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Posted in: In U.S., 'comfort woman' demands apology from Japan See in context

The story of wartime sexual slavery must be remembered not for bashing Japan but for preventing the phenomenon. By denying the facts, Abe sets back Japan's prestige and undercuts its credibility for contemporary moral leadership when Japan has a high reputation.

Abe is really the person bashing Japan.

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Posted in: Abe to visit U.S. World War II memorial in Washington See in context

This is the scenario of Abe Shinzo "pulling a Canberra" in which he mentions enough of the war time atrocities related to the country being visited and vowing that there never will be such a waste of young lives again. The apology word is not used, and the heart is heavy verbiage is in play. In Washington there might be some reference to inheriting the Murayama and Kono statements because many people in Congress are aware of the war time sexual slavery issue.

The "Canberra approach" got mixed reviews from the Aussies but the pro-Japan State Department types seem to cackle enough support to give the approach a boost.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan fail to close gap on rice, auto parts trade See in context

There is too much of a rush. Do the negotiations right and not quickly.

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Posted in: Abe says he may drop direct apology in WWII statement See in context

This is a classic Abe Shinzo political tactic. Threaten to take away the bread so that we might be grateful later for the crumbs. Problem is that too many people have seen this movie clip before.

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Posted in: Disney Pixar’s new movie attracts criticism again in Japan See in context

Then boycott and sue.

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Posted in: Japan must apologise for WWII until it is forgiven: Novelist Murakami See in context

Japanese should be proud to have novelists like Murakami and Oe continuing to use their stature to maintain the conscience of the nation, just as the Imperial family has.

Maybe the LDP will call them all in to maintain a "fair stance."

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Posted in: Diplomatic pressure on foreign reporters raises media hackles See in context

Has everybody forgotten that Ambassador Sasae threatened the state of Virginia with the loss of Japanese business if that state went through with allowing textbooks to call the Sea of Japan the East Sea? Well, the state in fact allowed the textbooks to do precisely that. So did the Japanese Embassy pull out every one of its diplomats who lived in Virginia? Did Sasae order the Japanese companies to stop doing business in Virginia?

Problem with making a threat and then not carrying through is that it exposes the Japanese diplomats as pusilaminous and incompetent. I am surprised that Sasae was not summoned home and made to account for his failure to carry out the Abe Shinzo government orders.

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Posted in: Japan's population falls for 4th straight year See in context

It is now four straight years. It can become forty straight years unless the Japanese do something drastically different. It seems that one of the things that is barrier-free is this population decline.

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Posted in: Summons of Japanese media raises complaints of interference See in context

I for one believe that the LDP has not gone about doing the job well enough. There is this guy, Murakami or some such, who is reportedly some author or something like that. Well it turns out this Murakami character is going around spewing out masochistic history propaganda. I think the LDP needs to call this guy in and tell him a thing or two.

And for all you folks criticizing the LDP here. You had better watch out. I am on the LDP side, and I will not be summoned. But you LDP-phobes might be.

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Posted in: Top U.S. lawmakers strike deal to fast-track trade deals See in context

I am not a supporter of TPP but TPA would put Obama into the driver's seat in the negotiations with Japan and the others. Would Abe use this as an "arrow" or will he chicken hawk this opportunity too?

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Posted in: Japan nuclear watchdog hits out at reactor injunction See in context


The Japanese government may certify produce from Fukushima as safe for consumption, but that has not stopped lots of Japanese consumers from refusing to buy. This is similar to what is going on with respect to the NRC. Just because the "watchdog" says it is OK to restart some nukes does not inspire confidence. This is a credibility problem, exacerbated by the corrupt cronyism of the nuclear zoku 族 that propagandizes that all is well when in fact it is not.

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Posted in: Breaking the ice See in context

This is political posturing. Abe needs to demonstrate that he is a reasonable guy, although Suga has already made Onaga an offer he can't refuse per The Godfather. Onaga will resist but ultimately he will lose because the whole weight of Japanese law and the American neo-colonialists (aka USMC) are behind the decision to use Henoko.

As I have said many times, there are 52 airports for 47 prefectures, so somewhere on main island Japan is a place to dump these Marines with their dangerous war machines and mind sets.

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Posted in: Russia-Japan relations over disputed islands unchanged after Crimea: Putin See in context

Well, Japan, what about it? Are things changed after Crimea? If not then Abe should go to Moscow. If yes, then Abe should adhere to the G-7 solidarity and reduce the contact with Putin. Hint: he is not going to give Japan back anything without extracting a huge price.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan put brave face on differences in U.S. meeting See in context

It is arrogant of the Americans to think that they can make things all right between Korea and Japan. Actually lots of things are going fine between Japanese and Koreans in a lot of areas. At the top political level things are not great but they are not slapping each other right now either.

The big thing now is Abe Shinzo. He has an opportunity to be a great statesman and a chance to be the worst revisionist. Chances are he will be in between.

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Posted in: U.S. says Japan-S Korea tensions distract from N Korea threat See in context

Blinken seems to think that the Japanese and Koreans are so simpleton that they cannot do things or contemplate actions simultaneously. That is pretty arrogant. The Japanese and Koreans should be free to pursue whatever policies they want with one another on issues such as history. That does not mean that they cannot cooperate on issues like the North Korean threat, which they have been doing and are doing.

One reason America wants Japan and Korea and China for that matter to get off the history issues is that America has its own responsibilities for the current state of play in Asia.

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Posted in: LDP panel summons media bosses over news programs See in context

Sadly the Abe Shinzo administration is intent on creating a "beautiful country" 美しい国 in which only the people who pass government expected beauty contests in terms of the way they think are allowed to make appearances. I have said before that the Abe mindset is proto-fascist, and he and his ilk are demonstrating that again and again.

When will America speak to the oppression of freedom of expression in Japan? It was after all the MacArthur constitution that enshrined that right. Of course, Abe wishes to change the constitution to re inject beauty to Japan.

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Posted in: Flowers and tears as families mourn South Korea ferry dead See in context

This tragedy should have been a teachable moment for Korea's political corporate, political, and social sectors. So far it has not been, and much of that rests at the feet of the Park administration.


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Posted in: IMF: India, Japan to drive Asia as China slows See in context

India is and always will be mired in corruption, latitude, class and caste discrimination, and violence towards women. Sure it is democratic, but its literacy rate is shockingly low, its urban environment a disaster, and its infrastructure in shambles.

China is not great, but far better. The supply chain networks flowing it and through plus located in China are the engines of growth for the world for the next few decades, even if slowed down. Japan plays some important role in that system but India not so much. There is enough organic growth potential in India that will generate modest growth but not to the extent that it will be a locomotive,

The IMF is hardly the most reliable organization. Ask Joe Stiglitz.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. aim for TPP progress before summit See in context

If Americans wanted a glorified free trade agreement with Japan why don't they do it directly with Japan? Throw in the Aussies and Kiwis and a token Asian country like Singapore, with which the Americans already have a free trade agreement -- for what purpose who knows? And Canada, too.

What is the value of Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico -- with whom America already has an agreement?

TPP is bad news. The rich and powerful get richer and more powerful. For some bits of cheaper food, American pharmaceuticals with high prices and extended patents will make health care as uselessly expensive as in America. Corporations will take sovereign countries to arbitration to overturn legal norms. Race to the top for big corporations, trickle to the bottom for the rest of us.

Abe Shinzo sells out Japan for defense for Senkaku.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist arrives home after S Korea lifts travel ban See in context

I do not like criminal libel laws, and Korea -- and Japan -- should be criticized for using them too freely. That is one of the reasons both countries have plunged in Reporters Without Borders rankings.

In this case, the Chosun Ilbo ran an opinion piece that Park Geun-hye's seeming passivity after the Sewol ferry tragedy allowed rumors to rise that she was having a secret meeting with someone. The Chosun Ilbo was warned but there was an understanding that the motivation was to encourage Park to her job right.

Kato spread the same rumor. But what was his motivation? Sankei has been well known for criticizing, belittling, and excoriating Park from even before she assumed office. So Kato's motivation was not to encourage Park to do better but to belittle and ridicule.

Again I do not criminal libel laws, but if anybody deserved to be prosecuted it is the bureau chief of a Japanese newspaper dedicated to anti-Korean sentiments.

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan guidelines said to specify Senkakus' defense See in context

Japan should not be too provocative in pushing too hard in the Senkaku. Whether the Americans really want to have their blood shed for some nothing islands that have only symbolic value would be surprising.

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Posted in: Hiroshima survivors: Haunted 70 years on, determined to remember See in context

If we forget Hiroshima the world would be a more dangerous place. If we forget war time atrocities, massacres, sexual enslavement by militarized, the world would be a more dangerous place. We are given memory in order not to forget and we are given history and witnesses to history to enhance our collective memory even the direct witnesses pass on.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. aim for TPP progress before summit See in context

So who needs TPP? Obama does because he needs to prove the pivot to Asia is something more than military enhancements and taps wealth to enrich America. Abe does to get American adherence to his anti-China stance.

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator says it is very close to ending review of 2 reactors See in context

Monju reached criticality, that is became operational in test mode, in 1994. In 1995 it had a sodium fire, and came off line. In 2010, it achieved criticality again but only for a few months before a piece of dropped machinery closed it until today. One hour of generated electricity. That cost about 10 billion dollars. This is Japan high nuclear technology.

In short, when nukes go off line reactor workers lose their edge in operating them. Do Japanese really want the equivalent of Homer Simpson to restart and operate their nukes?

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Posted in: Aso to repeat demand for AIIB transparency at G20 meeting See in context

As Earl Butz, Nixon's Interior Secretary famously said, "He no playa the game, he no maka the rules" -- said of the Pope in fake Italian accent.

Same is true for Aso here. No play, no rule making.

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Posted in: Toyota to build plant in China in investment splurge See in context

Unlike Japanese and American economic prognosticators whose analyses are driven by policy and political considerations as well as economic ones, Toyota has to put its money where it believes it can get the best return. For it China and Mexico make a lot of sense. China is a huge market as well as a good production base, and Mexican-made products can enter the lucrative North American market through NAFTA.

What good is TPP to Toyota? TPP creates an anti-China bloc, and most Asian multinationals have figured out the warts of NAFTA.

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Posted in: TEPCO considers evaporation, storage of tritium-laced Fukushima water See in context

Tritium really is a relatively -- emphasis relatively -- harmless isotope. The problem is that TEPCO is an absolutely -- emphasis not relatively -- incompetent steward of the Fukushima Daiichi site. Consequently, the fishermen have no confidence, and hence fish consumers have no confidence that any manner of tritium management is sound so long as it is in the hands of TEPCO.

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Posted in: Kennedy upbeat about economic growth across Asia See in context

I am so pleased to have such a rosy forecast made by such a renowned economic prognosticator. Thank you so much, Ambassador Kennedy!!

Seriously, does the Obama administration have no one more qualified?

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Posted in: LDP urges government to push for nuclear return See in context

The fact that the LDP is making this instruction means that the decision is political, and in a Japanese context, that means the decision is opaque.

The economics of nuclear energy are hidden away. Each NPP has massive construction investments and there is no scalability. These things are at least foreseeable and the power company has nominal responsibility and charges for it. But the decommissioning responsibility is another matter. It is murky who is responsible and murky as to where the waste is supposed to go. Maybe it can all be dumped into Fukushima since that is a dead zone.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress arrive in Palau for 2-day visit See in context

Emperor Akihito and the Crown Prince represent the decent side of the history discussion encouraging the Japanese to remember vividly the enormous human cost of waging wars of aggression in extraordinarily cruel and vicious ways and to use those remembrances to shape the culture of Japan with its stellar record of peace, prosperity, respect for human rights since August 1945. Peleliu was a bitterly fought battle, with horrific casualties on both sides.

In complete contrast, Shindo, and Abe, and Shimomura, and Takaichi, and other right wing revisionists want to erase what they call a masochistic history and "restore the honor" of militarists, impetialists, aggressors, mass murderers, gang rapists, and plunderers who are guilty of nothing more than losing the war.

Revere the Emperor, expel the right wing nutsoes in the Kantei!!

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