as she may have seen on all the TV and movies

I'm not sure where you get this racism comment, furuigakko, as I actually live in this town in question, and am very familiar with this story. I also happen to work at one of these Japanese owned companies. There is a large network of Japanese families here in Maryville, and they are very supportive of each other. Working with over 50+ expats over the years from Japan, they love it here, as well as their families, so much that they do not want to return to Japan at the end of their work assignment. Plus, the Japanese families know they are a highly respected and important part of Maryville as they participate in several annual events with the local college to share their culture with the local community, and each event is very popular. Doesn't sound like us 'ignorant southerners' have shown much racism and lack of hospitality, does it?

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