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Posted in: Trump threatens Bannon with legal action; cell phones to be banned from White House West Wing See in context

"I don't talk to him. That's a misnomer."


Gads, what a blinking imbecile.

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Posted in: Harumafuji indicted over assault; JSA seeks to remove stablemaster Takanohana as director See in context

Welcome to Sakoku 2.0, Takanohana style. It's absolutely no secret that Takanohana wishes foreigners were banned from sumo altogether for dominating the sport in recent years. But rather than motivating and pushing his Japanese wrestlers to train harder and simply be better, he opted to go with this cowardly, underhanded effort to get rid of foreign wrestlers by trying them in the court of public opinion, a la the tired, stale, and wholly racist, "See how these foreign brutes are incapable of understanding the sophisticated and mysterious ways of Japanese sumo?"

Meanwhile, Japanese sumo reguarly go out, drink a boatload, do stupid things, and enjoy full protection from public scrutiny by the JSA.

Takanohana's a hack and his efforts to "purify" the sport only serve to ensure that Japanese wrestlers will remain weak and unevolved in a world that otherwise wouldn't give them a passing glance anymore amid all the match-rigging and general atrophying of the sport.

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Posted in: White House defends Trump's remarks on police brutality See in context

Of COURSE the White House defends it. What else would one expect from a vulgar, brtulaly stupid, sexual predator who extols the virtues of totalitarian leaders the world over?

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Posted in: Trump fires new communications chief Scaramucci after just 10 days See in context

Indeed. And so the circus continues. The GOP owns this ongoing crime against democracy, lock, stock, and barrel.

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Posted in: S Korea starts review of 'comfort women' deal with Japan See in context

This latest nonsense is precisely why I'm left caring equal parts of diddly and squat about what South Korea "feels" about the the forced prostitution perpetrated by Japan during WWII. South Korean political hacks have turned this into a vulgar, opportunistic influence peddling football that absolutely does not give one whit about the actual victims. Screw 'em. Modern Japan has done enough and should wash its hands of this.

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Posted in: With a threat of tapes, Trump tells ousted FBI chief not to talk to media See in context


He did show his taxes or his taxes were shown

No, Bass, his taxes were NOT shown. What was revealed on Maddow 's show was a partial tax return from 2006. And it was leaked, not released. And it was most likely leaked by Trump himself.

Trump absolutely MUST release his tax returns over the past 10 years to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he has no conflicting interests as POTUS. That his supporter so blithely brush off his refusal to do something that has been a matter of course for the past 50 years for presidential candidates speaks volumes about their own questionable relationship with truth, ethics, and integrity.

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Posted in: Trial begins for couple over death of 3-year-old girl See in context

Oh, the boiling water is only part of the fuller horror story this child endured. She was gagged regularly when she cried and was rarely fed. It was determined that she hadn't eaten in the 5 days leading up to her death and investigators had found that she had been scrounging through the trash in vain for something to eat before the end.

Ready for the most offensive punchline ever? The mother at trial requested that the proceedings be put on hold because . . . wait for it . . . she's pregnant...

Forced sterilization seems almost too kind for this monster.

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Posted in: Bill O'Reilly and ex-Fox chief hit with more sexual harassment allegations See in context

Re: Fox News viewership: ". . . you are saying over 120 million people can't think for themselves."

In absolutely, positively NO permutation of reality has Fox News or any other cable news network, for that matter, enjoyed 120 million discrete American viewers. Ever.

The "alternative facts" soup of stupidity that Trump sycophants like to lap up would certainly stretch further if you didn't further lies about news organizations that have in fact provided a far more accurate account of the truth than you.


O'Reilly has about 2.3 million discrete viewers on a good day. That's fewer than 2% of the silliness you floated.

How do you know I'm White? Can you prove it?

The care with which you made certain "white" was capitalized in your reply is a pretty good indicator, champ. Please have the integrity to not pretend to be something you aren't. Coy doesn't become you. Not even a little bit.

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Posted in: Japanese tourists in flu masks frighten British supermarket shoppers See in context

I wear a mask to help with seasonal allergies, particularly now. They work. I wish I had had them when I lived in the states.

A few posters here have suggested that Japanese wear masks for reasons outside of what is explicitly stated. I would LOVE to hear the "real" reason(s) Japanese wear masks, especially as relayed by expats who style themselves as spokespersons for the entire archipelago.

As for British locals freaking out when confronted by a group of tourists in masks on a massive spending spree, sure, I can see where some confusion might arise. But then again, its a group made up of Asians, presumably looking very touristy, and shopping prodigiously; to make the leap from "How curious" to "Is this Red Dawn realized on the shores of the U.K.?" should be more than a little embarrassing.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. must be paid more to defend Germany See in context

If there's any one single smoking gun linking Trump to Russia, it's this completely irrational belligerence towards NATO. Trump is a liar, a fool, and a treasonous snake.

Prove [that Trump is a Russian agent]

Oh, it won't be long now. Not long at all.

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Posted in: Trump praises arrest of 'troubled person' at White House See in context

Just another junkfood eating CaliLib with a cry for help.

Grow up, badsey. Try just a little bit to not be a tool when commenting.

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

This guy is great. Typical Regressive Leftist.

This from the guy prattling on about (ahem) "Obama/ Clinton's war on the American people."

Enjoy the continued losing of every point you may want to bring up from now until 2020.

Oh, the electorate is going to win points again and again against Trump and his pack of jackals. And it won't have to wait until 2020 to repair the damage he's doing. But keep plugging away about remote control cars and counter-counter-counter espionage plots. Makes it easier for the grownups in the room to focus on the important things. :)

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

a section titled “Umbrage”

Wired is a respectable publication, so I stand corrected for dismissing your post outright based on an assumption you would subscribe to untrustworthy news sources.

Allow me to deflect for a bit....

Why would I suspect you of being willing to ascribe to fringe wackiness? Maybe it was the part in your post where you ascribe a specific political personality and identity to intelligence organizations that are by design apolitical, or where you twisted Loretta Lynch's speech about Americans being willing to suffer violence, not commit it, in pursuit of justice and civil liberty, or the part where you linked a Wikileaks speculation that cars can be remotely controlled to the death of reporter Michael Hastings, or the part where you bring up Khizr Kham for no other apparent reason than to sh%$-talk a man who dared criticize Trump.

Maybe those are the parts where I was left with the impression that you were living on a steady diet of loopty-doo. Hmm...

There. Deflection is done.

Back to the point then. The Wired article makes an opinion-based speculation. Speculation does not the truth make. Alternatively, knowing how to create the unique "fingerprints" of rival intelligence apparatuses seems like a forgone conclusion for any organization in the business of combatting them.

The article mentions the following:

As in a murder trial where a dirty cop could plant a weapon to frame an innocent person, intelligence agencies could plant evidence to mislead the US public...

Yeah, sure they could. And it's an incredibly damning and unnerving hypothetical. At least until one realizes that such a scenario is without question the exception rather than the rule. Dirty cops and corrupt spies certainly make for entertaining television and film, but the reality is far more mundane, I'm afraid to tell you.

Elaborate, convoluted CIA efforts on behalf of Obama to undermine Trump that produce the collateral damage of sinking the very campaign of a Democratic candidate almost guaranteed to continue his administration's work? Occam's Razor springs immediately to mind here.

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context


Wikileaks reports the CIA has hacking tools that can use the fingerprints common from Russia appear in any hack.

(...face-palming self now...)

Since "fake" has been misappropriated shamelessly of late, let's call little tidbit this for what it is: false, bogus, counterfeit, phony, sham, made-up, make-believe, fictitious, false, and (my favorite go-to) horse puckey.

The Wikileaks release indicated that the CIA had built up a library of hacking techniques taken from Russian and other sources, and NOT that they had learned how to mimic Russian hacking signatures.

But thanks for making it clear to everyone here that you are perfectly comfortable with not only believing every fringe, whack-job rumor you run across, but are also okay with trafficking these lies yourself. Your opinions henceforth will be filed accordingly.

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Posted in: White House struggles to answer if Trump is target of probe See in context

Who would've thought when Trump Tweeted this was "Nixon/Watergate," he'd be talking about himself?

. . . what happened today with Spicer and the note leads me to believe he is either in the dark or covering for something. Either way it comes across as incompetent.

Couldn't have put it better myself.

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Posted in: Actress Emma Watson says revealing photo does not undermine feminism See in context

gaijin playa,

a woman poses nude and some guys make a few lewd comments and she cries sexism! put your clothes back on, luv, otherwise dont pull the feminist card!

You obviously didn't read the article. No one posed nude, no one made lewd comments, and no one said a thing about sexism.

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Posted in: Actress Emma Watson says revealing photo does not undermine feminism See in context

Shinjuku No Yaju,

it's hard to take anyone seriously on any subject if they're half naked on a bearskin rug.

Why, precisely?

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

Obama was the same, always about him and always about his legacy, that's why he said, during the last election, "I may not be on the ballad, but my legacy is" sheer pathological narcissism.

The "I know you are, but what am I?" defense really sort of lost its efficacy in 4th grade elementary.

Millions of Americans thought the same about Obama and yet, he still did 8 years, even though it was extremely painful, so nothing new here.

Obama won the popular vote in his first term by 9.5 million votes. He won his second term by more than 4.9 million votes. This "pain" you speak of would seem to be relatively limited.

Meanwhile, Trump, won the election but lost the popular vote by 2.8 million ballots. He has the support of fewer than 27% of eligible voters. That's not a particularly huge mandate.

Your effort to qualify Trump as being like Obama in any way, shape, or form is more than a bit silly. Outside of followers of fringe, racist trash like Breitbart and InfoWars, and less discerning consumers of Fox News when it decided to become a political mouthpiece for conservatives, not many Americans actually bought into the politically motivated narrative that U.S. Senator-State Senator-author-activist-lawyer-Harvard Law graduate-U.S. citizen Barrack Obama was unqualified for the presidency.

Oh, and you're deflecting again.

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context


Why hasn't Obama himself denied this charge?

Because these aren't "charges." They are bull-shite trolling, at best. If I asked you when you stopped beating your wife and children, would you feel compelled to reply with an answer?

The POTUS does not possess the power or the authority to issue or execute wiretaps in any capacity. Period.

It is PAINFULLY obvious that Trump issued these tweets for two reasons:

1) He is trying to slow the gradually increasing momentum building against his administration for what seems very much to be inappropriate . . . if not illegal . . . contact with the Russian government throughout the election.

2) He is expressing his pathological narcissism in full by trying to redirect the narrative back to him. It's always about him. Best plans. Biggest wins. Most done. Richest. Smartest. Most successful - The man is a walking billboard of superlatives. At the end of the day, it's deep-rooted insecurity that drives The OCI in all that he says and does. He's unfit for the office of POTUS in every way imaginable.

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

The 25th Amendment may have to be invoked before we ever get to removing this lunatic for colluding with Russia to win the election. This is serious paranoid delusion territory, if he really believes it. And it's a brazen indication that's Trump is taking his cues from fringe talk shows, rather than actually using what few brain cells he has. In either case, this nutter is unfit to lead a nation of 300 million.

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Posted in: Tata settles $1 bil dispute with NTT Docomo See in context

This is just another example where the Japanese firms fail to compete when the market is not guaranteed and faced with real competition.

No, this is an obvious example of a company expecting a partner to honor their commitments. Nice try with the Japan bashing though.

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Posted in: Trump administration considering separating women, children at Mexico border See in context

Is the GOP still going to call itself the party of "family values"?

Oh, I think the GOP as we knew it died a long time ago. Family values? Clearly not, since even the most self righteous among their membership all but gave Donnie Boy a BJ despite him being an adulterous, multiple divorcee who likes to sexually assault women and lust after his own daughter.

And let's not forget about the death of any definition of conservatism as the GOP collectively got down on all fours and presented at the address to Congress as the Orange-Coifed Imbecile gushed about the trillion dollar infrastructure bill, military budget increase, and $21 billion wall the American taxpayers absolutely will end up footing the bill for. Conservatism? Hah.

Calling modern Republicans hypocrites would only have any effect if a) they had a morals or ethics in the first place, and b) if they actually knew the definition of the word and realized it's typically reserved for describing relative vile human beings.

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Posted in: Trump seeks 'historic' 9% increase in U.S. military budget See in context

But Emanuel and Gruber banking on the ignorance of American people wasn't planned? This is the reason why Democrats are as sneaky as weasels!

Not even remotely in the same ballpark, much less the same sport. Someone making sarcastic, cynical political commentary on the low level of economic understanding many Americans inarguably possess is in no way comparable to Republicans going out of their way to rig voting districts and election laws to overwhelmingly favor them, or intentionally misleading their own constituents into believing one thing when in fact the truth is something entirely different.

By the way, you were deflecting again. Rather than actually defend against the point I made, you did your usual, tired, predictable, "Oh, that? Well what about this?" song and dance. Deflection.

Obama said, you can keep your doctor, Obama said, you have endless choices, Obama said, your premiums would never go up, Obama said, the ACA is affordable, it's not. Lie after lie and finallly in November they found out what lying can cost you.

One, you're deflecting again. I pointed out that the GOP relied directly on the ignorance of its own constituency in order to secure political power, and you responded with the equivalent of "Two wrongs make a right." Admission followed by deflection.

Two, Obama didn't go out of his way to lie to the American people. Mechanisms were put in place to prevent people from losing their favorite doctors. And the mechanisms weren't nearly enough, resulting in an estimated 2% of all insured losing their existing plans as their preferred policies became unable to meet the unrealistic demands of the new ACA grandfathering rules. Sure, you can try to make the argument all day that Obama knowingly intended to see these people bumped, but it's kind of hard to insinuate insidious intent for someone who tried to bring healthcare to America's most vulnerable citizens. I'll stack giving a damn about others up again the Birthers and idiots who still think to this day that Obama is a socialist/communist/radical Islam sympathizer against your shrill little, "He lied! He lied!" hissy fit any day of the week. The GOP knowingly and gleefully floated those little turds amongst their constituents and giggled as they gathered votes.

Three, Dems "found out what lying can cost" them? Really? Is that what the protests and angry Town Hall meetings in deep Red communities are telling you? You're grossly conflating facts. Voters across America were angry at Washington gridlock, corruption, Wall Street influence on our political process, being taken for granted by their elected officials. The ACA was only a small part of voter angst. Folks NOW are angry because the GOP is still trying to kill the ACA, despite the public overwhelmingly favoring its existence. But let's be honest. Liberals were angry about this for as long as the GOP was trying to hobble the ACA. So-called "conservative" Americans are pissed now because they finally realized -- far too late, IMO -- that the ACA, which they like, and Obamacare, which they were conditioned to hate through misinformation and slander, are one and the same. And they are gradually starting to understand that it was the GOP that duped them into enthusiastically supporting a candidate who would eventually attack something they valued, healthcare. The blowback is going to be epic.

It's equally as bad as Dems turning their heads, shrugging their shoulders when it comes to voter ID fraud in many States, if illegals can obtain drivers licences and be allowed to register to vote, even if they are illegal is equally as bad. So the Dems complain about one thing and ignore something that can potentially be beneficial to them? Shame on them.

Do me a favor. Type into your browser, "deflection definition." If there happens to be a photo of you next to the definition, that's probably no error.

For one, you're again throwing up a "well, look what YOU did" argument in a poor attempt to take the stink off of the wholly demonstrable point I made about the GOP pissing on democracy at every opportunity just to hold on to the reins of power. You essentially validate my points. Thanks for that.

Two, this voter fraud claim still gets tossed around with little more than anecdotal evidence and poorly conceived entrapment scams by those Project Veritas asshats. What's the phrase? "Put up or shut up." Where's the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud that somehow makes GOP malfeasance and election tampering okay? State election officials can't find it. The FEC can't find it. The DOJ can't find it. Or rather, fraud has been found, but nothing outside of statistically acceptable norms for a population of 65 million Mind you, this is while taking into account that fraudulent voters seem to come from all areas of the political spectrum. Chew on that for a bit, if you can. Meanwhile, the Orange-Coifed Imbecile, can't or won't produce any proof at all, despite lots of bluster and bombast to the contrary. So you'll forgive me if I decline to lend any credence to this latest attempt to deflect.

Actually, the way the Dems are acting that revolt might not be what you want. Be careful what you ask for. Remember, liberals are extremely bad when it comes to predictions.

You still don't get it, do you? You kept saying that Clinton was tone deaf throughout the campaign, unable to connect to the concerns and worries of real Americans. But here you are, a microcosm of the same tone deafness of a power-drunk GOP still dancing about and giggling like little children that they hold very close to all three branches, as if that's the end of the board game.

What you haven't realized is that it isn't just so-called liberals who are angry about the snow-job that was just perpetuated on the American people with this current joke of a president. So-called conservative voters too, the very ones that put Trump into office, the very ones that are now realizing the ACA and Obamacare are the very same thing being threatened by their elected representatives, and a cabinet packed with the very same rich a-holes Trump spent his campaign vilifying if they had any connection to Clinton, are the ones bringing much of the anger to these Town Hall meetings -- you know, the ones the representative are hiding from. It would be so easy to simply write all protesters off as "paid actors." But that's not what's happening. And the anger isn't going away. The GOP can go ahead and ignore that at its own peril.

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Posted in: Trump seeks 'historic' 9% increase in U.S. military budget See in context

I expect a public revolt against the GoP if they destroy the ACA.

I agree. We have to keep in mind that a significant portion of the Orange-Coifed Imbecile's supporters weren't even aware that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act were the same thing until after the election. Which is precisely how the GOP planned it.

The GOP, in their own inimitable style, played and preyed upon the ignorance of their constituency, working them up into a foamy-mouthed rage over Obamacare, while they secretly worked to disable and dismantle something these voters were very much in favor of.

It's the same cynical, mean-spirited asshattery that prompts so many "Conservatives" to gerrymander voter districts unto bedlam, to create capricious and wholly effed-up "voter ID" laws designed specifically to exploit of the relative lack of time and resources that defines the life of many poor minorities in the US, to say one thing and do the polar opposite in virtually all areas of public policy.

Yes, the revolt is coming, and it ain't gonna be pretty. That 2nd Amendment makes certain things possible for all Americans, not just the wealthier, fairer skinned "law and order" types.

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Posted in: Trump seeks 'historic' 9% increase in U.S. military budget See in context

you guys on the left need to stop peddling Trump wants to take your healthcare away.

Get your deflection and obfuscation straight, Bass. We're under no illusion here that the Orange-Coifed Imbecile is out to cut healthcare. In fact, he supported universal healthcare not too long ago. Everyone knows perfectly well it's the GOP that wants to gut healthcare. Pick any one of a number of Town Hall meetings over this past two weeks to see evidence of that.

Of course, it's much harder to see that now, now that Republican elected officials have gone into hiding from their own constituencies like the spineless, amoral, ass-kissing cowards they proved themselves to be in this past election.

The worm is turing and it's starting with those very same poor, uneducated, white Midwesteners the GOP claimed to care about when they realize how thoroughly they've been screwed by the GOP and the Orange-Coifed Imbecile.

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Posted in: Trump says he won't attend correspondents dinner this spring See in context

Trump says he won't attend correspondents dinner this spring

Of course he won't. He's a petulant, whinging child who still can't fathom why less than 25% of the electorate thinks he's worth a damn.

Just wait until those folks find out he's kicking them and several million Americans off of the ACA. His support dwindles by the day, and hiding from the world isn't going to staunch the bleeding.

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Posted in: CEOs to Trump: Jobs exist; skills don't See in context

“The jobs are there, but the skills are not"

Trump (thinking to himself between tweets): "Oh, crap. And I just put that Devos donor person in charge of educating the next generation of Americans, didn't I? Damn. This is way harder than I thought."

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Posted in: Trump administration lifts transgender bathroom guidance See in context

Should be a state decision not federal.

Yeah, eleven states tried to pull similar horse puckey back in 1861. It didn't pan out well for them.

Civil rights don't depend on what your zip code happens to be.

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Posted in: Mexico fumes at 'hostile' Trump immigration rules as U.S. talks loom See in context

White House spokesman Sean Spicer described U.S.-Mexico ties as healthy and robust. [He said[, "I think the relationship with Mexico is phenomenal right now."

What a tone-deaf hack. Spicer must be writing from an "Alternative Dictionary" when he applies the word " phenomenal" to current US/Mexican relations.

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Posted in: Trump administration lifts transgender bathroom guidance See in context

So, when the Orange Coifed Imbicile said back in April 2016 that he had no problem with transgendered people using the restroom they most felt comfortable with, he was lying?

Or is he lying now by allowing others in his inner circle to dictate public policy?

Color me "not surpised."

The man has all the honesty and integrity of a snake oil salesman.

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