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Posted in: He is so overconfident and yet so logically unconvincing that my interpreter friends and I often joke that if we translated his words as they are, we would end up making ourselves sound stupid. See in context


I have to agree with Strangerland, Cleo, and others. A person does not automatically lose the right to express an opinion by virtue of their job title. These translators didn't put their opinions into the body of their work, therefore, they've met any ethical conditions one can reasonably expect from them as professional translators. Unless we're talking about a court case in which a jury pool can potentially be tainted -- which we very clearly aren't -- these women have every right to express their opinion on their experiences translating for the orange-coifed imbecile currently trolling the halls of the White House.

As long as their option did not come through in their actual translation work, there's no issue here.

Unless of course it's the one where the orange-coifed imbecile and a fair number of his most ardent sycophants believe he can and should silence any and all contrary or negative coverage or opinion of his less-than-stellar landing on the political world stage? Yeah, good luck with that.

What I find to be particularly amusing about their observations is that even as second-language speakers, albeit highly skilled ones, their comments reflect those of native English speakers to a T.

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Posted in: He is so overconfident and yet so logically unconvincing that my interpreter friends and I often joke that if we translated his words as they are, we would end up making ourselves sound stupid. See in context

Joining in on the Trump Bash Bandwagon?

By using the term "bandwagon," you're suggesting that the criticisms of Trump's speaking "style" is undeserved. However, it's completely deserved. The man is incapable of putting together two intelligible and properly structured English sentences in a row, at least when he's not reading from notes prepared for him by Steve Bannon.

He wanders all over the map and seems incapable of sting on topic. His greatest strategy is to rely on repeating adjectives and nouns again and again and again, as if the repetition itself will magically fill in the blanks for listeners who are trying to figure out what the hell he's talking about.

He's a barely articulate imbecile and I can think of no better place for this to become apparent than for interpreters who are forced to make sense of his gobbledygook. I feel sorry for professional interpreters.

I understand him perfectly, and if you don't, stop being an interpreter because your skills are low.

Sure you do. Yeah, sure you do. (rolls eyes)

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How come the next of kin (his family in Macau) are not allowed to have his remains?

Because his death is being investigated as a murder and his remains are the strongest piece of evidence in any murder investigation. They need to determine how he died, and that means an autopsy. The DPRK oppoes this because they don't like the idea of the cause of death being attributed to a murder conspiracy that will almost certainly lead back to them.

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But from Japan the whole Flynn scandal looks so hypocritical.

Well, that's one way to view what some Japanese may think about it. But some Japanese I've spoken with about this see the seriousness of what happened with Trump and possible collaboration with Russian intelligence agents being on a level far more severe and concerning than what happened in Benghazi.

To put things into better perspective, it would be akin to trying to compare the JASDF's gross mishandling of sensitive, classified data on the next-gen F-35 stealth fighter with, say, revelations that the DPJ received secret aid from China in order to install a Prime Minister more sympathetic to Chinese interests. No, that never happened (that we know of), but this is the equivalent of what's happened in America.

Trying to compare what amounts to an existential threat to the democratic institutions of the United States with botched intelligence -- not Clinton's fault, if the GOP-led investigations are any indication -- resulting in a fatal attack on a US consulate is missing the broader picture on a grand scale.

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There have been at least 7 formal Republican investigations of Benghazi.

Seven investigations, 13 hearings, 50 briefings, and 25,000 pages of documents released on Benghazi, at a running cost of $9,539,781 and counting because these hypocritical a-holes are still at it. Despite each successive investigation turning up squat.

But the current administration violating the Logan Act en masse and collaborating with a foreign state that, in short space of time has assassinated foreign dissidents, invaded two sovereign nations, murdered 283 passengers and 15 crew of Malaysian Airline Flight 17, joined international war criminal Bashar al-Assad in intentionally bombing Syrian civilians and hospitals, and demonstrably interfered in the US presidential election in an effort to influence sanctions levied against them for the aforementioned s#$tshow they unleashed on the world? What does that garner?

"[I]t’s taking care of itself.”

Shame on the GOP and shame on anyone who continues to support this monstrosity of an administration.

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Posted in: Trump criticizes 'fake media' on Flynn story See in context

And the march towards impeachment has now become a steady trot...

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So, now that we know actual transcripts confirm that Flynn did speak with Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak about sanctions, I'd like to know precisely what was said. What assurances, if any, did Flynn make on behalf of his soon-to-be boss to Russia? It's my right as an American to know if the people who have made their way into the current White House actively worked to undermine the United States before they ever arrived.

The Logan Act:

"Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both."

This is important. Depending on the content of the conversation Flynn had with Kislyak, he may well have broken the law in a way that hasn't been seen since it came into being in 1798.

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Posted in: Trump knew for weeks that aide was misleading over Russia: White House See in context

Why is Trump so pro-Putin? Why has he appointed so many pro-Putin people to key positions in his administration? What are Trump's connections with Russia and Russian oligarchs? Why won't he release his business information? Why did Trump keep Flynn around knowing he'd lied? Can anything Trump says be believed by anyone except his true believing followers?

Excellent questions, each and every one. The American public has every right and entitlement to knowing right now.

This horse puckey being spread that Mike Pence was an unwitting dupe in all of this is hogwash. He absolutely was in on this, as was his boss. The discussion with Russia about easing sanctions was as about a clear-cut example of quid pro quo as anyone could ask for, and you can be sure Flynn didn't approach the Russians to discuss sanctions on his own altruistic initiative. He was sent.

This ridiculous narrative that he was "misled" is part of a concerted effort to keep Pence relatively "clean" in anticipation of the so-called president's inevitable removal from office, either through the 25th Amendment or impeachment. The GOP has to first create then nurture an illusion that Pence is untainted by the scandal, lunacy, treason, and stupidity swirling around the so-called president. This is that effort in action. Period.

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Posted in: Police looking for clues over murder of N Korean leader's half-brother at airport in Malaysia See in context

Or maybe one of the women in his life had a hand in this, but wanted to make it look like the work of the DPRK?

Possible, but unlikely. Spurned lovers don't usually maintain a regular arsenal of lethal chemical agents to use when slighted.

Something is up in the DPRK and it isn't good.

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Japan society's attitude towards tattoos is about as silly as its attitudes towards sunglasses. This belief that either marks the criminal element is as naive as it is fantasy. Lots of tats out there on people who are fine, upstanding citizens. As far as tattoos are concerned, it's high time Japan grew up.

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Re: Impeachment

but that just will never happen.

Seriously? It'll be all he can do to avoid impeachment at this point and we aren't even a full month out of the gate.

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Posted in: Trump tweets that Nordstrom treated Ivanka unfairly See in context

It's terrible that someone pushes him to do the right thing?

Ha! Yeah, that part stood out for me as well. So, Trump has to be pushed to do the right thing? Otherwise, he automatically defaults to the wrong approach? How uninspiring that a 70-year-old man has to rely on his 35-year-old daughter to guide his conscience.

In the meantime, not much else to add about the obvious inappropriateness of Trump's latest rant other than to say we told you so. Anyone who was actually paying paying attention knows that Trump always had his eye on using the presidency for personal enrichment. It should come as no surprise that he would be so brazen about it.

And the plod towards impeachment continues...

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Posted in: When you drink coffee or tea in Japan, do you prefer the chains like Starbucks, Tully’s, Doutor, etc, or do you prefer the traditional “kissaten?” See in context

Tough question to answer definitively. There are some kissaten out there that have a really good atmosphere -- which is really what's it's all about. And then there are some that probably could do with a facelift or three for a variety of reasons -- run-down, cramped, reeking of stale cigarette smoke. The same goes for Starbucks. Some locations have a really good vibe while others don't. I go where the best vibe for me personally.

When it comes to taste, though, I don't really like Starbuck's regular offerings. Too bitter for me. Honestly, I enjoy McDonald's cheap stuff. The flavor suits me. I also enjoy Uejima Coffee House's regular brew for the same reason.

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Trump may have a point. German police last week raided nearly 60 locations including mosques in a massive hunt for Jihadi terrorists, and I didnt see the news here or on CNN.

No, Trump hasn't any other point other than the one on the top of his orange-coifed, Propecia-enhanced head. A German police raid? Seriously? Man, you guys have the attention span of a tsetse fly. Stay on point, Jeff. Stay on point. This isn't the Kelly-Anne spin room and I don't have to be polite with your stupidly obvious efforts to conflate, distract, and otherwise avoid the actual point.

The discussion is about American media supposedly not providing "sufficient" coverage of extremist attacks. A German police investigation and subsequent raid doesn't come even close to the definition of an extremist attack. Granted, I should probably allow that you adhere to some "alternate" definition, but I'm just going to stick with the definition that the grown ups use.

Meanwhile, no one from the Trump camp has offered any sort of metric for what "sufficient" coverage actually entails. I would imagine it would have to be something so sensational and over the top as to make Trump's tack of selling the American people a fairy tale,about Trojan Horses from the seven nations he tried to ban more believable. But the media isn't falling for that, and this is what get his -- and your -- Fruit-of-the-Looms in a bunch.

The media did, however, notice the so-called President lying about murder rates in the US . . . Again.

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Malik reportedly had become very religious in the years before the attack, wearing . . . yada yada yada, deflect, deflect, deflect . . .

Stay on point, Bass. I know it's a big ask, but stay on point.

The ban is perportedly to protect Americans from the apochryphal Trojan Horse foreign terrorist entering the country and ultimately killing Americans. Still with me?

But the ban was aimed at countries from which NONE of the people you just wrote that little rant about came, to which American issued a perfectly reasonable WTF?!?

Let's revisit that point, because some folks drinking the Trump Kool-Aid still seem to think everyone is simply going to forget this little hiccup: NONE of them are from the seven countries Trump is still trying to convince his utterly gullible fanbase are a clear and present danger to domestic security. NONE of them. In fact, no one from ANY of the countries listed in Bannon's list have ever killed an American in an act of domestic terror. Not a single. WHich begs the obvious question: WTF?!?

Meanwhile, the folks on your list of distractions were all home grown. While you sit here and try to draw a ridiculously tenous connection to Yemen, despite the fact that the ridicalization of more than half of the attackers occurred online, you have said nothing to address the reality that for every one American killed on US soil by an Islamic extremist, nearly two were killed on US soil by American white supremacists and folks motivated by racial and religious hatred and/or anti-government views.

No thoughts on how to protect Americans from these asshats, since they seem to be more proficient at killing us? How about a blanket restriction on freedom of movement for all Montanans? How about a lockdown on Idaho? No? Nothing?

Sheesh! And you prop yourself up as someone serious about protecting Americans. Pffft!

. . . and Saudi Arabia (which should also be on the ban list)

Well, finally some degree of recognition for the blindingly obvious exclusion from Bannon's haphazardly scrabbled together wish-list, even though a blanket ban on all Saudi citizens would be just as asininely pointless. Our current conprehensive immigrant and refugee vetting protocol is designed precisely to avoid a repeat of 9/11. And the numbers don't lie: No one from Saudi Arabia has come in to kil Americans since 9/11. Not a single one.

Now here's a little nugget for you to chew on, since you seem to be all-things-Trump now that he's in the White House: You understand how that Trojan Horse Trump likes to rattle on about actually works, don't you? If this Trojan Horse scenario really were the thing that Trump is trying almost comically to make it out to be, then guess what? They're already here, champ. A Muslim terrorist under every bed. A Islamic radical behind every door. It could be your neighbor. It could be your best friend. Hell, it could even be YOU, for all you know. That's just how sneaky those little radicalist buggers can be.

Or, at least, that's the narrative Bannon would try to ram down our collective throats.

Nah. I'm not that gullible and I would hope that you aren't either.

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That's the compelling evidence you're going to go with? Really?

San Bernadino shooter Syed Farook was an American citizen, his wife was a permanent resident.

Chattanooga shooter Mohammad Abdulazeez was a naturalized American citizen living in the US since the age of 6.

Curtis Culwell Center attacker Nadir Soofi was an American citizen from Dallas. Elton Simpson was from Westmont, Illinois.

Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan was an American citizen from Arlington County, Virginia.

Little Rock recruiting station shooter Abdulhakim Muhammad, or Carl Leon Bledsoe, was an American citizen from Memphis, Tennessee.

Almost all of the assailants listed in the New York Post's article were American citizens. In the context of this discussion, namely whether Trump's imbecilic blanket ban will make America safer, your emphatic "W-w-What?!?" is ridiculous.

The original statement stands. Obama did keep us safe from any foreign terrorists for 8 years, without an all-country ban.

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Trump says media doesn't want to report extremist attacks

No, the media doesn't want to be complicit in this fraud the so-called President is attempting to perpetrate on the American people with wholly fabricated accounts of a Muslim terrorist hiding under every bed and behind every door, waiting for just the right moment to strike, presumably just as he was presciently about to issue the ban. What a load of bullocks.

This "national security" Trump cites as justification for his man-tantrum ban on Muslims is nonexistent in terms of actionable intelligence. And this claim of an underreported slew of extremist attacks is as fraudulent and untrue as he is as a viable president.

The drumbeat towards impeachment goes on, but with a slighter faster tempo...

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Posted in: Kremlin protests Fox News host's 'killer' comment on Putin See in context

Uh-oh, FOX. What a pickle you've found yourself in. You've rolled over and bought into Trump's bull puckey, hook, line, and sinker. But now one of your peeps has called out Putin on air for the lying, thieving, murdering thug he and the rest of the world knows him to be.

What do you do now? What. Do. You. Do?

Meanwhile, it seems Putin now wants to hop onboard the Post-Truth™ train along with Trump and his Howling Band of Loons.

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Posted in: Trump steps up attack on judge, court system over travel ban See in context

LOL! You still don't get it, and Sean Hannity sure as hell doesn't either. Or rather, he does understand, but falls squarely into that category of self-serving, opportunistic hacks I wrote about earlier. He's an ambulance chaser pretending to be a journalist. He's an amoral war profiteer stoking fears and fomenting anger all for the purpose of creating a stronger negotiating position for his next contract with FOX.

Let me spell it out for you in a way FOX News seems woefully incable of:

The security "crisis" involving these 7 counties is entirely manufactured. Entirely. There is no clear and present terrorist threat from any of these countries, and there hasn't been for some time now, particularly from Iran and Iraq.

If Trump and his drooling sycophants were serious about protecting America through any sort of ban, then Steve Bannon's . . . err, I mean Trump's slipshod, amateur hour executive order would have put Saudi Arabia right at the top of a meandering list of countries from which actual American-murdering terrorists came, including Egypt, Kuwait, Pakistan.

Oh, I forgot to mention Cuba, Taiwan, and Trinidad & Tobago. Tourists from these three nations killed a combined 5 Americans.

The seven nations Bannon, I mean, Trump singled out? Zero. Zero. Zero.

But still, Saudi stands out. Terrorists from there killed 2,300 Americans, by far outpacing even the total number of Americans killed on the remainder of the list.

So, where's the ban on Saudi Muslims . . . errr, I mean "territories?"

Answer: There won't be one. That would upset our oil-based economy.

Trump's laughable "fight" to protect Americans is a dog and pony show orchestrated by Bannon and executed by a clueless and wholly manipulable asshat of a man-child playing at being president. And you continue to lap it up. How does it feel to be used so shamelessly?

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Posted in: Trump steps up attack on judge, court system over travel ban See in context

It's a FOX News YouTube channel. What's surprising at all about people who subscribe to FOX News liking Judge Jeanine's opinion? What I find more interesting is that out of 34,968 views, only 5% gave it a thumbs up. Apparently, Judge Jeanine's hoarse power-rant didn't impress about 33,000 viewers.

Meanwhile, your political posts get regularly buried in down-clicks as JT because, well, these just aren't your peeps here, Serrano, and the majority of JT posters here aren't your brand of conservative, nor will we ever be. No mystery here at all. If you're still amazed about that, even after getting political click-lashings here for years, then you haven't really been paying very close attention, have you?

Meanwhile, your, again, FOX News sourced opinion piece from Asra Nomani, co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, an organization with a long and distinguished history of a tad over 13 months. She is an parrot for the very worst stereotypes coming from conservative Christian Americans salivating over the possibilities of a religious war with Islam.

Again, it's hihgly unlikely the typical JT poster will visit that link and come back here with a, "Team 'Mericuh! F#$k yeah!!" epiphany.

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Posted in: Trump steps up attack on judge, court system over travel ban See in context

The ban is a con. Period.

Never mind. I won't pull a Spicer and just stop there. The ban is a con. None of the seven countries listed in the ban have ever sent a terrorist ourway. Not one. And none of the countries listed in the ban are the targets of current actionable intelligence regarding an impending attack. This executive order is the absolute definition of fear mongering and appealing to the basest instincts of an ill-informed, gullible base who wouldn't know real from fake if it walked up and kicked them in the family jewels.

Sorry, but I have little patience for stupidity combined with selfish meaness. That's precisely what so-called President Trump's base is at its core: Mean-sprited stupid people, almost to the last man and woman. And the ones who actually are better educated? Opportunistic hacks preying on that stupidity for personal gain, which makes them arguably worse.

Impeachment is just around the corner, folks. Trumpies better get their licks in while they can and steel their nards for the inevitable blowback following their little haphazard jig down Facism Lane.

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Posted in: U.S. judge temporarily blocks Trump's immigrant ban nationwide See in context

“The president’s order is intended to . . .

The road to hell and "intentions" are intimately acquainted. The order was an infantile, man-tantrum designed to appease an embarrassingly narrow subset of the electorate. The order is illegal, illadvised, and stupid on virtually every rational metric.

President, my heinie. Trump continues to demonstrate that there isn't a damned thing presidential about him. He's an unqualified hack.

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Posted in: Japan's 'space junk' collector in trouble See in context

No. the tether is linked to the cargo ship (containing junk from the space ship), which will enter the Earth's atmosphere. So it will be burnt up.

Errr... Not if the tether failed to deploy, which is the entire point of the article. If the tether doesn't deploy, then the mission to clean up space junk fails. And the failed equipment sent up to clean up space in turn becomes junk itself. Ironic, yes?

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Posted in: Australian PM, Trump offer different versions of phone call on refugee deal See in context

Ah, Donald, how much doth thou suck? Let me count the ways.

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Posted in: Fired acting Attorney General Yates was troubled that order disadvantaged Muslims See in context

This administration is a train wreck all the way around. We're talking about man who has but a quarter of the support of the electorate effectively demanding the other 75% shut up and swallow this insanity.

Man of the people, Trump says. Clearly, he has a very limited definition of who The People are actually comprised of.

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Posted in: Fired acting Attorney General Yates was troubled that order disadvantaged Muslims See in context

Anyone else here seeing this terrifying swing towards Trump surrounding himself with people who will "just follow orders?"

Will that be their defense when they are eventually brought up on charges of working to undermine the US constitution? Or worse?

Trump seems to think he's been handed a kingdom to rule, and forgotten entirely that the American government is founded on a system of checks and balances designed precisely to slow the roll of narcissistic lunatics like him.

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Posted in: Woman fatally stabbed in car; ex-husband found hanged at home See in context

The term "stalking" is over-used and does nothing to help understand the sheer devastation of a relationship breakdown.

No. Stalking is precisely the word to be used. This was her ex-husband. Their relationship ended when it was legally dissolved. Yet, he somehow managed to insinuate himself into her life again for some reason, resulting in her having to consult with the police in order to get him to leave her alone.

We don't know why Nanoka was near her ex-husband's house the night she was murdered, but the fact that this ended in a murder-suicide suggests very strongly that some mental instability was at work here, and not on the part of the victim.

"The sheer devastation of a relationship breakdown" is nothing new to humanity and overwhelmingly does not result in a murder-suicide. This woman's death may not have been stalked up until the moment she was murdered, but stalking certainly seems like it was at play here.

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order faces mounting legal questions See in context

In no particular order of importance, since they are all critical points:

o Where are your tax returns, Mr. Trump? o What are your ties to the Russian government, Mr. Trump? o Why do you continue to insult and undermine U.S. combat veterans? o Why are you picking fights with allies and seeking close ties with proven adversaries? o Why have you effectively blinded yourself to all the information the massive US intelligence apparatus has at its disposal in favor of a newspaper editor whose personal experience with international affairs ended in the 80s? o Why do you think wealth and fame give you the right to sexually assault women? o Why do you continue to feel Americans are so gullible as to believe this drive to ban Muslims isn't the religion-tainted, racist fear mongering that it so very clearly is?

Yep, the people are indeed taking back their government. And it starts with getting you, charlatan of the century, to 'fess up.

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Posted in: If you had the opportunity to ask U.S. President Donald Trump two questions, but nothing insulting or vulgar, what would you ask him? See in context

Mr. Trump, What are you hiding in your tax returns?

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Posted in: Trump, Putin discuss trade sanctions, security issues See in context

Yeah, much of this could be settled if Trump would just release those tax returns. Easy peasy.

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