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Liam Baka comments

Posted in: Japanese users not proactive enough about cybersecurity: survey See in context

I think its kind of a lost cause to be honest...

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Posted in: Anime talent agency rejects voice actress applicants who have appeared in porn See in context

what kind of ridiculous rule is this? I mean, I love ecchi anime, hot girls with nice big tits and asses and not much clothing are nice, but I like these ecchi harem comedies because I am a pervert As such I also like porn XD 95% of what I watch is cosplay porn with characters from anime I like. XD I would love if the same voice actress who played the character would be in something like that, not only can I watch a hot character I like get (gang)banged like I already can now, but she would actually have the same voice and stuff. XD All the many perverted anime-lover girls and boys I count amongst my friends would think the same way I am sure - practically all of them like this stuff as well. So I don't get the logic.

TLDR version: I understand this for clean slice of life or kids etc. anime, but for voice actors who are gonna do ecchi harems and stuff would this not be a huge pluss for the target audience? We're pervy that's why we like it! Plus off course if you want to voice shows like to love ru and such, the voice actors who like doing shows like that are probably kind of pervs themselves anyway so there is a higher then average chance allready they made some porn once for fun. I know I would like both of those things just for the lols once, and I know quite some perverted girls who I think would too.

I don't get it . At all. :-/

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Posted in: Chrome crowned top Internet browser by market tracker See in context

@theFu no-one cares, simple as that. I am a full time university level computer science student, and both me and vast majority of my fellow students are just happy it's all free. More money to spend on video games, anime merchandise, and going to otaku conventions!

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Posted in: Cool Biz fashion season begins across Japan See in context

I hope dressing less will someday reach ecchi harem anime levels like you know how the hot anime bishies and hot anime girls dress :3 Shorter skirts are also less hot, you know~ :3

Let's save the environment!

(just kidding off course XD)

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Posted in: Japanese anime 'Idolmaster' to become live-action Korean TV drama series See in context

the show was fun, although the second season and all it's girls where trash, so I am looking foreward to this as long as they don't base it on cinderalla girls XD

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Posted in: Japan conveys concern over one-sided currency moves to U.S. See in context

I don't really care about the politics of this particular issue, I just want both the Chinese and Japanese currencies to be of such value that it's "good for their exports" - simply because all of my electronics (android game handhelds, cables, micro sd cards, usb sticks, sd readers, screen protectors, game controllers, you name it) and all my cosplay costumes come from China, whereas my otaku hobby/obsession means that "strong Japanese exports" make all the tons of merchandise, my crunchyroll account etc. cheaper. :3

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Posted in: New AKB48 sister groups to be formed in Manila, Bangkok and Taipei See in context

nice! I so hope that one day (next year maybe,t his year they have arranged for a fripside live concert which is almost at awesome!) they will give a live concert animecon in the Hague in the Netherlands! I go there whole weekend every year, it's always incredible fun and the concert show is always one of the highlights! We have already had aural vampire, kotoko, and many more... I hope we get akb48 one day... this year fripside will also be awesome!!

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Posted in: Startup makes virtual reality intuitive with eye-tracking See in context

Now they should make Sword Art Online for this so I can ... you know... "play with Kirito and Asuna" XD

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Posted in: Aichi seeks full-time 'ninjas' for tourism See in context

omg :D I would love to do this~ their uniforms and poses look se- attracti- uh I mean beautifull <3

and you can be a badass ninja! :3

Hard choosing between what I'd rather do, this job or study ANIME at the otaku academy in tokyo they recently had an article about. XD

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Posted in: Can 'nekonomics' save Japan’s economy? See in context

maybe if it's catboys and catgirls, anime is the only thing that's going strong LOL

otherwise, no, they are clearly desperate. XD

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Posted in: Tokyo specialized school’s new department will teach you to be an Akihabara professional See in context

do they take foreign students? :3 I already have a university degree (almost anyway, in few months) in both Japanstudies and computer science (separate degrees) so technical and language skills should not be a problem ^^

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Posted in: Tokyo specialized school’s new department will teach you to be an Akihabara professional See in context


heavy breathing intensifies

Seriously, seems like so much fun, and you could make your own cool or pervy anime later... ZOMG

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Posted in: Facebook moves to new full-screen 'immersive' ads See in context

I can't close my facebook account unfortunately not only are all my friends on there and usually only on there (i like chatting sometimes in addition to meeting them IRL at the manga kissa and anime conventions and such) , a lot of smaller events including the two cosplay meets I always go to (both organised 4 times epr year and always 1000000% awesome great fun!! :D) are only announced on facebook so without that I can't go there anymore! :-(

this sounds like it sucks too...

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Posted in: Chinese phones go global after pushing aside Apple, Samsung See in context

I LOVE my GPD XD Chinese android gaming handheld, it's a clamshell like a new nintendo 3ds XL but much better (joysticks, better screen, better shoulder buttons, cheaper, better hinge, HDMI etc. ) and is basically perfect. Play everything from snes to ps1 to dreamcast to gba to psp and ds games and dos and amiga and more on it, all run like on the original systems, plus android games like san adreas, bards tale, sine mora, quake 1/2, dead trigger, modern combat 4, asphalt 8, etc,. and pc games I stream from my desktop (to the next city).

China banzai! God bless the Chinese!

I LOVE these chinse android devices, I won't buy any overpriced western crap anymore!

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Posted in: Harry Potter cast goes anime-style in Japan-exclusive merchandise See in context

I want some! :D

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Posted in: Now you too can become a ninja at the Ninja Academy in Nara Prefecture See in context

Oh my gerd that's soooo coooool!! When I ever get to Heaven / Japan someday I will be sure to visit XD

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Posted in: Fan-made Nazi anime parody, 'Goeppels-chan,' appears in Japan See in context

Holy mother of god. I mean I am a huge otaku, I love, breath, life anime, cosplay, go to cons, and have my entire room filled with posters, figures, everything, but this is just disgusting. I like ecchi, harems, anime grills with big titties and ass, gory anime, cool action anime, but this...

Yuck. Bleck. Puke.

I love girls und panzer, strike witches,etc., but those are not offensive or glorify nazism in any way whatsoever. Same goes for Hetalia - Hetalia is hilarious and fun to cosplay! There is a reason almost every anime fan ever loves it XD

But this... this is just disgusting. God damn it. No words. Send them to auswitch for education.

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Posted in: Japanese music and vocaloid content disappears as YouTube rolls out new paid service See in context


Listen, person, the fact you don't like manga and vocaloid music is your problem, not mine. There is absolutely no reason for you to post that comment. It makes you come of as one of those nice people who want nobody to be able to watch something because they don't like it. I for one like vocaloid music and anime and stuff (Otaku here) and so do all my friends. Anime conventions here in the Netherlands are almost every months, all have 1500 or more attendees and the biggest one has 8000 unique visitors every year. In a country with half the population of Tokyo metropolitan area.

And to think that here it's (otaku culture) "small" compared to other European countries and the USA. Small still means about 10 yearly huge conventions, two or three cosplay meetings per week, a permanenly open manga library, five clubs, dozen or so yearly smaller events, a wildly popular magazine running for 10 years now, and an internet forum with 25.000 users.

So a lot of people, probably about a million in total , are affected by this. It's also sad for vocaloid creators who work their ass of and now have their platform taken from them in a scheme designed to extort big companies out of their money. These people are passionate and often make great songs (look up the evilicious series for example, awesome!) and now have less of a platform for no reason.

The fact that you don't like does not interest any of us otaku one bit and is totally irrelevant to the issue at hand. Please stop trying to sound like a stupid hater who doesn´t want other people to have hobbies. Thank you!

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Posted in: Magical anime fan art has characters appearing to leap off the page See in context

OMG, this is awesome!!

But... that eraser is drawn? Really? I almost can´t believe it! :O

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Posted in: Japan Post gets 'moe' fever with 2016 anime New Year’s postcards See in context

Otaku reporting in - these are all so cute! ::D I love them all, boys and girls <3

They're all beautifully drawn, and very free-huggable :3

Maybe I will make some , it's not like we don't send cards in the Netherlands, and literally all my friends are otaku's too ^_^

Anyway, these are all kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!! ^^

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Posted in: Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 to be held at Odaiba See in context

OMG This would be awesome to go too! I love energetic, happy, hyperactive idol songs and cute idols!

But no moneyz to go to Japan SNIF

I would love to see a cosplay idol performance with the cutie girls from Love Live anime!!

(and there have been apparently http://love-live.wikia.com/wiki/%CE%9Cuse's_First_Love_Live! ... why does Japan get all the awesome otaku events... MUCH SAD)

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Posted in: Completely washable, no-stain fake blood goes great with the sweat and tears you put into cosplay See in context

This sounds really handy for some characters ^_^

cosplay is always super-awesome, I can''t wait to see what I will see in The Hague next week amongst the +- 7.000 attendees which will be attending animecon this year :3 And I can imagine it would suck if blood ruins your costume if you spend months working on it!

Oh and by the way: the two acid-spewing whiners above me should just be ignored. don't feed the trolls. Pity them instead. :-)

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Posted in: China's new tech giants show old bias with porn stars See in context

I can name multiple JAV stars from the top of my head, the one thing they have in common is they have all played in cosplay porn movies, I am a huge otaku and I love ecchi and anything perverted done in cosplay (and I like to cosplay just normally at cons and the like off course), so I have seen (usually multiple) cosplay porn movies of basically every anime I watched (a few hundred, tough I admit I have only seen cosplay porn of a few dozen of them, plus like 20 movies with Miku XDD). Always great fap material! Keep up the good work JAV (cosplay) ladies~

Chika Arimura is the best for cosplay JAV :D Tsubomi is also pretty nice, but no-one beats Chika. Wish I could be her, I would love her job XD

Oh and if anyone wants, TMA makes the best cosplay movies usually in my opinion~ :D (Tma is company name I think? )

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Posted in: Turn your old PlayStation console into a light-up clock See in context

Cool, but I rather play games on it! :D they are still great! Altough I mostly use my android-based 7-inch IPS gaming tablet for that... with pcsx D:

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Posted in: Palm-sized desktop PCs See in context

Did I hear someone say ´middle ages´ there? OH wait, it was ´2005´ XD

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Posted in: World's first 'otaku' summit opens in Japan See in context

@kiyoshiMukai yes, but the 9 or so yearly otaku conventions I mentioned exist in the Netherlands make it rather strange to call this convention itself unique. I mean.. .this one , currently held yearly in my hometown, has existed since before the start of the millenium.... www.animecon.nl

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Posted in: World's first 'otaku' summit opens in Japan See in context

@plasticmonkey, well I really don't care whether other people like my hobby off course, it's my hobby after all, but it's awesome for the simple reason more fans mean bigger conventions with more events, competitions, workshops, etc. and more fellow fans to make fun with. Also more cosplay meets and the like. That's why ^_^

It leads to fun giant conventions like this one in my own city which will have over 7000 attendees (excluding hundreds of dealers etc.!) this year~ https://plus.google.com/photos/114730589893508500362/albums/6025941828719231777?banner=pwa

it's so big, there were not one, but two big-name Japanese bands/performers who flew over from Japan to give a concert there. Sadly one of the two (Origa was there for a live concert) died 6 months later :-(

Anyway, It's just a great lot of fun, lots of cool people, literally hundreds of events, everyone's cosplaying, huge game room, dozens of competitions... you get the idea :)

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Posted in: World's first 'otaku' summit opens in Japan See in context

@AkexCook, agreed, they have not much money, and there are a million anime conventions already. I mean, I am a huge otaku, but I honestyl don't see what this adds - I go to every anime convention in my country, they're organized by fans, some has as much as 7000 visitors and last three days (in the Netherlands, really small country, so that's incredible!), and we have about 9 yearly anime cons now in this tiny country, all of which attract at least a few thousand people.

So it's already really popular here. And if people want to go to Japan, well everyone knows about comiket and the like, so me or my friends can just buy a plane ticket.

This seems like a total waste of money to me, because it only attracts people who are already fans. It would be more usefull to, for example, make it easier for legal sites like crunchyroll to get worldwide licneses instead of just for the USA. That would really increase exposure and popularity. This doesn't seem like it will increase the number of fans whatsoever.

Having said that, it's definitely awesome how anime and games and manga and the like are getting so popular lately. The amount of cons and visitors in the NEtherlands has grown by 500% in 4 years. That much! There is also a permanent manga kissa now where I go to hang out with friends each week, a ton of cosplay meets, more than 10 shops specializing in in including 3 or 4 with physical all year locations, and at least 3 large otaku clubs which I know of. Ie. one can be a permanent, hardcore, 'lifestyle' anime freak / cosplaying otaku here just as well as in Japan these days. Quite amazing, and quite awesome, since me and all my friends are in and love the subculture!

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Posted in: Project kicks off to promote Japanese idol culture See in context

@chikv the fans really won't care about that. Every anime freak like myself I know also loves j-pop and idols, and I like the cute songs made by bands like akb48

Plus, just look at the popularity of anime like Love Live! School idol Project! It´s (almost) THE most popular show around right now amonst fans of Japanese pop culture, both in and outside of Japan. At least me and all my friends love it, and you can´t go to an anime convention around here without being drained in it. XD

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Posted in: China finally gets official PlayStations, minus some games See in context

It's China don't expect normale policies... And they wonder why all the young people prefer Japan... Instead of whining about that, they should legalize games etc. And set up something similar to the anime industry maybe? Oh well guess I do like them for cheap cosplays and electronics... Like their better than real Xbox 360 wirrewless receiver for 50 cents and their android game handhelds (emulators!!)... So they do have something which makes them kind of cool I guess...

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