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Posted in: Iran beats Japan 2-1 to reach Asian Cup semifinals See in context

Don’t think many of the comments of people here watched the game, the ref was shocking and definitely not a penalty. Iran player played the ball before he taken out . I agree the manager needs to go he has his favorites and his decisions not to use and take certain players to tournaments is criminal ( Furuhashi and his use of Kubo) ) there is many ex players or even a foreign manager that could do better.

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' dominates Oscar nominations; Gerwig passed over for best director See in context

TOW not someone I would follow advice on a review in a film, why not go and watch a film and enjoy or not enjoy. I go and watch a film and come out and think yes or no or maybe, I don’t dissect it to the extent you and some others do . I either wasted my money or not . But in your instance you went to see it and come out after talking like a well established critic which you are not

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Posted in: Help, I’ve just discovered my teen has watched porn. What should I do? See in context

I should’ve kept my stash of porn hidden more better

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Posted in: Baby Yoda gets his own 'Star Wars' movie See in context

All of the above not a Star Wars fans then ? I think more of you follow rotten tomatoes more of what the series is about

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Posted in: Apple's Napoleonic $200 million gamble See in context

Read what I said superhero films included , did not say they were my main favorites. I like drama, thriller, action, fantasy, sci-fi but horror and romance not so much. I’ve watched many historical and factual films in my time ( enjoyed some and not) but you assume I only like superhero films which I didn’t say . I would assume myself that I’ve watched more films over my lifetime than yourself to make a more accurate assumption miles

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Posted in: Apple's Napoleonic $200 million gamble See in context

Apple do some good tv shows and films but they won’t even make their money back or a profit on this film or the previous one even with the streaming revenue

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Posted in: Apple's Napoleonic $200 million gamble See in context

This will bomb as bad as killers of the flower moon has . Great director and cast but the topic no. There are better films out there on a lesser budget that go under the radar if you look , I like big budget films (superhero films included) but I don’t want to be bored to death watching this

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Posted in: Johnny's decades-long abuse coverup relied on cozy ties with media See in context

jimmy savile , rolf harris , gary glitter all worked for or on bbc programs over many years and were warned about their preferences countless times but nothing was done for a long time . The bbc might have brought this story about johnnys to the fore but their hands are not clean

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Posted in: How do fans in Japan feel about the new 'One Piece' Netflix live-action trailer? See in context

my wife watches ONE PIECE most Sunday mornings at 9:30 so I tend to watch it out of the corner of my eye, there is no way you can do a live action adaptation of this program just on Netflix. Maybe a big budget film using a hell of a ton of cgi then maybe and that’s a big maybe

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Posted in: Loy Weston brings Kentucky Fried Chicken to 1970s Japan See in context

I was a butcher for 13 years and also worked at kfc cooking for 4-5 years,, so I think I’m a bit qualified to say the piece of chicken you get with the bit of gristle in the middle is the breast..You get 5 pieces of chicken, thigh, leg, wing breast and a piece that incorporates the back and side and abit of the breast .I don’t know what someone here is eating but the regular kfc chicken is the same all around the world

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Posted in: 2-year-old twins fall to their death from 7th floor apartment See in context

Fell out a window not a balcony , some of you read the report before commenting. And how dare some of you think this is suspicious . Think also the amount of families that live in high rise buildings and how many times this does happen is probably I think quite a small percentage. Have some sympathy for the parents and what they are experiencing right now

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Posted in: U.S. routs Cuba to reach World Baseball Classic final See in context

Texas bit of egg on face time

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Posted in: Japan reports 190,538 new coronavirus cases See in context

Wolfshine didn’t Novak hold an exhibition tournament where about 4 players ( including himself +his wife ) and maybe more ere were infected with coronavirus. Don’t think using Novak’s name is a good reference

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Posted in: Jelly doughnuts: How to make the ultimate pastry See in context

Is there any where in Japan that does just a regular jam doughnut? And for Elvis I could go for Mr kiplings bakewell tart ( 6 in pack )

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Posted in: Costa Rica scores late to beat Japan 1-0 in lackluster game See in context

sorry belgium number 2

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Posted in: Costa Rica scores late to beat Japan 1-0 in lackluster game See in context

Morocco 22 in FIFA rankings , Belgium 1 and they just got whooped 2-0 and a goal disallowed which was no way offside. Please give me your alternative views on that game to the one I was watching would be much appreciated.

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Posted in: Costa Rica scores late to beat Japan 1-0 in lackluster game See in context

Did anyone of you watch the game ? Costa Rica had one shot on target the whole game how many Japan . The Japan keeper got a hand to the ball so how is it his mistake ( defense was maybe the problem or just good play ) . Now watching Morocco outclassing Belgium and winning ( now 2-0 ) how would you explain that game ? Talk about the game all you like most of you probably don’t understand it .

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Posted in: Japan reports 89,887 new coronavirus cases See in context

And we should all believe the science that comes out of America then ? And the us healthcare is any better . As usual you attack everyone you racist piece of ????

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Posted in: Japan reports 49,979 new coronavirus cases See in context

Wait until we hear from the big fat controller for his words of wisdom

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Posted in: Kyrgios fined $14,000 for U.S. Open racket meltdown See in context

Do anyone of you remember McEnroe or Nastase ? Were they any worse than him

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Posted in: Japan reports 107,803 new coronavirus cases; 9,635 in Tokyo See in context

over 6000 cases in Tokyo down from last week and no huge increase’s from the holiday season which some predicted.

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Posted in: Japan reports 123,100 new coronavirus cases; 12,561 in Tokyo See in context

okinawa is 800 down from last week elvis has left the building i think

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Posted in: Japan reports 152,546 new coronavirus cases; 14,219 in Tokyo See in context

Cases going up are you joking? Over 7000 down from last week , what dream land are you living in ? Another scaremonger among us. This total is after Obon when a lot said it was going to increase in infections and it hasn’t happened

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Posted in: Ohtani matches Babe Ruth with his 1st 10-win, 10 homer MLB season See in context

To be honest I don’t know the stat’s and total history of baseball regarding Babe Ruth but would he get the same results now in the modern game? What would ohtani do in the years that Ruth was playing with the game he has

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Posted in: Japan reports 221,442 coronavirus cases; 36,814 in Tokyo See in context


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Posted in: Japan reports 221,442 coronavirus cases; 36,814 in Tokyo See in context

Okinawa giant numbers but down from yesterday do you not mean?

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Posted in: Japan reports 152,535 coronavirus cases; 30 prefectures have record highs See in context

Ahh the so called experts,doctors, scientist’s on this page trying to give me advice on how to beat this . Unless you can give me proof that you have experience in what is happening I’ll take your advice with a pinch of salt ( being kind)

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Posted in: 10,000 foreign children in Japan may be absent from school See in context

Some foreigners being predictable

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Posted in: 10,000 foreign children in Japan may be absent from school See in context

I do

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