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Posted in: Which country's beef gets your vote for the tastiest? See in context

Are you kidding me?! American beef?! Laughable!

The way Americans treat their produce it comes at no surprise that the taste is bad, the marble quality is poor, and the inspiration to eat it is low low low. I prefer chimp meat to American beef.

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Posted in: Right-wingers vow to block release of 'The Cove' in Japan See in context

paulinusa, even the right wingers voicing their opinion is an act of free speech. In fact, here in Canada too, we got a dose of American Ann Coulter, at the expense of our ears. Although Canada did not grant British MP George Galloway a visa to speak in Canada [which is indeed, a violation of free speech], we allowed Coulter.

Japan too, needs more speech, not less. We must understand why right-wingers highlight the plight of 'saving Japan's national pride', staunchly opposing any moves at the International Whaling Commission to limit Japan's whaling quota. Fishing, and whaling, for that matter - is for Japan a sensitive issue, one pertaining to its own sovereignty. It was the American expanse to capture whale-oil supplies, that led America to Japan's doorstep.

By allowing the general public to view this film, with its release in June - yes, the public will decide.

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Posted in: Palin tells tea party rally: 'We're not going to sit down, shut up' See in context

Americans: Comie care, really? Those Americans who even suggest that these reforms are 'Communist' are misinformed and ignorant! Stupid, in fact.

What in any way, does government subsidized healthcare, have anything to do with a Communist system?

It is evident, after the dust has settled, how misinformed and downright, ignorant, so many Americans are. Bad schooling + no healthcare + distortion/overly emotional = misinformed Americans = not global leaders.

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