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Posted in: S Korean forced laborers during Japan's colonial rule win 1st legal victory See in context

More than 40 Japanese companies used forced labor during WWII. Mitsubishi Corp., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsui Mining, Nippon Steel, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.,Nippon Sharyo, Showa Denko Kajima Corp. and Aso Mining Corp. are only a few of them.

In her book Unjust Enrichment, in a chapter called "Mitsubishi: Empire of Exploitation," leading researcher Linda Goetz Holmes writes: "Mitsubishi occupies a unique place in the history of corporate Japan's use of POW slave labor during World War II. This company built, owned, and operated at least seventeen of the merchant 'hellships' that transported prisoners to their assigned destinations; and this company profited from prisoner labor over a larger range of territory than any other."

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Posted in: Uighurs 'face fight for existence' against China: Kadeer See in context

The Uigur birthrate of course tops the Chinese one, because they practise polygamy and ignore the Chinese one-child laws.

It is well known that polygyny is extremely rare among Turkic groups including Uighurs.

Although polygyny was legal in Ottoman Empire, in late 19th century only 2.5% of muslim Ottoman men were polygamous, majority of them being of Arab or Kurdish descent. This is much lower than the rate of 12% for Mormons in 19th century America.

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Posted in: Japan grants visa to Uighur leader Kadeer See in context

Many Uighurs complain that they are the victims of state-sanctioned persecution and marginalisation in their homeland, aided by the migration of millions of Han Chinese into the territory.

In Xinjiang, Han Chinese made about 7% of the population in 1953 and now, thanks to the Chinese "Go West!" policy, the demographic balance is 45% Uighur and 41% Han. Interracial marriages between Uighur and Han Chinese are very rare, about 0.3%.

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Posted in: Japan faces 'extinction' in 1,000 years, researchers say See in context

There was an urban legend saying that natural blondes will be extinct in 200 years or so. Actually, we don't know when natural blondes will be extinct, if ever.

The same for the extinction of "Japanese people" (which begs a definition, by the way). These soft extinction theories are nothing but mathematical extrapolations and do not take social and biological factors into account.

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Posted in: Munch's 'The Scream' fetches record $119.9 mil at New York auction See in context

Munch created several versions of The Scream ("Skrik") on various media:

1893 Crayon on cardboard (original one with washed out colors)

1893 Tempera and crayon on cardboard (the best known version, stolen and recovered in 1994)

1895 Pastel on board (this one sold at Sotheby's)

1895 Lithograph transfer (which popularized the series)

1910 Tempera and oil on cardboard (stolen in 2004 and recovered in 2006)

Sotheby's version has the most vibrant orange and blue (complementary colors), it is the only version where one of the background figures turns to look outward. Also in this version the right nostril of the main figure is brown and the left nostril is blue.

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Posted in: French voters head to polls See in context

Is there a French Ron Paul?

There is. Marine Le Pen.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

homosexuality is against nature.

Well, not really.

Homosexual behavior is well documented for more than 500 species.

Giraffes, for example, are well known for their remarkably high frequency of homosexual interactions. Lions, elephants, bulls, bottlenose dolphins, bonobos (apes), mallards, penguins, dragonflies are just a small part of a long list.

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Posted in: Japan's rocket alert system failed due to lack of info from defense ministry See in context

"Much Ado About Nothing"

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Posted in: M6.1 quake jolts Chiba, surrounding areas See in context

21:05 JST 14 Mar 2012 Chiba-ken Toho-oki M6.1

19:49 JST 14 Mar 2012 Sanriku Oki M5.9

18:09 JST 14 Mar 2012 Sanriku Oki M6.8


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Posted in: Student arrested for inserting CDs in train door mechanism See in context

It seems like he couldn't afford a blu-ray Disc.

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Posted in: Cybercriminals target phones; Android most exposed: analysts See in context

This is why "OPEN SOURCE" software is not secure. Because anyone can see source of soft, it is easy to hack.

Source code of closed source software can be regenerated with disassemblers and decompilers. Although such source code will not be adequate for maintaining the application, it will be enough to create malicious code. Among security experts it is well known that "security by obscurity" does not work at all (Microsoft, Sony, Skype etc.).

Closed source is just a business model where the source code is considered a trade secret. Companies who support closed source model rely on armies of lawyers to protect their trade secret. They will sue you if you reverse engineer their software, that's all.

When it comes to security it really does not matter if it's open source or not. Source code is always available.

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Posted in: Going up: Company says it could build space elevator See in context

This idea dates back to 19th century.

Discussion of a space elevator dates back to 1895 when Konstantin Tsiolkovsky proposed a free-standing "Tsiolkovsky Tower" reaching from the surface of Earth to geostationary orbit 35,786 km (22,236 mi) up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_elevator

And 36,000 km seems to be the limit.

Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO), is a circular orbit 35,786 km (22,236 mi) above the Earth's equator and following the direction of the Earth's rotation. An object in such an orbit has an orbital period equal to the Earth's rotational period (one sidereal day), and thus appears motionless, at a fixed position in the sky, to ground observers.


And apparently Google too is working on a similar project.


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Posted in: Arisa Mizuki to emcee TV talk show See in context

Why not use the verb "to host" instead of "to emcee" (Americanism, circa 1933)?

As far as I know, an "emcee" presents a one-time particular event, such as an awards ceremony, on the other hand a talk show "host" appears regularly at every broadcast of the show.

"Arisa Mizuki to host TV talk show"?

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Posted in: Noda says Japan must tackle debt to avoid credit rating cut See in context

It lowered Italy's and Spain's by two notches and did the same for Portugal and Cyprus.

Portugal and Cyprus were downgraded to junk-bond status and Cyprus risks another downgrade in the short-term future. Although Cyprus was doing good in managing its deficit levels, their exposure to Greek debt seems to be crucial in this downgrade.

If Greece goes through a disorderly default on its debt in 10 weeks from now, the consequences will be huge not only for Cyprus but for the entire eurozone.

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Posted in: Spiritual reminders See in context

I prefer Superman's hendiatris(*): "Truth, Justice, and the American Way".

(*) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hendiatris

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Posted in: 'Kizuna' chosen as kanji character of 2011 See in context

The first kanji of the year was "shin" (quake) in 1995, the year when Kobe earthquake occurred. This year it made 3rd place. If it was not already selected it would make a good choice.

Number two was "sai" (disaster).

Number four was "nami" (wave) as in tsunami, my personal favorite.

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Posted in: Turkey warns of sanctions against France over genocide bill See in context

Now Sarkozy can safely pick up the votes of half a million ethnic Armenians in next year's presidential and legislative elections.

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Posted in: Noda's declaration on Fukushima met with cynicism See in context

Governments, corporations and organized religion should never be trusted.

That's what history has taught us. And this is not specific to Japan or to this nuclear accident.

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Posted in: Ex-chief of Fukushima nuclear plant has cancer: TEPCO See in context

Most probably his illness is not related to radiation exposure.

Major cause of esophagus cancer is alcohol. Even moderate drinkers can develop esophagus cancer. People who show flushing response to alcohol have an increased risk, this is due to a deficiency in ALDH2 enzyme and it is quite common among North-Eastern Asians.

Smoking and consumption of salty food increase the risk.

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Posted in: Is Japan's 2020 Olympic bid going up in smoke? See in context

As far as I know, Japan and Germany are only high-income countries where restrictions on tobacco advertising are quite lax.

In both countries governments have traditionally placed economic considerations ahead of public health concerns and tobacco companies can promote their products in various ways.

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Posted in: 30 arrested for illegally sharing manga, music, movies, TV shows online See in context

Almost all of of those arrested were Share (a P2P application) users. http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20111201-00000092-zdn_n-inet (Japanese content)

Japanese police mostly concentrates on tracking file-sharing applications popular in Japan, like Winny, Share and Perfect Dark.

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Posted in: Noda to support Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid See in context

It seems like Tokyo and Istanbul have equal chances for 2020 games.

Istanbul, Turkey; = maybe, an appeasement for the muslims (but athletes want to wear shorts and singlets and swimmers want to wear swimming trunks) can they deal with the bodily expsosure [sic]?

You're joking, right? Take a short trip to Istanbul and surprise yourself. If you can't afford it, just do a search in YouTube.

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Posted in: Joji Takahashi, Mika Mifune chosen as 'Partners of the Year' See in context

According to a recent study by Germany's Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research "a man's chances of dying early are cut by a fifth if their bride is between 15 and 17 years their junior". The study also shows that "a man who is between seven and nine years older than his wife has an 11% lower mortality rate than a man whose wife is the same age as him. However, a woman who is between seven and nine years older than her husband has a 20% greater mortality rate than if she were with a man the same age."

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Posted in: Big anti-TPP rally held in Tokyo as deadline for decision looms See in context

Consumers paying too much for fruits and vegetables? Japan joins the TPP and a lot of farmers in Japan will be unemployed. You want that? You want your cheap apples that much?

Yes, yes and yes.

On the average Japanese farmers are 65 years old and most of them do not have successors. Event Japan does not join TPP they don't have a bright future. Japanese agriculture and fishing industry makes only about 1.3% of gross national product but its share of the workforce is about 5%. Farming industry should decline. The sooner the better.

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Posted in: S Korea to propose sex slave talks with Japan See in context

It's not just about money.

References to "wartime sex slaves" have been omitted from most authorized school textbooks under LDP rule.

Hopefully they will be back.

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Posted in: 'Cool Japan' See in context

Another Hinomaru variant.

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Posted in: Egypt unrest, Turkey row deepen Israeli isolation See in context

Turkey that wished to be part of europe getting closer to Iran

Iran is a Shia country and Turkey is predominantly Sunni. So they will never get closer to Iran (Ottoman-Safavid conflict). Actually Turkey is getting closer to Russia.

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Posted in: Painful finish See in context

She is obviously malnourished, without muscle mass and not in shape to run 10000 km. She was several laps behind the Kenya women and came last.

Vivian Cheruiyot who won the race is 155 cm tall and weighs 38 kg. Kinukawa is 153 cm tall and weighs 38 kg. She is not malnourished, neither is Cheruiyot, a malnourished person cannot run 10 km.

Long distance runners do not need muscle mass like short distance runners who use glycogen stored in muscle (anaerobic ATP generation). Endurance athletes have very efficient fat burning metabolism and high free fatty acid turnover (aerobic ATP generation). Strong tendons are much important for long distance runners, not muscles.

Being small and having a lean body is a great advantage for long distance running. Less pressure on leg and foot tendons and a better perspiration mechanism; waste products of aerobic metabolism (water & carbon dioxide) need to be effectively removed from the body for best performance.

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Posted in: Painful finish See in context

According to Wikipedia she is 153 cm tall and weighs 38 kg. She's a little bit thinner then the average Japanese women in her age group but nothing extreme.

In Japan, average weight for a 153 cm tall women in her early 20's is 44 kg (plus/minus 3 kg).

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Posted in: Thousands in Tokyo protest against nuclear power See in context

has anyone done the math regarding how much oil would be needed, ...

Germans have done the math, and they are very good at math.

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